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Where did you go to summer camp?

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Well it's that time of year where I start getting summer campitus!


Would like to know where our fine group of Scouters have been?


For me:


Camp Roy C. Manchester, KY - 6 years as a camper and two years on staff. 77-84 I grew up there.


Camp Freedom, Germany - 1986.


Camp Joy, Illinois - 2002 and going again this year.






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Wente Scout Reservation, Willits California

Surprised not to see this one on the list....   Camp Raven Knob - Mt Airy, NC (1982-1986)     I sure do miss summer camp...

I second Raven Knob. Ours is a farely new Troop, 3 years. We had always vowed to go to a different camp each year. After Raven Knob we broke that vow and are going back next year. Great camp, great st

In addition to my first post, here is a list of other Scout Camps I've been to for weekend campouts, Conclaves, ect.


Boxwell Scout Reservation, TN

Camp Buck Toms, TN

Camp Crooked Creek, KY

Grimes Canoe Base, TN

Camp Illinek, IL

Camp Vandeventer, IL

Philmont Scout Ranch, NM


I know many of you have me beat. Let's see who will hold the "World Record"!!!!!!


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1. Camp Sunnen, Potosi, MO went for weekend campout in Jan. and going to summer camp there as camper

2. Camp Vandeventer, Waterloo, IL went many times for Cub Scout day camps and multiple campouts

3. Camp Joy for summer camp two years ago as a camper



NON-Boy Scout Camps

Camp Butterfly, Girl Scout Camp

Camp Something near Carliville, IL Girl Scout camp

Sam A. Baker State Park

Current River campsite

Fort Kaskaskia

Randolf County Conservation Area

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Camp Strake, SHAC, Houston, TX

El Rancho Cima, SHAC

Brosig, SHAC

Sid Richardson, Ft. Worth (this summer, I think)



Weekender: Karankawa


Cub: Bovay(This message has been edited by OneHour)

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As a kid and 7 years of camp staff, we went to Camp Rota-Kiwan in Kalamazoo, MI every year. How could we not? Our Scoutmaster was Mr. B. who was their nature director for over 40 years. It was near town and as a staff member and OA rep, I used to ride my bike home when I didn't like lunch. What a world!


As an assistant camp director (D.E.) I served the Lake Huron Area Council's Camp Rotary in 1989 and Paul Bunyan Scout Reservation in 1990-1992. I met my wife who was also on staff at PBSR in 1990. We're still together.


Now I'm assistant scout executive and oversee Camp R.S. Lyle in northern Wisconsin. We're currently working on our 40th reunion. Any past staff members out there? I'd love to hear from you.


And three cheers for Mr. B!



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Remember your memories, cause it ain't the camp it use to be. Or maybe it is! Part of it may have been that they do not like out of staters at "their" camp. Never meet such a crabby bunch of staffers before.

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Camp Slippery Falls in Oklahoma

Camp Arrowhead in Missouri

Camp Pioneer in Arkansas

Camp Alexander in Colorado

Camp Frank Rand in New Mexico


We learn a lot about Camp Spanish Peaks in Colorado while using it for a backpacking base camp. A Kansas Council owns that one.


Our Troop is going to Camp Hale in Oklahoma this year while I'm at Philmont.



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As a scout I went to Camp Pa He Tsi on the Lake of the Ozaarks in Missouri. This was actually an army facility that the army gave to the State of Missouri after WWII and the state rented out to various non profits. Three years as a camper and four years on staff in the 50's. The camp was used by what was then the Lake of the Ozarks Council and the Great Rivers Council. I know the Great Rivers Council still exists. During my last year in scouting there, the Great Rivers Council acquired some rural property North of Moberly, MO for its own camp which became Camp Thunderbird.


As an adult I have been to Camp Three Falls (Ventura County Council), Camp Pitchess (greater Los Angeles council), another camp operated by the LA council whose name I forget, Camp Royaneh operated by the Greater San Francisco area council, and Camps Wolfboro, Silverado, Herms, and Lindblad operated by the Mount Diablo Silverado Council. Oh yes, Philmont twice.

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