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  1. Wow, never thought I'd be back here on the Scouter Forums. It's been a long time, huh. I see Eamonn, Old Grey Eagle, evmori, and Hunt are still on here. Haven't lurked around to see who I still remember from years ago is on site. I didn't see Korea Scouter, Bobwhite or dsteele on some of the posts that I just finished reading. Same questions, just different people. Well, I relocated to Washington State last summer. Just back on Guam, doing some final paperwork and packing. I stepped down as Scoutmaster tonight after 10 years leading the troop. One of my Eagle Scouts stepped up and took the reins as Scoutmaster. I'm still the IH and CR. At least the CR until I leave in January for the last time. I'm no longer the District Commissioner as well. That was a great experience. Although being a Commissioner was fun, I still prefer to work with the kids at the unit level. I don't know if that will be the case when I fly back to Washington in January. I have since sold my business and took up ranching. I plan to continue that back there in the Evergreen. I do know that I'm going to take sometime for myself and enjoy the fishing and hunting up there. I was going to jump right into the Scouting program in Washington but I don't think that Pacific Harbors Council is in any rush looking for volunteers or returning their calls. They have a beautiful council building. Log cabin make and design. And a pretty good website. They have my numbers and email address. Whenever they're ready...I guess. So How's everyone doing? I'll be lurking around, reading and catching up.
  2. Eamonn, It looks like the districts are doing things differently, just as its councils. I was told differently but I believe you are correct. Can't really check to verify things out here due to information, lack thereof. There seems to be a lack of uniformity among districts and councils. I think the BSA should have an Inspector General section that reports directly to the National President. Matua
  3. It could be that you didn't specify where in the district committee you would have liked to serve: membership, advancement, finance, outdoors, etc. OR They could be filled already by others. District Member At Large is basically a member of the district with no specific area.
  4. scoutldr, Thanks for the suggestion. It was brought up with some of our boys as an alternative but I am more of a traditionalist BUT That looks like the route we'll take. It'll be a win-win for everyone. Matua
  5. meamemg, No, we did not help with the blood drive. It was the door to door solicitation asking for cash donations. We've been doing this for ten years in uniform and not one DE past or present has told me or any other leader here that it was against regs. It has become a tradition for our units to help with the village Red Cross Drive, not just my units but other district units. This will be our last year helping in this area. We might help out next year with cooking or handling the telephone calls while the other groups are out soliciting. Matua
  6. Most far right extreme conservatives believe that many of the Supreme Court Justices are liberal even though majority of the Justices are conservatives. I believe Fuzzy's assessment is correct. I believe though that many of the so-called "activist" judges are at the appeallate and state courts. It does seem that the judicial system is not in one accord. That's largely due to each judges interpretation of the law based on their individual beliefs. That should be a good thing. One example is the judgement made on Kamehameha Schools in Hawaii. A 3-panel at the 9th circuit decided that the school should open its enrollment to non-natives, even though this school takes in no federal funding. I understand that the school is appealing to the full panel at the 9th Circuit. This is of great interest to many Chamorros out here because we have a similar private school. I believe this will go to the US Supreme Court, If the school has the financial resources to do so. It will be of great interest who President Bush will nominate as the next Chief Justice and to fill the open seat.
  7. Just when I thought that what my units were doing was okay. I catch the info here and find out that what we thought was okay is now or has been wrong according to regs. We have always helped out with the annual Red Cross Drive. Our DE (and the last three DE's) did not say one word to me or my leaders that we were not supposed to be soliciting for another organization. WE have been doing this for the last ten years in uniform. What really bites is that we are scheduled to participate in this Saturday's Red Cross Drive. We have been planning and coordinating this with our municipal mayor's office and other village youth organizations for a month before "Katrina" and now this. I'm sorry folks but my scouts and venturers put to much into this. If I didn't post, you wouldn't know what was going on out here but I believe in being transparent. We gave our word. My SPL gave his word to our mayor that our units would be there. This will be our last drive though now that we know. Matua
  8. Living in typhoon alley, by choice, I pray for the survivors and their families. We, ourselves, were brushed by the winds of Typhoon Nadi just the last couple of days. The islands in the Northern Marianas Islands were not so fortunate. I agree with Eamonn's post, Amen.
  9. Since our last troop meeting, it looks like we'll be hiking and camping within our village municipality. We're planning persentations with utilities representatives to help families learn about reducing their expenses. This is to include presentations on Alternative means of power and water catchments by cooperative extension agents and private solar companies. --We are backpacking more. Less stuff to bring. BUT we can do more shake downs. --We're trying to implement a better rotational car pool system with the families. --We're teaching the scouts how to use local grocery coupons to help purchase their menus. It's to bad that many coupons from the mainland are not accepted here. --Most scouts are encourage to collect aluminum cans to help offset their accounts. --I am going to look into renting a van or extra-cab pick-up that "concerned_scout66" mentions in his post. I'll see if our charter can pick that up for us. OR if the Council VP's for our district can take care of it, He owns a car dealership and rental business. He's always asked if I never needed help to look him up. I think it's about time to follow up on the offer. Matua
  10. thanks zippie, I was confused with the posting. It's all clear now. Matua
  11. Correction. I didn't check the newspaper Wednesday morning. The local headlines state that gas is now $2.85/gal. When I was in Kona, Hawaii a couple of years ago. Gas there was $2.50/gal. Wow, I can only imagine what it is now. Yeah, I know what you mean about driving your SUV. I enjoy driving my Dodge Pick-up, a Club Cab 4x4, around the island. One elder gentleman ranted at me, when I first got my truck, how I could buy a huge truck on an island that is 30+ miles long. I could fit 3 big teens comfortably in my truck and carry most of the unit's camping supplies to the campsite. I can drive on the outer lane during a heavy rain downpour while the lowriders and cars are on the inner lane trying not to flood their engines. I can also visit secluded beaches and hills that are impassable to cars or vans. It looks like we'll be having an interesting committee meeting next week on the posted topic. I'll keep you posted on what goes on. Matua (This message has been edited by matuawarrior)
  12. Why would the leader fill out an adult application 3 years in a row? Was he transferring from 3 different units within the same Chartered Organization? Or did he change positions 3 times? I filled out 1 adult application in 1996 for scoutmaster. I have yet to fill out another since then. Everything is on the recharter packet. Is this your Charter Organization's or Council's Policy for leaders to fill out an adult application each year? If he's been a leader for 3 years, It sounds like the BSA approved him or else he would have received a letter in the mail with his registration refund. Matua
  13. Gas prices here are currently at $2.77/gal and rising. Economy analyzers say that it'll be $3.00/gal before years end. Since we get our fuels from Brunei, we are basically a captive consumer. As with gas prices rising, so are goods, services, materials, utilities, and other items. Our Scout Troop is now doing more hikes and camping within the village municipality. The local public transportation is not very reliable. Many of our Scout families are working more than one job to make ends meet. In order to save money and cut expenses, we try not to give undue hardships to our Scout families. We have stored our propane containers and are now back to using wood as fuel for campouts. Charcoal is just to expensive to use anymore. We carpool more now than ever before. I will not be surprised if I see one of my neighbors start using a carabao and cart to do ranch errands. I see alot of bikes, scooters and motorcycles hitting the roads now. Many SUV's, and Pick-Up trucks are now seen parked in driveways. My Dodge 4x4 Pick-Up is parked and only used to haul heavy loads. I would really appreciate it if I can get more ideas on how to help cut expenses for our campouts. Please keep in mind that I live on an island in the North Pacific. Matua
  14. Many people don't want to believe that there are problems with their youth organizations or the organizations that they serve. Not many organizations have national or even regional offices, only at the local or state level. Also, because of the high turn over of volunteers, it is unlikely that we may hear any problems from other organizations. BUT why do we really want to hear of their problems. Is it just curiosity Or are we to take their mistakes and learn from it as well? Having served in other youth organizations, I don't believe that the programs are bad or organizations have problems. I believe it is bad leaders serving their greed or egos at the expense of the youths. Then again nobody is attacking their policies, values, or freedom to associate.
  15. As a former 4H mentor, we were told by our extension agents to recount youths who leave the classroom and re-enter again, even if for a few minutes. This would bring up the total number of students in the classroom attending the presentation. Even students that happened to walk-in and out again were counted to the attendance. This number was later tallied and reported on the presentation report. The program tally was moved to an annual report that was presented to the university and 4H national. Just as in scouting, 4H also had ghost clubs kept on the rolls. The difference is federal monies were misappropriated because the numbers were not correct. I'm pretty sure there are other youth organizations that have turned an eye to make their organization look good. In the long run, it just comes back to hurt the "Active" youths who are learning from the program. Matua
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