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  1. Ah yes. Winter Campout. 10 degrees. 2 AM. Tent starts shaking. Words I don't want to hear again, for sure. "Mr. E, Brian knocked over a gallon of Orange Juice in our tent!" It was about that time I began considering that opening on the district committee more seriously.
  2. pmickle1027 - you mentioned Tuscarora, but let me add Camp Barton. It's out of the same council (Baden-Powell) and located on the shores of Cayuga Lake north of Ithaca. It's a small camp with everything an easy walk and a totally beautiful waterfront.
  3. Obviously, he was glancing over his shoulder at the time, an unsafe practice at best ;
  4. Question: Does anyone remember the exact wording of the two side banners on the screen at the end of the final show? They were displayed at the sides of the poster Brandon had made. The upper part was "Love One Another". What was the lower part?
  5. And have you ever watched ducks on the water? Everything looks OK, but who knows what's going on beneath that seemingly unruffled surface? And then it happens... mooning! Exclusion is too good for them. They should be burned at the stake! (or is that burned with the steak?)
  6. Didn't I see something in YPT about cooking and eating one of your Scouts? I think it might be prohibited (or is that just one of the Grey Areas?)
  7. I have no problem with it. After all, I suspect a lot of ducks would rather be eagles, but wouldn't we have to dumb down the requirements a bit? Eagle BOR: So, Donald, which of the points of the Scout Law did you find the hardest to live up to? Donald: Quack! Eagle BOR: Quack? Donald: Quack, quack, quack, quack, quack! (tries to eat the Eagle pin on the committee chairperson's lapel)
  8. If it is important to us not to be rude, we need to realize that rudeness is in the eye of the beholder. The fact that what would be seen as rudeness by the majority is not considered rude in the internet elite crowd is only meaningful while one is hanging out in a forum with others of a like ilk. Is this possibly natural selection at work? Let's see. 1. Someone responds rudely to a post. 2. Person taking the hit can either hang in there or drop out of the forum. 3. Forum evolves into a community in which rudeness is now acceptable. 4. Rudeness becomes the standar
  9. Our leadership guys were really good friends with the SPL of another troop in town. One year he was not able to attend summer camp with his troop and we offered to have him spend the week with us. Towards the end of the week while he was out of the campsite his "friends" removed the troop numbers from his uniform and replaced them with ours. I wish they had been able to pull it off, but unfortunately they messed up the sewing job and the sleeve was tight when he put it on. I can only imagine the ribbing he would have gotten when someone from his troop noticed his "defection".
  10. Yes, I'm going, and I am so psyched! The OA is a great organization and I can't remember ever meeting anyone who was haughty or arrogant at a NOAC. OGE, it's too bad you didn't get involved so that the next guy would have at least one good guy to hang out with. It's not too late, you know. I just recently got back into Scouting after a 20 year break to raise some adopted children, and when I heard that NOAC was going to be at Michigan State I got my application and money in (MSEE MSU 1964). Sadly, my money was returned to me six months later with no explanation - just a che
  11. As far as changing an existing unit, good luck with that. I came is as Scoutmaster of a unit that was struggling about 9 months ago. It's not just the leaders you have to change. Any boys who are currently in the troop are the ones who like it the way it is - anyone who didn't left. Likewise, their parents will happy with things the way they are and be very resistant to change as well (especially if it suddenly becomes more difficult to earn that Eagle), so from experience I can tell you that simply becoming the Scoutmaster will not solve your problems. To change a unit culture take
  12. Wingnut, your kind of seriousness is encouraged here. Sorry for your loss. OK, maybe one more to test the waters.... This was back in the early '80s. For a while my Scouts had this skit they would do called "Swami". A line of them would enter and sit cross legged in a row. An "interpreter" would announce that the great and all knowing Swami was going to tell fortunes. A Scout with his head wrapped in a towel and wearing a bathrobe would then enter and sit at the end of the row next to the interpreter. The "Swami" would converse briefly in gibberish and in a sing-song voice with
  13. I started this thread to perhaps hear about some of the great pranks that others had witnessed or been a part of, but it's getting way too serious for me. I had a couple more I was going to share, but I suspect they would just draw more fire. Too bad.
  14. A couple of weeks ago I was witness to one of the greatest camp pranks ever. Two of my Scouts - let's call them Joe and Sam - tentmates -had begun exchanging pranks. Two others - Ben and Tim - had come to Joe's aid. Sam was out of the camp and the three conspiritors were trying to come up with an idea. Suddenly Ben exclaimed "We got to get a ladder!" "Why a ladder?" Joe questioned. "We'll put his bunk up on the roof over our dining area!" Joe wasn't so sure, but Ben was and he and Tim headed down to Sam's tent. Soon the two of them were coming up the trail with the bun
  15. I'm really sort of trying to feel my way to a position on this face painting here and I thank you all for your help. Obviously, hazing is out, whatever that is, but are all pranks played by older boys on the younger ones hazing? Apparently the OA has reached some conclusions here as face painting of one person by another is specifically forbidden as a part of any of their ceremonies. As far as my own experience goes, I can only remember the look on one young man's face when he discovered what had been done to him, and imho, anything that has the potential of causing that kind of
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