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  1. Woodbadge should not be treated like a religion, it's just a leadership training program. Have fun but don't get caught up into it...we as Scout leaders are here for the youth. Sorry to sound off, but some people out there are not with the program. Cary P c-39-06 I used to be a Bob White
  2. A 13 year old Eagle is the same as 17 year old Eagle. I really don't like it when people try to put a minimum age on Eagle. I got my Eagle when I was 14. Maybe these guys making Eagle just before they turn 18 should look at what the younger ones are doing.
  3. If the AHG want to use the outdoors to deliver their program then that is great. I don't agree with the LDS Church on any of their doctrine yet they are free to use the BSA as their youth program. If you mind it too open then your brains will fall out!
  4. Can somebody expand on what this is, requirements ect?
  5. I think it's going to be the economy that beats Obama...People will vote for Romney because the economy has stall/retreated under Obama.
  6. both....basically Shawnee Trails was in a financial bind, so the Louisville Council is taking over operations in Western Ky.
  7. http://www.lhcbsa.org/Western%20Service%20Area Shawnee Trails will be absorbed into the Lincoln Heritage Council on 1 April
  8. The new uniform vs the old uniform. IPod vs No IPod. Isn't it great that we can voice our opinion in this great Nation. Remember that this coming Monday is Memorial Day. If you haven't taken the time yet, go out and thank a Vet.
  9. Ditch the perculator and try this... Cary's Cowboy Coffee Throw your coffee into coffee pot or pot (I go with three scoops of coffeefor 12 cups) Add water Bring the concotion to near boiling. Take off the heat source Let stand for 5-6 minutes Pour contents into cup slowly Drink up...do not take the last sip or you will have a mouthfull of coffee grounds. I have been doing this for years, and several Scouters love my coffee.
  10. I have some serious heartburn when people put thier own spin on what the age should be for an Eagle Scout. There is no age requirement for an Scout to make Eagle. I earned Eagle at the age of 15 and I could have gotten it at age 13. I was a late bloomer in my Troop. Most of the guys in my troop earned Eagle at early ages, we did not do merit badges in troop meetings and we were a boy lead troop. Age 13 and 14 Eagle Scouts are out there and these young men should be congratulated and not critizied. Cary P Eagle Class of 1981
  11. Sad to say it but our Council does not do anything for Venturing. It is pretty much up to the crews to do VLSC. My crew does VLSC once every two years. Cary P Crew 805 Advisor
  12. Yes Prior to WB: 9 Course: 7 Ticket writing: 8 Beading: 6 Comments: Overall the experience was great. The people were great, the course was a review for me, and I really didn't learn anything new, but the review was great. My ticket experience was a good thing for me. My beading ceremony was good. There are a few folks out in the WB world that I feel (and this is my opinion)take WB too seriously and treat it like a religion. Used to be a Bob White. Cary P C-36-06
  13. I got the packet in the mail yesterday. May be a decent family vacation.
  14. Sorry about this Gold, But in my humble opinion, no we don't need a uniform sweater. Hope everyone has a great rest of the day
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