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  1. The answer to this one varies from troop to troop. Some will say patrols should be constant for the life span of a troop, others will say the experience gained in forming a patrol is essential for scouts to understand the patrol method. For my part, I think both sides are correct; my answer is as follows: 1. First year scouts go in a first year scout patrol, where they go through the experience of forming a patrol, and all else that leads up to performing as a team. 2. Venture patrols (patrols for scouts first class and up) continue unbroken 3. All patrols may make a name change once
  2. Sit down with your training chair, using the requirements about you should be able to fill out the appropriate work sheets. Do pay close attention to prohibitions against double dipping on time for awards.
  3. Well said. As I read things this should be as sample as: SM: "Do you understand that Duty to God, as a key part of the Scout Oath, is an important part of Scout Spirit?" Scout: "Yes sir" SM: "Are you meeting the expectations of your parents regarding your Duty to God?" Scout: "Yes sir" SM: "Would your parents agree that your fulfilling you Duty to God?" Scout: "Yes sir" SM: "You're a good scout, you know that obedient and reverent are important points of the Scout Law". Remember to seek spiritual guidance from your parents, and the religious leaders they choose for you.
  4. Unless your talking week long camp, where you drag and drop, send the cot the way of the old tent. I like tarp camping, but don't always do it the same way; I use what nature provides. A few things to keep in mind: 1. Water runs down ropes, and tarps; have all edges pointed downward. 2. You don't have a floor, and water will migrate under you; use a ground cloth. 3. You're open air, which is nice, but check your spot carefully for ant hills, poison ivy, ect My default tarp rig is my hiking stave, the ten feet of rope I carry at my waist (daisy chained), a 6x10 camo tarp, a
  5. You have the correct attitude; keep learning from your experiences, and keep improving things. What youth officers do you have, they should be central to all of this?
  6. What to bring to an Ordeal? Simple - "The ten essentials", ground cloth, sleeping bag, uniform, and work gloves. The candidates may want other things for the second night, these can be locked in a vehicle until after the ordeal ceremony. King, have your Elangamats break them into manageable groups, and go to different parts of camp where they can be spaced out away from each other. A night alone on your ground sheet under the stars is a key part of the ordeal.
  7. There's no one answer to when to cross over. The pack at our charter org crosses at Blue and Gold, others in the area cross anywhere from January through March. As SM of a troop that drew scouts from several packs the varied crossover dates drove me nuts.
  8. LeCaster, " I trust my Junior Assistant Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters to take care of the "testing" portion of this before signing off the requirements in the boy's handbook." Shouldn't this be: I trust my Patrol Leaders and Guide, under the supervision of my Junior Assistant Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters, to take care of the "testing" portion of this before signing off the requirements in the boy's handbook.
  9. Start directing concerns (complaints) to the committee, and focus and having fun putting on a program for kids. I'd let the committee know your doing this, and suggest they make a rule to only discuss non-safety concerns in person, at committee meetings. I think you can see the possibilities in this
  10. The short answer is absolutely! However, make sure the recognition is either non-uniform, like something for a stave or pack, or goes on the temp pocket.
  11. Our troop often meets when school's out. We meet at a Catholic Church, and respect all days of observance for the charter org, choosing not to meet on those dates. As far as school holidays, they're optional meeting nights, if there are at least two scouts and two leaders who will attend, we have a meeting. With regret nearly all schools in the area are on a balanced calendar now, and we've found the seasonal breaks are ideal for events, as are extended weekends, such as Memorial Day, and Labor Day. Our crew meets on Sundays, between services, and has found this also works well. The
  12. It's been said that Troops come in different flavors ... this one sounds like sour grapes
  13. Our Lodge just had an induction weekend, as the event's advisor I was one of the last off the property. After locking-up a cabin, feeling the first breeze of fall, I sat down on a picnic table under a massive tulip poplar. As I watched a fox move through the tall grass across the field I became sad, because I realized what so many attendees had missed out on. Assuredly I would have never had this experience if my phone had not been turned off. The scouting program can't be presented through the lens of a projector in an air conditioned hall.
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