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  1. Can anyone direct me to a web site or page(s)that feature either patrol flags or instructions on putting patrol flags together? Thanks in advance ...
  2. I served as a day camp director that used a space theme. A good number of the activities, group names, etc played off the myriad of space movies and tv shows. We brought out a guy one day to shoot off model rockets. The possibilities seemed limitless. Also had a lot of fun attending a pirate theme cub resident camp with my son. You also hear the wild west theme used a lot, though I've not seen one in person.
  3. Returned Saturday from our week at summer camp. For the first time, we had several scouts bring personal cell phones from home, including an eleven year old spending his first year at camp. The scout made numerous calls home during the week, which seemed to contribute to a worsening case of homesickness as the week progressed. Luckily his family stayed the course and the young man completed the entire week. Our troop has a policy against electronic devices on outings, and I'm considering asking the boys to add cell phones to the list. Interested in how other troops handl
  4. I experienced something similar about four years ago. I received a phone call that an Eagle scout I had worked with in another city had suddenly passed away. He was a senior in college who most would consider the picture of health. The next few days were rough to say the least. Very sad to see his parents, his older brother (also on Eagle scout), and other members and friends of the troop under such circumstances. His scouting achievements were highlighted as his mother had pinned his Eagle medal on him and asked me to make a few comments at his memorial service. A year
  5. I went to one several years ago prior to serving as a camp director for a Cub Scout day camp. They had a variety of breakout sessions for camp directors, program directors, etc. Very important in terms of accreditation for your camp. A lot of safety things you probably never thought of are usually covered as well. It still ranks as one of the better scout training activities I've participated in. I imagine someone in the camping hierarchy at your council office can provide additional details.
  6. I did find the breakdown of the buddy system a little frightening as well ...
  7. My apologies to Padre, who posted story under SCOUTMASTER MINUTES as well ... Awesome story nonetheless .
  8. Here's one to make you feel good about the scouting program. Hope the link works (from www.cnn.com 4/30/04) http://www.cnn.com/2004/US/West/04/29/forgotten.diver.ap/index.html
  9. Despite the fact that we have several boys that sing in school and church groups, I have to tag our troop as "non-singing". It's unfortunate that more units don't go the song route. I've always been impressed with summer camp staffs that sing well. I also remember some campfires that were enhanced by a good song or two. Give me a good song over a poor (or often repeated) skit any day. I'd also challenge our troop and others to select songs that appeal to the modern generation. Can't tell you the beating the "Hokey Pokey" took from the kids when performed at a recent cam
  10. I would think your husband should be able to provide a basic overview. If not, visit with some scouts/families in your son's troop that might already be members. Otherwise, contact your local scout office and they'll hook you up with a lodge or chapter advisor. Sounds like he has yet to seal his membership by participating in the "ordeal". He'll get more detail as that date approaches. Congratulations to your son.
  11. When I took over as scoutmaster of our troop last fall, implementing the patrol system was one of my greatest challenges. The troop was small and all the boys either considered themselves members of one unnamed patrol (no one wore patrol patches) or thought we did not do patrols. We now have two strong patrols in place. I'd say stressing the patrol method in your regular meeting program is key to having it function when you get to a camporee or summer camp type setting. I'd also suggest you consider reshuffling the patrol rosters. I've done this a couple of times. Alas,
  12. As far as weekly meetings, we meet up until summer camp (early June) and take a break until school and roundup time (August). We do look at outings, perhaps a one day merit badge class, and other special opportunities like the religious emblem program. I also encourage the boys to use the summer to complete any merit badge incompletes that accrued during the year or a summer camp.
  13. We recently had ours done by a professional scouter, who also did a presentation on summer camp and the 2005 National Jamboree. He did a good job, but a number of the parents stayed home (wondered if it was because a FOS presentation was scheduled). I also felt that some families felt they were being put on the spot in terms of making a pledge. Last week at a district roundtable, a cubmaster shared that his pack combined their FOS night with the Blue and Gold banquet. They did a cake bake and took bids on the cakes with all proceeds going to FOS. I thought that was a good way to
  14. I am attending a Blue and Gold banquet this weekend where three Arrow of Light recipients will be crossing over to local troops. There are three or four other boys who evidently will not complete either their Webelos badge or Arrow of Light but will not be able to return next year to Webelos. I was asked if these boys could participate in the ceremony. I told the leader that I thought the crossover was symbolic of moving over to Boy Scouting and that I did not think the Webelos badge or Arrow of Light awards were a prerequisite. Nonetheless, I'm interested in what some of you might share o
  15. I visited about a year and a half ago when it first opened. I also visited the museum a couple of times at its previous location in Murray, KY. The new museum certainly is an improvement in terms of layout and glitz. A number of old faves from Kentucky were moved over. While I don't think you could fit all of scouting history in one museum, seems like there were some program features or areas that are not featured that deserve a place in there. Biggest disappointment was that the confidence/ropes course at Murray was not moved to the new location. That was a great team
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