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  1. Our Troop currently uses Troopmaster which has done a great job for us for years (tracking 55-80 boys). Some leaders and parent question the fact that because it is a desktop application with troop data downloaded to a desktop, that after someone leaves the troop they still have access to addresses, phone numbers etc. Looking at some alternatives and your ideas/thoughts on the following: - TroopMaster Web - eTrailToEagle - ScoutManage - ScoutSoft - ScoutRoom - TroopTrack A couple of additional notes, besides advancement we like to track activity participation (ie campouts, service projects etc) and have a separate website for the troop. Looking for your thought...
  2. Herms

    correct terms for...

    Explorer, oh wait a minute that is "old school".
  3. Herms

    Alpha dogs

    Yeah or another theory is that these "Alpha Dogs" have waaaayyyy to much time on there hands!
  4. Herms

    Muslim Scout?

    jamist649, Interesting responses here. I'd take him like any other kid. You can also use the term "God", doesn't have to be "Allah". Jews, Christians and Muslims ALL believe in the SAME God, the God of Abraham!!
  5. Herms

    Memorial Day

    I gave a short honor presentation at our COH on the 30th for a fellow shipmate, MC1 Victor Jeffries, I lost in Kuwait on 24 Dec 2007
  6. Herms

    Merit Badge Program Implementation

    Great discussion. In my opinion it boils down to two different philosophies about what the merit badge program is about and I see both of them here. The first as some have stated is that the most important part of the program is about the boys "learning" something form the merit badge. The second view some people hold is about the scout "demonstrating" a level of knowledge/skill of a subject. I see both sides. At a recent COH the SM asked me to talk to the boys about the meaning of being and Eagle (and getting rank/merit badges). I have given this talk to every boy who I have ever done a SM conference with. I take one of my old Eagle patches and ask them if they want to be an Eagle Scout. Of course the answer is usually yes so I give them the patch and tell them to sew it on! They look at me strange and say they can't do that. When I ask why they tell me they haven't "earned" it. Ah, now we can talk! I explain to them that the patch is really just a piece of cloth with colorful thread and that it is the knowledge, skills and fun that they had in getting the award that give it true meaning. If it is just given to them does it really have any meaning? I have had several boys years down the road getting Eagle which have mentioned "The Mr. H Talk" during there Eagle COH, so I guess the point gets taken.
  7. Thanks RememberSchiff. Scouting Heritage was there also!
  8. Just wanted to see what everyone's thoughts are on extending the BSA Lifeguard certification to 5 years. I have re-certified many times and although there are usually a couple minor changes it seems to be a redundant process. Your thoughts?
  9. Herms

    Swim tests: Before or at camp?

    Personally, I (re-re-re-certified BSA Lifeguard) prefer to do the swim checks for our Troop before we get to camp. Besides the obvious reason of all the troops trying to get swim checks in when they show up on Sundays, I have the opportunity to look at a boys swimming ability in order to counsel them on whether they should take the Swimming MB or swimming lessons at camp. I have watched many camp swim tests over the years. Usually there are so many boys in the water that the staff is just looking for "completed". I have watched boys "dog paddle" the whole thing and then see them in the Swimming MB where they struggle for the whole week and don't get the full value of the experience. Similarly, if you review a boy's swimming who is thinking about Lifesaving, particularly his ability to side stroke, you can let them know if they are ready for that MB as well.
  10. There are two others as well, Inventing and Scouting History. A 4th new MB, Robotics will be added sometime after January. Saw the advertisement at for the four new ones at our local Scout shop last week. Thanks for the .pdf on Geocaching. Has anyone seen the requirements for the other two??
  11. There are two others as well, Inventing and Scouting History. A 4th new MB, Robotics will be added sometime after January. Saw the advertisement at for the four new ones at our local Scout shop last week. Thanks for the .pdf on Geocaching. Has anyone seen the requirements for the other two??
  12. Herms

    Scoutmaster Longevity

    My father was a Scoutmaster for 40 years (now he is the Committee Chairman and my little brother is the SM). The Scoutmaster of Troop 174 in Albuquerque has been there for over 40 years!
  13. Herms

    Merit Badge Counselor Rant

    Buff, it has also happened to me/us about three times now. All you can do is count to 10, breath and fill out the bloody form again.
  14. Herms

    Pack Meeting raffles?

    When I was a Cubmaster about 6-8 years ago we sold quarter raffle tickets to Scouts and siblings for baked goods. One den would be responsible for bringing brownies, cookies etc. and we would end the meeting with drawing some tickets. I always made a big deal out of getting the brownies and to this day I have boys/men (now teenagers or in their twenties) ask me if I still like brownies. For my recent birthday one of my parents with a younger brother Boy Scout remembered to bring them to our troop meeting (and I made a big deal over it again). Bottom line, if you make it cheap enough for everyone to participate and you make it fun I don't see any problem with it.
  15. Herms

    Rain Gutter Regatta Help

    Great fun for the boys. Make sure they PRIME and paint (and thus seal the wood) the boat. The boys can use the spray can PRIMER and an non-water based spray paint. A final coat of True Oil or varnish helps also (again spray on is easiest for the boys to put on and helps the stickers/decals stay in place). You have already been told about glueing the sail. On race day bring a role of Scotch tape to help those boys who don't know about the glueing secure the sail. Have a blast with it.