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The Patrol Method

Lessons and questions of Scout leadership and operating troop program

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    • Help me out here.  I'm trying to decide what direction to move in right now. We had to join a new Pack this year, and the people are super and they're great with kids, but organization was almost nil.  I was pretty much immediately "volunteered" for CC, since the previous CC was nothing more than a signature on a piece of paper, which is totally fine with me, but I'm in a quandry right now. My daughter joined the Pack in January with her Webelos badge already earned and ready to start working on AOL. Most of the other kids in her Den had, at that point, earned between 0-1 pins towards their Webelos ranks. The den leaders are nice but don't seem to have much clue on advancement timelines. After consulting with me, we developed a timeline and a path to get the other kids caught up, with the hope that everyone would have their Webelos badge by June and they could all start working on AOL together. In February / early March, all the kids got their First Responder and a few things knocked out toward an elective, and it seemed like we were on our way. In the meantime, my daughter was in a holding pattern, which is fine; she has some learning challenges and repetition is good for her and she was having fun so I figured it was all good. Then of course COVID hit.  Our Pack has completely stopped functioning. Our summer camps were canceled. I tried to get some movement toward online meetings and getting families interested in continuing the Scouting Trail, but attendance was very low, and in terms of the other Webelos, non-existent.  So we've been just doing stuff at home and plugging along. She's about 3/4 of the way through everything we can do that doesn't require her den to be involved, but I'm not quite sure how to handle Scouting Adventure.  So, which way do I go? As CC, do I try to push my authority around and try to push on her den leaders to facilitate? Even if they do get a fire lit under them at all, the other kids have a LOT of catch up to do and I'm not sure they're going to want to spend time working on AOL when they haven't got their Webelos badges yet. Then again, maybe they'd like to just skip ahead and go for AOL. Am I correct in the way I read the requirements that earning Webelos rank is not actually required to earn the AOL anymore?  Or do I just throw in the towel and, once she's done with the other requirements, get her involved in the Troop and let her do things like "Practice the patrol method" with them? Technically it says "with your den" in the book, but as the Cub Scout standard is "Do your best," this may just be the best we can do.  You should have seen her trying to teach her little sister who is newly registered as a Lion Scout how to tie a bowline today. The requirement says "teach a Scout who is not a Webelos Scout" how to tie the knot; it doesn't say the learner has to become proficient. 🤣
    • I disagree.  Individual parents do not have the authority to represent the unit.  The COR is appointed by the Chartered Organization to represent the unit on all matters of unit-council relations.  If the unit is going to ask the council to replace the commissioner assigned to their unit, it should be the COR who makes the complaint.  If the parent wants a complaint made to the council, then the parent should ask the COR to make the complaint. It is important to remember that the complaint is about a commissioner whose actions exceeded his authority.  It doesn't make sense for the parent to exceed his/her authority by speaking for the unit.  Let the COR do his job.  
    • At the Pack we were in recently, our usual face painting ceremony involved the Cubmaster reading from a script and describing the face painting, and the parent did the actual painting of the face. This could easily be adapted having the Cubmaster standing further away.    just a thought. My daughter is due to earn her AOL shortly so this has been in my mind and I’m definitely interested in all ideas. 
    • Although the advice of your local health dept. is paramount, I would encourage outdoor in-person den meetings. Of course every den is different. And the risks are palpable. My grandson’s daycare reported one positive in the baby area. Fortunately he wasn’t there last week and tested negative.  
    • and it seems that one of the guys on the team has been nominated  and approved for the Vigil honor.  So we get to do a rare Vigil tapout as well !  This is going to be a really fun Friday evening!  I just need to find the regalia.  Its been 15 months since the last ordeal
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