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  1. First of all everyone is misunderstanding. It is suggested but we haven't been doing the 2 - 3 year rotation of SM. The current SM has been in place since at least 2008. Not changing in the past is for the very same reason some of you stated in your posts. (ie, 1. availability of replacement, 2. experience, etc.) But as we grow we are gaining other adults that do have experience and are willing to step up... The COR is conservative I agree with that and I also agree with the fact that he likes status quo. We have never been given permission to post anything at the church. Several
  2. to Basementdweller: our council advocates the rotation of a SM every 2 - 3 years to keep things fresh and to prevent burn out. to Oak Tree. I'm one person amongst many that have these feelings,we are a small community and the pack is chartered at the same location but many people chose to drive out of town to attend another troop rather than deal with our present SM. I am the former TCC/Treasure/Den Leader and am also trained as SM and after 13 years in scouting I've witnessed alot of drama. The IH/COR (pastor) only attends the TCM and thinks he knows what's going on. I think we all
  3. I couldn't agree more with the final post. The point needs to be how well is the person doing in ALL of their positions. If they are doing the job well then there are no problems. If they are not and people have talked to them and they do nothing then there is a problem. The final point for me is this: Why are we doing this? We are all volunteers (for the most part) The wonderful joke "it's only an hour a week!" We are all doing this for the boys! Right!
  4. I think there is one thing that we all need to remember is that each of our councils and districts are probably different. I come from a small district within our council both the district and troops have problems getting adult support. As our troop has grown we have gained many adult who support our troop but it's always the same people. Changing slightly year after year, but generally the core group is still there. In some areas I think our district grabs the first volunteer willing to do the work because they don't have it and the paid executives are stretched so far any volunte
  5. Beavah: Baptist We do many service projects for the church (ie, food bank, gardening, cleaning, etc.) I have no problems with the pastor attending meetings on the contrary we welcome him, but it almost appears as though he purposely disagrees with us and then he makes comments like "well you asked for this -- ie, church involvement". We are asked to minimize our footprints, we aren't allowed to post anything about the progress of the troop in the church. The list goes on -- we are beginning not to feel welcome at the church. Several of us have talked to the SM, it appe
  6. Beavah, our Troop was dormant for many years and in 2004 with the aging of our Webelos 7 families (one of which was mine) wanted to stay in our community so we approached the Charter to see if we to re-activate the former Troop. They said yes and we started with the 7 Scouts and enough of the parents to fill committee positions necessary. Over the years we have only changed SM's 3 times. The charter organization was a silent partner per say. We had no equipment but what the families owned and or donated to the troop. One of the families sold the troop our trailer which we paid off by fund
  7. I would like to thank everyone for your input. I am not a SM. I am a former TCC, Treasurer and as one of the founding members of our Troop I remain a committee member. Our current SM is holding district position, positions in OA, FOS and now I believe they said Unit Commissioner. I really appreciate all the input and I will share this thread with our current TCC and ASM's. We need to get the focus back on the boys, after all that is what we are here for, not adult egos.
  8. I would appreciate input from forum members regarding the authority the charter organization has over the troop committee and the troop it's self on how it is ran, managed and the bylaws it sets forth for it's members. Any input would be appreciated all I keep finding is "guidelines".. Thank you
  9. I would like to know what forum members feel about District Commissioners also being Scoutmasters? Can they truly be unbiased if brought into issue involving the troop they belong to? Wouldn't this be a conflict of interest? I would appreciate hearing some experiences anyone here might have had..
  10. Interesting points, thanks!! The info I was given from my council came from the Council President!!! We'll keep trying, I remember bringing up something similar to your point in our discussion about how to handle this at the meeting....
  11. I realize this is a month old post now but as I was searching I came across this. The one thing I noticed that no one mentioned that we do in our troop as a part of the bylaws. All new scouts until they make 1st class must sleep in a troop provided tent using the buddy system. They pick buddy's at the beginning of camp and that is who they stay with that campout, this continues until they reach the range of 1st Class then they have the privledge of using their own tent and sleeping by themselves if they choose, but they still have their buddy and can leave the camp without their buddy in to
  12. I saw that right away, and my feelings about that is the producer was trying to create a feeling of normalcy to the scene, to create the illusion for the viewers that this family will go on (since there was not bomb at the end of the moview anyway). I was initally shocked at the way the series ended... but oh well it's over now.
  13. As the treasurer of a troop that is producing it's FIRST Eagle Scout I would like to know if the funds raised for this Eagle Project are supposed to be filtered through the Troop checking account or is the scout supposed to handle the money and break it down in his budgetary report for his project? I contacted our council and they suggest, because it isn't clearly written in the Eagle Project Manual or online in policies and procedures, to filter it through the account. Does anyone have a concrete answer to this question and proof from national. I'm in process of searching national for the
  14. Thank you for your advice.. The Crew Committee recently broke down the single position of committe chair into two asst. committee chair positions under the committee chair to hopefully allievate commuication problems and these positions are only temporary until a permanent replacement can be found through the charter organization (as well as a secretary position). So we are seeking out the right leadership for this crew. Hopefully once filled will help us to organize ourselves better -- leadership down it will have an affect.
  15. Please tell me if I'm crazy or do we have an overzealous advisor. My understand of what the Venturing program is that the Scouts run the Crew with the advisors assistance not direction, am I right??? This is what I have heard preached by our advisor but yet when the scouts have meetings, discussions, vote and agree on something she tells them they can do that and this is what you will do........ The agenda come to the meetings from her and are basically scripted telling her son (the president) what to ask, talk about, etc. I have numerous years experience in scouting but have yet to take t
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