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  1. I wrote my own. BSA training material for actually training youth leaders is poor. I found some old BSA leadership training manuals and PL handbook that offered the stuff I was looking for. I also bought the entire White Stage training manual plus used resource from Greenleaf's servant leadership.
  2. In the spun thread the scout in question was selling water at parade. One could presume that it was a booth that multiple scouts worked at the same time. No one scout made a huge contribution to the total sales. All contributed but no one scout mattered that much. It was likely over staffed from a pure economic view. Now if this were individual popcorn sales where the scout walked to his neighbors and made the sales then it might be a little different. All revenue could be attributed to that one scout.
  3. Look up ' ^ ' Look down . ^ . Right (. (. Left .) .) See any ads? Scouter.com is likely short on funds to upgrade. I bet Lodge cookware, campmor, REI, Cabelas, plus many outfitters would be willing to pony up good money to get your eyeballs. _ _ (*)^(*) \_/
  4. NancyB, you are trying to get $300 that never came out of your check book credited back to you? Because your son worked during a hot day. eeek! The fundraiser was a specific event for Jambo scouts. At the time your son was enrolled in Jambo. Now his enrollment has been rescinded. No refund or soup for you. Besides the "adults' are not taking "his" money. It was never in his pocket and it was always meant to go to the Jambo program. Those thieving "adults" are the ones taking two weeks off work and time from their families to be responsible for few dozen teenage boys as they cross man
  5. Engineer61 You think the SM's or a group of Committee members would have been harsher?
  6. Well the PLC met last night to review the incident. The PLC less those involved included four scouts; 3-8th graders and one 9th grader. The four scouts and I went to a some what isolated area and called the scouts involved over one by one. The scouts and I asked questions. A few on the PLC had some very intriguing insight on what happened and asked for a demonstration on what occurred. The scouts demonstrated high level understanding of motives and characteristics traits. The principle aggressor was interviewed first then the other who were involved or present. After
  7. Call me a cynic but these parents will be better at this game than you will be. At least the parents I have had seem to look for clever ways to get around and skirt well intentioned policies at every chance. Across the board firm policies and rules that are enforced are all that these people will understand. Do not waver on this by accepting emails from parents. In person requests or phone calls can be all that are accepted. If the scouts shows up on a troop night and wants a conference or a MB counselor session that he thought is dad arranged, "I am sorry I require a phone call
  8. "I have to admit to not understanding what: "Certaining a sub group of adults woul;d be prefered. Yes?" Means?? Ea. " My apologies, I ran out of time to get that thought out. I was called to dinner. What I meant; our committee consists of about 20 some people. Its more of a parents club than a committee. I don't want to present this particular scout or any scout in front of 20 adults all of which could fire a question at him at any time. Little good would come from a forum like that. A smaller sub group would be preferable, something like a three member board. The po
  9. "I would have to say that this is a matter for the PLC, Scoutmaster, and the Assistant Scoutmasters" This is the direction I will likely take. The SPL is a very level headed scout and extremely analytical. He will approach this logically. Plus I need/want these scouts to self monitor. If a SM has to be 30' away at all times it is not exactly fostering self reliance.
  10. "A BOR?? Not sure where that one came from?" Horizon Mentioned it! Eamonn From your cut and paste it would be a committe function to review this. Would you not consider a BOR a committe's approach to relating to the scout? Or would you prefer the accused be brought before the whole committee, COR and all for questioning. Certaining a sub group of adults woul;d be prefered. Yes? As far as the PLC, isn't not true that the best monitoring of behavior comes from their peers? Or should the SM be the cops?
  11. You said you are not involved but the wife is. I have had more then my share of domestic disputes between divorcing parents. One parent likes scouting and the other feels its stealing time from their visitation rights. It goes down hill from there. Since the biological mom is involved they are likely keeping their distance from you. Especially if you have expressed a non-value added compliant about the benefits of scouting. For a while your plan should be to keep a very distant supporting role. Your financial support will be more valuable and appreciated then your grumbling p
  12. "I would have sent the kid home." I didn't so move off of that. This is still real time. I can push this on the PLC, hold an BOR Inquisition. Suspended him from campouts for six month, have him write a letter.....
  13. Schools use a zero tolerence policy. I don't wish to use such draconian measures in scouts.
  14. A little more to the story. According to the dad, after taking the stick one of the other three boys jumped on his boy. That's how that one boy was tossed from his boys' back and into the thorn bushes. I appreciate that I missed one good opportunity at the campout by not sending the scout home. I measured the consequences of everything involved and made the decision not to call out the dad based on how the scouts and parents would react. The father will come down hard on his son for his actions. Had I called him out the son and the father would have been the victim of unfair puni
  15. dg98adams wrote: "I am gonna bet the aggressor is bigger/and older." Yep! Two grades up and a foot taller.
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