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  1. Ok I am all about boys deciding. In the last 3 elections we have had 3 horrible SPL and the same ASPL who just kind of stands there. The problem our troop is that we went from a troop of 8 boys to now having g about 40 boys. But the oldest boys have set the tone of it just being social hour. They have so much time vested in them but they aren't teaching. It has become a domino effect on the next age group. And I am seeing these boys start to show this as well. Our younger scouts look up to these older scouts. So they are like a big deal to them. Our SM is a mess too. I feel the reason our SPL
  2. Our Troop is getting ready to come up on our mid year elections. Which means a new SPL. I am going into our committee chair position starting today. At our PLC I over heard our SM son say that a scout in our Troop was going to run for SPL. And our SM son was going to be his ASPL. My issue with this is this scout, according to our scoutbook attendance report has a 19% attendance record. He has only attended 14 of the events since Nov 2016 to present day. There is talks of another scout in our Troop that is interested. Who has a better attendance record and takes his leadership role serious. A
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