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  1. My son is taking wilderness first aid in a few weeks. He wants to do this for his own knowledge, he's not doing any high adventure. He has to bring a wilderness first aid kit with him. I'm wondering what he will do with it in class and how thorough it needs to be? Will he be using his supplies in the class? We've got several first aid kits and I could combine them and probably make a decent size kit, more than enough gauze and misc. but he wouldn't have things like a tourniquet. The class isn't cheap. I don't really want to go out and buy a bunch of expensive stuff we are likely to never use but I also don't want him to be embarrassed if he doesn't have something he needs. I need some input from anyone that has advice. Of course the troop has a nice big kit with lots of goodies but this is not a troop function. Thank you.
  2. Our SM would never accept a BC that had the original class crossed out. He signed the card based on the original scout request for the BC. The intent is not to scratch it out and then do whatever you want (unless this has something to do with a scout being signed up for a specific class and then being forced to take a different one because of cancellation or similar).
  3. thrifty

    BSA Mortgages Philmont Scout Ranch

    Saw this today. The 2020 Explorers Law Enforcement National conference is being held at Summit Bechtel. This event is usually held at a college campus and alternates between east and west coast. https://www.exploring.org/nleec-experience/ This will be the first year that my son will be able to attend if his post goes so I don't have any prior experience to compare it to. We have been to Summit. I think that Summit may offer opportunities that the explorers may not have gotten in the past such as shotgun or climbing. I wonder how much the explorers will get to do these activities with only three full days at camp. My understanding is that much of the conference time will be used for law enforcement skill competitions. Explorers aren't necessarily into camping or hiking so it seems like the BSA is forcing a square peg into a round hole. The video in the link has Customers and Border Protection explorers in the video so it seems like there must have been a test run to get opinions. One of the teens mentions he was worried about the heat, doesn't say when they were there. I would be just as concerned about rain. I don't see many of the explorers being happy if they're forced to hike through muddy trails in the rain to get to events. Its not even clear to me if the events would be at Summit, but I would hope so, otherwise their just camping there and traveling to events. It also feels like BSA is twisting the Explorers brand. I feel it is meant to be youth exploring career interests, not youth exploring the world.
  4. thrifty

    Committee voting

    I recommend getting scouts opinion on type of tents, they will be the ones using them. Our committee is in charge of funds to prevent overspending or misallocation. SM is in charge of the scouts. Our QMs have never been very good because of lack of training. No Equip. Coord.. Usually SM tells committee the scouts need tents. Budget would have been set aside for general equipment wear and tear replacement, usually enough to cover several tents or misc each year but even better if its not needed. SM says we need 3 tents, treasurer says ok we budgeted enough to cover those but any other new gear will need to be discussed. CC asks for a 'second' from the committee to confirm spending the money. If anyone has a problem they just speak up. If enough people disagree then its voted, majority wins. Ultimately the CC is in charge, so CC would have final call but that can come off as an abuse of power in our group. This process works well for our group. We had drama in the past when individuals wanted to purchase a few high-end tents for the scouts and would have emptied the troop's account. If you go with Eureka, as some others have suggested, call their customer service and explain that you want to buy multiple tents specifically for scouts. I haven't done this for a few years but at the time, we were able to get them for approx. $150 each when they retailed for closer to $300. Ask if there's any free shipping deal also. If you are buying multiple tents, I recommend contacting any tent manufacturer directly to see if there is anything they can do for you before buying retail.
  5. thrifty

    Fee increase - observations

    WTH $70 for a yearbook? My wife is asleep or I'd be asking her right now what she paid for my son's. First thing tomorrow, I'm going to find out. I cant believe for a moment that she would pay anywhere near that amount and if she did, it wont happen again. What could possibly make a year book cost that much?
  6. thrifty

    Community Yard Sale

    For your leftovers; in our area, one of the thrift store chains, Savers, has a fundraiser option. See link. The committee talked about doing this but never got it off the ground so I don't have any experience. https://fundrive.savers.com/ Easter Seals in our area also has some kind of 'fill a truck' fundraiser where everyone fills a cargo truck with goods and its weighed and they are given funds. I don't think most groups actually fill the truck full, just with whatever they can. You could plan and combine what you already have, if it meets their rules, and also put out a social media request for people to drop stuff off at a certain location at a certain day and see how much you can get. The flea market guy might give you a better deal, I don't know.
  7. thrifty

    Join Scouts, get a free uniform via Goodwill and Council

    Love this! We have a few different thrift stores in the area that I enjoy going to and I've found over 40 uniforms in the past three years. 2 or 3 that still had tags on them. takes time to get the badge magic off but not too important if someone is sewing new patches on top of it. I wonder what will happen to the majority of the LDS uniforms of the scouts that quit?
  8. thrifty

    Merit Badge Workshops and Universities

    That's how some do it in our area. The counselors also determine how many scouts they are willing to instruct and what pre-reqs need done prior to the class.
  9. thrifty

    possible fee increase coming

    Here's a link from another council that has posted a letter from National. https://www.jerseyshorescouts.org/nationalbsaletter?fbclid=IwAR2ck1uu2m-6KzrrBL3BMnELMBq4_4mEiiiwRWx950hAn6dDCTQ5X7KyRTA
  10. thrifty

    possible fee increase coming

    This was posted to council facebook page 10 minutes ago. "I want to make you aware that late yesterday we were informed that the National Council, Boy Scouts of America, is considering a fee increase for 2020. While the fee increase would be effective beginning this recharter process, unfortunately, the amount of any increase will not be known until approximately November 1, 2019. We recognize the timing on this likely fee increase creates challenges as units have already begun communicating and collecting fees ...for their 2020 registration renewal process. As soon as we know more, we will share it. As the father of three Scouts, an active parent in all of their units and a registered leader myself, I appreciate concerns and ask for your patience while we work through this together. Finally, please be assured that finances will never be a barrier to membership for our families. Our council is proud to provide registration assistance to those in need. Information will be shared in follow up communication. Thank you again for your commitment to delivering the life-changing programs of Scouting to the youth and families we serve and those who will soon join our ranks!"
  11. thrifty

    World Jamboree - Reviews

    I realized my question might not have a simple answer but didn't intend for it to go so far off topic. I will just accept that GSUSA probably doesn't want to be involved with World Organization of the Scout Movement. I'm just curious about the dynamics of these various groups and how it all fits together. Seems like the GSUSA would fit well with the more liberal point of view I've been seeing from European scouts on Facebook for the past year. My family was only at WSJ on Sat. but we had a great time. No complaints for our one day. Arrival and departure were easy and everyone was nice.
  12. thrifty

    World Jamboree - Reviews

    I wondered about this. I saw posts about Girl Guides being as WSJ and that is the equivalent of GSUSA correct? That's the whole reason for qwazse's comment. Can anyone explain to me the relationship, if any, between GSUSA and WS? I like all of qwazse's other ideas.
  13. thrifty

    World Jamboree - Reviews

    At least several people did try to take the tent with stakes and poles as a carry on because there was a warning not to do this posted on the WSJ Facebook page after some people had to leave their tents behind.
  14. thrifty

    Jack Links Fundraiser Partnership with BSA

    can't comment on Jack Links but I bought one of each variety Country Meats from a local troop and thought they were disgusting. Would not buy again but probably a good fundraiser b/c it's only $1.
  15. thrifty

    Uniform Inspections

    Our troop does them and I don't care for them. As a PL, my son had several interactions with scouts that could not afford pants that would quickly be outgrown, over priced socks or a belt that would be worn once a week for an hour. He'd tell them to be as prepared as they could and that's what they did. But when the SM has everyone line up by patrol like a military drill and the PL's check off boxes on the uniform sheet, all that does is bring attention to the fact that some scouts did not have the entire uniform. Well guess what, those scouts aren't with the troop anymore. I was the only person interested in starting a uniform exchange so that didn't get very far. When a scout earns a rank or leadership position, those patches are given to him/her. I think its reasonable to request a few minutes of effort to update the shirt but I'd rather have a scout family spend $30 on a campout then on a pair of official pants that rarely get used.