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  1. thrifty

    selecting a uniform hat for a new troop

    most boy scouts in our troop don't wear hats so they just use whatever personal head gear they want if any. Personally I don't see the need for mandatory assigned hats. If the youth don't like them, they won't use them anyway.
  2. thrifty

    Starting a new troop: Budget items

    Our troop charges $30 above the required fee. This provides a necker, slide, patrol patch and advancement/MBs the first year. All campouts including summercamp are charged separately in advance. Try and network. Does someone's grandfather or someone at the CO own some property where you can camp? What about shooting sports/hunting clubs in the region? beg and borrow equipment in the beginning. many communities have facebook pages devoted to local happenings, post that the new troop is looking for tents and items that might be taking up space in someone's garage. people are happy to help the scouts when they can and maybe that old tent will only last a year but by then there should be some fundraiser money in the bank. Also, depending on what tents you eventually buy, do not pay retail! Several companies give scout discounts on tents. we sell popcorn and do an annual fundraiser as well. the two combined replace any needed tents and purchase any new equipment like staves or rope. our troop also assists with leadership training costs so some cash goes there.
  3. thrifty

    Pre-season Pinewood Derby drama

    We did this. It was only a few parents so it didn't take long at the end but it was fun because the dads didn't have to adhere to all of the usual rules. one dad used rubber tires and that resulted in the car going off track every time to much laughter from the scouts. we also did work days but not at regular scout time. a separate day or two was set aside on the weekend for a few hours in the church basement with various tools so that a scout could work on cars if their family did not have the necessary tools. My son's first pack had a lot of single moms with no tools or knowledge about such things. I admit to rolling my eyes on occasion. One car really stands out in my memory. There's no way the tiger cub did anything except maybe some of the sanding. It looked like a real toy car you could buy at the store. But that's between the scout and his father. My kid did almost everything on his cars including using the saw except for a few cuts. That's how we roll in my house. If someone is going to do all the work for their scout, there's really nothing you can do to prevent it. Are you going to disqualify a scout's car? I enjoy this scout cartoon.
  4. thrifty

    Simply falling behind or is it more complicated?

    Don't know anything about boys vs girls. My son's school system pushes students to attend college, not just encourages, but emphasizes college as the goal. My wife and I have several degrees but feel college is not for everyone. The recent highschool graduates of our extended family have gone on to college because that's what they were told they needed to do. Both dropped out the first year after getting sizeable loans. Now both are pursuing law enforcement and possibly EMT. Those seem like skills better suited to them. My son's school had a job fair and not a single trade was there. It was all IT and medical based with the local FD and PD mixed in. How do you not have a trade at a large job fair? They weren't invited. I asked some of my teacher friends and they said something about the school being ranked/graded on the number of future college students it has. Students that would be best served by exploring options other than college don't get what they need. There is a very scary future on the way. Our school system has implemented a program that goes by several names Summit, Basecamp, individualized learning platform. Its experimental and in more and more school systems. When you follow the paper trail, you find that this program is sponsored by Gates and Zuckerberg money. The school got everything for free so of course they agreed to it. The students spend much of their time on the computers and are encouraged to use Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. There are a lot of crazy things about this program that I could go on and on about. We have a small school and there are a lot of parents unhappy with the direction our students are going. The wife and I both went to trade schools our last two years of highschool. I never thought I would have a chance to go to college and she thought she'd be a secretary. We agree that we learned more at the trade school and in our first professional jobs than we did in college 20 years ago. I don't know what they are like now but when we were in college, our classes were stagnant and mostly boring with no real world application of what we were learning. We still have our text books and I've flipped through them for a laugh. The only good reason for us to have been in college was to get the piece of paper that says we have a degree so we could get our foot in the door and prove ourselves. Its obviously not that way for everyone.
  5. thrifty

    New Wolf Neckerchief /hats now what?

    I agree with Eagle. Right now on scoutshop.org when I search wolf hat or necker the yellow hat and necker are the only ones that come up. I've also read that the new red color and stock won't appear until the old yellow stock is gone so many wolf cubs would have yellow for the near future. If you have enough yellow to sustain your cubs in the future go ahead and do it. maybe a few years from now you will run out of yellow because kids want to keep them or lose them or some parents buy the new red and you can decide on mixing colors or moving to only red.
  6. thrifty

    Incomplete archery MB

    depending on your living arrangements you could always try finding a cheap bow, a few arrows and a bale of straw with a paper target on it and he could practice at home. Safety first! Don't know, maybe a MBC would sign off on it if you recorded him doing it with proper distances etc.. Our metroparks have offered introduction archery courses and we have several youth rifle/archery/hunting clubs that do youth programs. it could improve his aim and an instructor might allow him to use the bow and target to attempt his MB requirement. He should be able to attempt to complete the MB at next years summer camp during free time if he goes. just send the blue card with him. make sure to photocopy the blue card in case anything happens to it and keep it in a bomb proof container to hopefully prevent it from being damaged. could try to find a way for him to practice right before next years camp and then when he gets there he could be ready. if the bsa camp is not far away and a range master is available, you might be able to make some sort of arrangements with the camp itself. maybe during some other event that includes archery? scout volunteers during the Halloween weekend and someone is nice enough to help with the archery?
  7. Doing this would also result in assigning a monetary value to the SM conferences if the troop works like ours. Every campout has a fee that's paid by any scouts attending. Of course we all want scouts camping but a scout would have to pay the fee and attend the campout to have the conference. Maybe the scout doesn't want to go on a specific campout or cannot afford the extra expense ($25 minimum for us) so a conference would be delayed one or more months until the scout attended? It seems like this rule has been made for no reason other than to force older scouts to attend campouts that they may or may not have attended otherwise.
  8. thrifty

    Swimming Requirements for Rank

    Doesn't surprise me at all. I see that kind of attitude often with newer leaders that are only in it so their kids can Eagle. I believe in following the rules with a little common sense mixed in. That being said, I will also say that I despise the swimming requirements. My son had swimming lessons when he was younger but we are never around water. When it came time for his First Class swim requirements, he could not do it. We don't own a pool. Don't know anyone with a pool or any body of water. Wife and I are able to swim but do so poorly and could not teach how to do so. We ended up spending $400 for a family rec center pass because one of us had to go in with him because of his age. We then spent several more hundred on swimming lessons. Just for him to pass a BSA Swim test one time. I do believe that knowing how to swim is important but several years later and he's never been swimming again. He takes an automatic fail on the camp swim test. The troop doesn't do water/boating type of activities. That was a lot of money just to pass that one requirement. If he were in some type of water accident, I don't think he'd be any better or worse off then he was before passing the swimming requirement. He earned Hiking instead of Swimming. Just because someone has passed a swim test does not necessarily prepare them for anything.
  9. A scout completed all of the requirements for a MB prior to getting a BC. Scout contacted SM for a BC so that he could meet with a counselor, discuss and earn the MB. SM was unhappy the scout completed the MB requirements prior to a discussion with SM. SM did not fulfill the request for a BC. (I am now repeating what I was told because I was not in the meeting) SM advised scout to decide on a counselor (maybe even contact one?) and then come back for a BC. (this is an SM of several years and I think he knows this is not correct) This is not a MB that has any unusual pre-reqs, it's not an age thing either. My understanding of how things should work is simple. Scout can work on MBs at any time (with a few exceptions). It does not matter that scout completed requirements prior to getting a BC. SM's job is to recommend a counselor and give the scout a BC. Per the info I posted earlier, SM cannot deny request for a BC. Unfortunately, if it is not stated clearly and precisely somewhere that SM cannot refuse a request for a BC, there is no point in discussing anything further.
  10. The old forum posts had links to the Bryan blog where it is clearly said. There may be no writing that says a blue card can be denied but there's no writing saying it can't? Here is the link to the blog that addresses this but it's 2013. I don't have a copy of '13 GTA and if it is directly said in that publication, why would it not be included in '17? https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2013/12/23/ask-the-expert-mailbag-merit-badges-blue-cards-first-class-requirement-10/ The excerpt from Chris Hunt, advancement team leader for the Boy Scouts of America.is below. "The policies regarding blue cards changed with the release of the 2013 edition of the Guide to Advancement. See topic Unit leaders do not have the authority to refuse to give a Scout a blue card. The signature on a blue card signifies, simply, that the unit leader has had a discussion about the badge with the Scout and that the Scout has been provide the name of at least one registered and approved counselor."
  11. I'm looking at a PDF of the '17 guide to advancement section 7. I do not see anything indicating a scouter may or may not deny a blue card. Am I missing it? Is it elsewhere? Is it inferred? I'm familiar with the older forum posts and previous links to Bryan on Scouting but those are all several years old. What current item can I reference to clearly indicate denying a blue card is prohibited?
  12. thrifty

    patrol time ideas

    edit: I've also had the idea to look into adult team building games and share those with him. He's been to NYLT and I know they've done some stuff there. I usually roll my eyes when I have to do this kind of team game as an adult but I have to admit I recently did a few that were fun.
  13. thrifty

    patrol time ideas

    Thanks 'rat. I like what you've described but unfortunately the troop and therefore the patrols don't usually work like that. Too much adult interference. There's no theme and most things are left to the last minute. I think this is a great idea. This is the kind of leadership qualities that the wife and I emphasize to him and it would give him time to prepare. When he joined the troop a bunch of the older boys played cards at camps. When the older boys aged out the card games stopped. I'll suggest that. He also has some small travel type dice and camping games that don't get used. I am concerned the adults will decide a game is disruptive but its up to him if he wants to try it. A lot of his work will be convincing adults that meetings don't have to be boring where you sit around and try to stay awake. I think I found a PDF version. http://www.thedump.scoutscan.com/patrolleader.pdf. I forgot there was a PL Handbook. He had a new version but it belongs to the troop and is passed down each election.
  14. So my son will most likely be a PL for a 3rd time (not in a row). One of the things he does not like about troop meetings is how patrol time works. Patrol time is something that patrols do when nothing else is going on. For example, a 1.5 hour meeting to do a 10 minute camping meal plan would result with no other plans for the evening and the patrols would have patrol time. Because patrol time isn't planned and all of it is spontaneous, it results in the patrols just sitting around talking about the latest video games, etc.. Sometimes they review younger scout books but this isn't needed all the time. There's nothing wrong with sitting around bonding but it happens often enough to discourage him from wanting to go to meetings because they are boring. He can't change a lot of things because it comes from the adults but I've encouraged him to change what he can if he doesn't like it. Does anyone have suggestions or recommendations on how to find patrol time ideas that can be spontaneous? He won't be able to have gear ahead of time or be able to plan something specific in advance and most of the time everything is indoors. I'm hoping for ideas that he can have written down in his day bag and just pull something out when they have patrol time and the 5 or 6 scouts can have some fun or do something different. I appreciate any assistance.
  15. thrifty

    NATIONAL POLICY: AOL and Crossover Ceremonies

    I don't know why there is a problem with black robes. Black robes are cool!