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  1. thrifty

    Fee increase - observations

    WTH $70 for a yearbook? My wife is asleep or I'd be asking her right now what she paid for my son's. First thing tomorrow, I'm going to find out. I cant believe for a moment that she would pay anywhere near that amount and if she did, it wont happen again. What could possibly make a year book cost that much?
  2. thrifty

    Community Yard Sale

    For your leftovers; in our area, one of the thrift store chains, Savers, has a fundraiser option. See link. The committee talked about doing this but never got it off the ground so I don't have any experience. https://fundrive.savers.com/ Easter Seals in our area also has some kind of 'fill a truck' fundraiser where everyone fills a cargo truck with goods and its weighed and they are given funds. I don't think most groups actually fill the truck full, just with whatever they can. You could plan and combine what you already have, if it meets their rules, and also put out a social media request for people to drop stuff off at a certain location at a certain day and see how much you can get. The flea market guy might give you a better deal, I don't know.
  3. thrifty

    Join Scouts, get a free uniform via Goodwill and Council

    Love this! We have a few different thrift stores in the area that I enjoy going to and I've found over 40 uniforms in the past three years. 2 or 3 that still had tags on them. takes time to get the badge magic off but not too important if someone is sewing new patches on top of it. I wonder what will happen to the majority of the LDS uniforms of the scouts that quit?
  4. thrifty

    Merit Badge Workshops and Universities

    That's how some do it in our area. The counselors also determine how many scouts they are willing to instruct and what pre-reqs need done prior to the class.
  5. thrifty

    possible fee increase coming

    Here's a link from another council that has posted a letter from National. https://www.jerseyshorescouts.org/nationalbsaletter?fbclid=IwAR2ck1uu2m-6KzrrBL3BMnELMBq4_4mEiiiwRWx950hAn6dDCTQ5X7KyRTA
  6. thrifty

    possible fee increase coming

    This was posted to council facebook page 10 minutes ago. "I want to make you aware that late yesterday we were informed that the National Council, Boy Scouts of America, is considering a fee increase for 2020. While the fee increase would be effective beginning this recharter process, unfortunately, the amount of any increase will not be known until approximately November 1, 2019. We recognize the timing on this likely fee increase creates challenges as units have already begun communicating and collecting fees ...for their 2020 registration renewal process. As soon as we know more, we will share it. As the father of three Scouts, an active parent in all of their units and a registered leader myself, I appreciate concerns and ask for your patience while we work through this together. Finally, please be assured that finances will never be a barrier to membership for our families. Our council is proud to provide registration assistance to those in need. Information will be shared in follow up communication. Thank you again for your commitment to delivering the life-changing programs of Scouting to the youth and families we serve and those who will soon join our ranks!"
  7. thrifty

    World Jamboree - Reviews

    I realized my question might not have a simple answer but didn't intend for it to go so far off topic. I will just accept that GSUSA probably doesn't want to be involved with World Organization of the Scout Movement. I'm just curious about the dynamics of these various groups and how it all fits together. Seems like the GSUSA would fit well with the more liberal point of view I've been seeing from European scouts on Facebook for the past year. My family was only at WSJ on Sat. but we had a great time. No complaints for our one day. Arrival and departure were easy and everyone was nice.
  8. thrifty

    World Jamboree - Reviews

    I wondered about this. I saw posts about Girl Guides being as WSJ and that is the equivalent of GSUSA correct? That's the whole reason for qwazse's comment. Can anyone explain to me the relationship, if any, between GSUSA and WS? I like all of qwazse's other ideas.
  9. thrifty

    World Jamboree - Reviews

    At least several people did try to take the tent with stakes and poles as a carry on because there was a warning not to do this posted on the WSJ Facebook page after some people had to leave their tents behind.
  10. thrifty

    Jack Links Fundraiser Partnership with BSA

    can't comment on Jack Links but I bought one of each variety Country Meats from a local troop and thought they were disgusting. Would not buy again but probably a good fundraiser b/c it's only $1.
  11. thrifty

    Uniform Inspections

    Our troop does them and I don't care for them. As a PL, my son had several interactions with scouts that could not afford pants that would quickly be outgrown, over priced socks or a belt that would be worn once a week for an hour. He'd tell them to be as prepared as they could and that's what they did. But when the SM has everyone line up by patrol like a military drill and the PL's check off boxes on the uniform sheet, all that does is bring attention to the fact that some scouts did not have the entire uniform. Well guess what, those scouts aren't with the troop anymore. I was the only person interested in starting a uniform exchange so that didn't get very far. When a scout earns a rank or leadership position, those patches are given to him/her. I think its reasonable to request a few minutes of effort to update the shirt but I'd rather have a scout family spend $30 on a campout then on a pair of official pants that rarely get used.
  12. thrifty

    What constitutes an "Eagle Factory"?

    I don't like it when labels are thrown around. Unless someone is familiar with the troop and scouts, it's impossible to know what the personality of a specific troop is like. Maybe the scouts are motivated and having so much fun that Eagle comes naturally. That being said, I know many adults, including leaders, who believe that Eagle should be the end result of scouting. SM told my son that the MB he wanted to do wasn't important because it wasn't an Eagle. I agree with DuctTape and he said it better then I could.
  13. thrifty

    Merit Badge Workshops and Universities

    I could talk about this topic all day if given the chance. Lots of negative opinions about this type of activity from scouters, doesn't matter if it is in this forum or many other places. My son has been to a lot of these all over the state because he has a desire to do so and I see it as a learning opportunity. Learning not only the MB but also how people, scouting and regions of our state are different. We've had nothing but great experiences. Every complaint I've read about these events, I have also witnessed at summer camps and even in our own troop. Adults will either take the MB requirements seriously or they will cut corners. The event isn't the problem, it's the type of personalities that deem it ok to cut corners and people like that are everywhere. I feel that most summer camp MBs are a joke from what I've witnessed and been told. Every MB event that we've been to has clearly defined the pre-reqs as well as what will be covered. My son has talked to counselors that were experts in their fields and very passionate about what they were doing and has been inspired by some of them. He's had opportunities to learn in environments that summer camp could never hope to equal. MB events are somewhat convenient compared to the scout calling a random MBC. I don't see this as any different from summer camp supplying counselors or troops that have registered in-house MBCs for everything. My son has contacted random MBCs that say they would help but then never respond to his messages and he's had trouble finding counselors in our area for some badges. Our counsel has started planning and hosting more of these events at our local camps.
  14. thrifty


    does the troop ask that a specific woggle be used? if not, some creativity could turn it into one.
  15. thrifty

    Skit in Underwear - JCPenny

    I was at a wake tonight. It was very informal, I was probably the only person in a suit and maybe one of eight that had a tie on. Most were in t-shirts and jeans because that's what they own and no one expected anything else. The wife and son told me later that someone actually wore pajama pants. The three of us agreed that maybe that was crossing a line even for this easy going family situation. But at least she came to honor the deceased and that is more important. I hate the JC Penny sketch just because I've seen it more than any other skit. There have been scouts in underwear and shorts but I thought the best solution was the scout that held a bath towel around his waist. I could imagine the other scouts taking his clothes while he was swimming or showering.