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  1. Did you mark the dutch ovens somehow? I could never find a good idea on how to mark those so they could be easily identified.
  2. thrifty

    Tent Numbering - Help

    At least they tried. definitely a lesson to be learned. we use an abbreviated year/number to designate how old the tent is. 18-01 for example. We just use black sharpie on everything. scouts receive whichever tent is pulled out of the trailer when they are standing there but this number is entered into the log so that the two scouts sleeping in that tent are now responsible for it. If they open it and find something missing, the first people to be asked will be the previous two scouts. Usually this would result in blank stares and I don't knows but it still emphasizes responsibility. During use the tent number designates who should be in certain tent, billy and joey are in tent 18-01. After using, one of the scouts assigned to the tent will take it home and clean it so the number also helps keep track of who has the tent at all times. This is assuming the tents actually get entered into the QM log as they are supposed to be. Our troop has a big problem with gear not being returned and items disappearing so this numbering system is critical.
  3. thrifty

    Cost of Being a Scout

    only national forest in our state is over 3 hours away so not logical. I'm not familiar with nat. forest costs. Are you saying it's free to camp there? nevermind. just saw shortridge's response that they are free if camping is available. thx
  4. thrifty

    Cost of Being a Scout

    registration fee $36 we collect an additional $24 in yearly dues, this is intended to pay for badges, ranks, misc patches and crossovers get a woggle and necker. our budget is very thorough and this usually evens out or is slightly more than we need. parents are responsible for everything else. Our popcorn and other fundraiser are used to upgrade equipment/tents and we pay for whatever leader training is needed. Our average campout is approx. $35/scout including any camping fees, food and mileage. We also have occasional trips that are more expensive and can be $80-$100, usually due to registration fees, mileage and tolls. summer camp is approx. $450 with registration, mileage and paying for an extra leader. My son will have had at least 3 uniforms by the time he turns 18, including his webelos shirt.
  5. I've been a star wars fan since the 70's. I know more about SW than I do about the BSA but I care about both and want to see them succeed. I didn't care for LTJ but it had nothing to do with feminism. The story sucked in my opinion and directly conflicted with all of the old canon and reversed a heroic character into a whiny hermit. The previous SW movie killed off a main character. Fan boys have dreamed of a new movie with the same actors since the ending of ROTJ and LTJ was an utter waste and a slap in the face. I don't think most fans care about the progressive feminist themes you posted about. The old fans I know have open arms for any new SW fans especially girls. I see girls wearing SW shirts and it makes me feel good. I would have been very happy in my teens to be able to talk SW with any girl. Each generation is exposed to a different SW, I had the original trilogy. Some fans had the prequel trilogy, others had the re-released originals, my son's generation had the cartoons and now this generation has the new movies. I want everyone to find something in SW they care about and become a fan. I feel similar about the BSA. There has been good and bad. People have different opinions about what was good and what should or should not have been done. I want BSA to succeed. I want everyone to be a fan of the BSA even if it's not for the same reason I'm a fan. I like some of the things that people on this forum complain about. I think that it's a shame that people have an all or nothing attitude about BSA. The recent SW movies aren't great but I'm still a SW fan. I think its also similar to being a fan of a really bad sports team. They suck but someone still supports them and hopes for better. I think it's great that girls want to do the things boy scouts do. I'm not a fan of National and I don't care for the way they do things. I think that separate girl/boy troops would be ok but my biggest problem is that this will be outright ignored by many and it will be coed troops because of lack of volunteers, logistics and some people just don't give a damn about the rules. If dad is the SM and mom is now an ASM because your sister is there too, why even be in scouts? why doesn't the family just go camping on their own? Camping allows the boys to get away from their family with the exception of maybe a few dads.
  6. thrifty

    How does your unit stay "thrifty"

    unfortunately our troop is not thrifty. It's easy for some people to spend money when it's not theirs. But I thought I'd post some of my ideas, maybe they will be helpful for someone. Our suburb community has a local facebook page. If your community has one, I suggest always asking for used donated supplies before spending any cash. This requires some planning because it won't be instant. But for example, if a cooler or a lantern is needed, just put a post on facebook asking if anyone has a dusty cooler sitting in their garage that hasn't been used in years. If you want help, you need the courage to ask for it. Make a wish list and post it. don't post each little item separately. Always respond and pick up items promptly even the things you don't really want if they come in a bundle. Have a photocopied thank you letter signed by everyone scouts and adults to give them when you pick up. Thanking someone is nice but it also builds community spirit towards the scouts. We have a lot of garage sales and thrift stores. I've gotten many used cub uniforms that way. Not very many boy scout items but sometimes. Some camping gear. I resisted buying two used mess kits tonight because we just didn't need them. I always wear a class b when at garage sales. Many times people will just give me things for the troop when they see the shirt or we'll start a conversation that leads to a good deal, etc.. Don't be picky. Does that 1970's external frame backpack hold the same amount as the fancy new internal pack? Who cares what it looks like if it functions. Is a generic item just as good as a name brand? Not always but many times it is. Just depends on how often it will be used and the cost of replacement. Name brand does not guarantee anything. craigslist will sometimes have a good deal by searching for words like tent or hiking but it's not very often around here. Store clearances. We have several Walmarts and Targets nearby. There is always a clearance season for these stores when they restock. Finding the deals is not easy but I have gotten $65 coleman stoves for $25 and nice coleman tents for 75% off and recently purchased several different coleman lanterns for 50% off. The nice sleeping pads for $10 a piece, I waited 10 minutes too long and someone else snatched all but the two in my cart. $20 fishing poles for $7. Try emailing or, even better, calling customer service for a company if you plan on making a large purchase. Explain its for the scouts. Eureka gives a great discount for troop tents if you call them. We buy several at a time. Don't be afraid to ask! Word of mouth. Send out an email to everyone in the pack or troop and explain what items are needed. Ask if something can be included in a CO newsletter. Any items donated will be less dues spent and more for the kids. So they need to network with their friends and families to see what they have in the attic or garage. What do the leaders, parents and parishioners do for a living? where do they work? even donated office supplies help offset some small costs. be creative and resourceful. I was in charge of the pack Halloween party one year and I wanted to make a few things but I had a tight budget. I used old scrap wood to make what I needed and it worked great and I got lots of compliments for something that cost me nothing except my time. There was a giant box of old kool aid packets in the pack closet that I would never let anyone drink because I don't know how old they are but they were great for tie dye t-shirts. camping? ask a local wilderness group if the scouts could camp for free or for an hour of community service picking up brush or something. We've got many hunting/fishing/shooting clubs in the area that own properties and they always have youth programs. Scouting has similar goals except for the hunting part. borrow from other places. maybe another pack or troop can loan out something with the understanding that it will be returned as is or replaced if damaged. Our troop neckerchiefs were discontinued so now we use a generic green clothe which is hemmed and a paracord woggle. I'm told its cheaper. It is definitely easy to replace either item. These are just a few ideas off the top of my head.
  7. thrifty


    As scout parents, one of us was always present when he was calling a MBC. He can't make an agreement to meet someone and then just expect us to drive him without checking our schedules. We don't have MBCs in the troop so he would always be meeting strangers out of town, sometimes an hour away. He talks to the MBC, tells us the plans and then we say yes or suggest an alternative plan. I don't recall ever needing to use speaker phone but if things got confusing we would just tell him to use that. From my experience, the adult leaders are the ones that have the most trouble remembering to copy an additional person when sending messages.
  8. never heard of this. It's getting difficult to keep track of all of these youth groups. sounds similar to scouting to me. The Troops of Saint George is a fraternal Catholic nonprofit apostolate for priests, men, and young men looking for a life of adventure coupled with virtue. Initially founded in 2013 by Catholic author and professor Dr. Taylor Marshall we have become a collection of troops that do the following: experience reverent and beautiful Masses on mountaintop vistas pray the Rosary with other men around fire pits in the freezing cold catch a Fish Friday meal by fly fishing for trout go to confession with our priests while kneeling on moss in the woods teach our sons archery, rockclimbing, marksmanship, fishing, survival skills…and Catholic virtues foster a love for the priesthood and a reverence for the sacrament of Matrimony support our local parish, our priests, our bishops, and community by being available for works of mercy and service
  9. thrifty

    Mike Rowe: Death of Boy Scouts?

    I enjoyed that. thanks for sharing.
  10. thrifty

    NYLT for 13 year old

    my son and two other 13yo scouts took nylt last year. The year before that our troop also had several scouts go and they were either 13 or not much older. All of the boys enjoyed the experience from what they said. many of them are going back this year to help. Not mine but he was interested in going back earlier in the year and just changed his mind (got lazy...again). My son implied that a lot of it was just common sense to him. All of the scouts that went seem mature and had already had several leadership positions before going including PL for some. If they waited too long, sending them to nylt would seem almost pointless IMO.
  11. I definitely agree to a point. Class of '92 and the things that hurt my popularity and got eye rolls back then were "geeky" culture. Comic books, video games, board games, computers, etc.. Now these things are part of popular culture all over the world like never before. The younger generations appear to be more open minded. Of course this does not apply to everyone. There's also all of this talk about football concussions and it seems like every year there are stories about young athletes dropping dead while playing. Everyone I knew in our 20's complained about bad knees from football and we were barely old enough to drink. Scouts also has this "one with nature" vibe to it and many young people are more concerned about the environment now. But sports stars at all levels will continue to get the glory and that won't change.
  12. Thanks everyone. I appreciate the help. I've read some of this info before and it has a good description but without knowing more about Summit, I felt like it wasn't enough to commit my money. The map was a big help. It makes sense that strangers can't walk through the actual camps. If Summit Center is the central hub, then I would assume that most scouts and scouters would be spending their time there....waiting in lines.
  13. Hello, We are a reasonable driving distance from Summit. WSJ is too expensive but my family is considering the possibility of driving to Summit for a day pass during WSJ. We didn't know about day passes prior to NSJ '17. I've seen the info online for NSJ day passes but those details are too vague for my comfort. I've heard stories about NSJ and I would expect WSJ to be even crazier with regards to lines, crowds, etc.. What I would like to know is what exactly a day pass entitles the user to do/see, what kind of access is the user allowed? I don't think my scout would want to wait in line for 3 hours to do a zip line or other activity so I'm not worried about that but we would like to see the entire camp and be able to explore and people watch and feel like we're a part of the celebration. We wouldn't want to be cordoned off in some small area or only be allowed access to limited areas. That would be a wasted trip. Any feedback on what should happen at WSJ or what did happen at NSJ with regards to day passes is appreciated. Thank you.
  14. I'm also an anal retentive accountant so I can appreciate your posts and your way of thinking. I don't mind the scouts too much but it is very frustrating when the adults cannot properly care for troop equipment. I would spend my own money on items and they would just disappear. Hmmm, last person I saw it with was a scout leader. I like your ideas as long as you were investing in the tools for your own use as well. If it would only be for the troops then I don't think its a good idea because you may get a lot of interest or you may get very little or interest may diminish over time. We needed axe covers and I felt they were too expensive to purchase so I made some with leather from items I purchased at thrift stores. They weren't fancy but I was proud of them and they worked well. It would have been nice for the scouts to do it but I was using random tools I have in the garage and not leather tools and I was in a hurry. I'm sure they would like making personalized leather items but after they've done it once, then I suspect most would not be interested in doing it again. It probably wouldn't be repeated until the PLC leadership has changed to mostly newer scouts that had not done it previously. I'd say the number of troops and girl scouts in your area should be a big factor on your decision.
  15. thrifty

    Dealing with Helicopter Parents

    This topic is about helicopter parents and I don't disagree with you but not all troops work as well as the ones scouters on here post about. I'd be glad to see an old timer with no kids leading the troop because all we have are leaders that joined when their kids did and coincidentally the rules/procedures always seem to change or bend when the scouter's child is involved and then change again after the scouter's child is no longer involved.(this is especially true when $ is involved) Your father and son scenario would be our current leaders. It's also amazing the lack of open mindedness that some people have. There are always new and better ways to do things. Meetings don't need to be boring all the time. Dozens of emails don't need sent all the time. Leaders with two or three years of experience don't always automatically know what's best. I know what my son and his friends think and what they tell the BoR but somehow those requests for different things never seem to be addressed. I'm sure our leadership would probably consider me a helicopter parent and somewhat of a pest because I question things and want what I think is best for my son and the other scouts. I'm also a volunteer that is always there when needed (unlike most), has contributed a considerable amount of my time and money,and is concerned with more than just my son. I also seek answers and want to be better informed. I've organized a fund raiser and been told that I would never make more than $500 but I made $2000 and the year after that I made even more. I found a new idea for a campout online and showed it to my son who thought it was good enough to present to the PLC. The troop did the campout and had a great time with lots of positive feedback but the leadership had originally thought it was a terrible idea and was surprised anyone would want to do it. The leaders in our troop are well intentioned but the only goal they have is to get their sons to Eagle and achieve their own personal goals. That's where their motivation stops. I'm ranting about this because I'm upset (more than usual) with the situation. I found out that a leader lied to the scouts in order to manipulate them to accomplish something he felt was important. I value honesty and integrity and I have lost sleep because of this. I wish I could put my son in another troop but it's not realistic to pull him from his friends and classmates so I will continue to question things that involve him but I am stepping down from my position and want to distance myself. I think that's unfortunate for the troop because they really need ever volunteer they can get.