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  1. Agree 100% with Pack. Business should have no more input on an employee's health insurance than they do their car insurance. Period. My employer is currently going through the spectacle of requireing employees to sign a waiver to medical privacy laws and requiring employees to submit blood analysis results for the employee and all others in a family covered by a group health plan to a 3rd party to review as part of a "wellness" program. This is a natural consequence of employer subsidized health insurance.
  2. "as I understand it the protection of BSA v. Dale no longer applies" The First Amendment is still the First Amendment. Under Local Option, those private COs will still have the right of free association and the right to discriminate against homosexual leaders if they choose to do so, just as they currently can do with respect to gender or religion. The only change would be if the BSA were to treat sexual orientation the way they do race or national origin. As far as the article goes, it seems to me the school district might be able to limit access to facilities to all groups that do
  3. This is very sad news. As fellow scouters I have a lot of respect for all that participate in the forums. But OGE was one that really stood out among us. He will be sorely missed and my thoughts an prayers go out to his family. SA
  4. Yes, I also have to agree with Mr. Paul. In addition to the F35s, the US has 10 aircraft carriers in service, several in reserve and we're building a couple more. The only other country with more than one in service is Italy with 2. No other country has more than 1 and I'm not particulary concerned about a suprise attack from the Italians. Washington just doesn't get it. As a government contractor I've seen my share of waste. A moron could find 85 billion to cut from the current Federal spending. Obama blew it. He should have taken the Republican offer to have the authority to ad
  5. Like NJ I'll believe the mass exodus when I see it. There may be a small number of COs that pull out, but most once they understand they are free to continue to discriminate based on sexual orienatation will stay on. 1. Loss of a CO doesn't necessarily mean loss of a unit. In many cases another CO can be found that would support a unit either allowing or not allowing gay members. 2. How many Christian congregations have folded because some other Christian congregations accept gay members? SA
  6. I don't think our unit would be affected much. Might allow us to recruit some families who have in the past avoided scouting due to the membership policy. Our CO is a "Welcoming" Methodist congregation and would accept a gay applicant if one were to show up and there was no other reason not to sign them up. There have been one or two local units that have had to scramble to find new COs because of the current policy. There have been other potential COs that have refused to sponsor units due to the current policy. (The COs in question have been churches.) So overall I'm not aware of any
  7. All I know is anyone driving a Nissan Titan in Southern California, should immediatly stop wherever they are and move away from the vehicle. http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/lanow/2013/02/ex-cop-manhunt-newspaper-delivery-women-shot.html SA
  8. Agreed. Hugh PR mess. This keeps the spotlight on the BSA on this issue for months. Both sides will harden their positions and make the ultimate decision more difficult to take for either side. Makes a schism in scouting more likely than less. SA
  9. "But if the my son were 13, and he a 17-y.o. gay kid joins his patrol, the two of them is going to be a BIG problem. Likewise, if I have an 11-year old in the troop and found out there was an older gay Scout in the troop, I would be greatly concerned." And and solution is pretty simple. Join a unit that doesn't accept gay members. There may be some initial reshuffling of units, but it won't be long until everyone can find a unit that meets their needs. The majority I suspect will stay where they are. The tent sharing arrangements are not complicated. Two self identified gay scout
  10. "And who do you think the "unseen power" might be?" Dick Cheney SA
  11. So let me get this straight. The NRA's current position is that we should be focusing on mental health issues, maybe a mental health registry but there shouldn't be background checks to see if a prospective buyer is on those registries or has a history of mental health problems? SA
  12. "How many adult leaders will now have to decide if they want to risk being named in lawsuits for following the CO's policy? " 0, Nada, Zip. Especially since unit leaders do not decide the CO's policy. They simply comply with it. The same number that currently have to decide if they want to risk being named in a lawsuit for following a CO's policy of religious or gender discrimination. SA
  13. So what national pressure is there on Catholic churches to accept Gay priests? or even members? Yes, units will have to stand by their own principles. They won't be able to hide behind a national policy. Assuming the change in policy goes through, I'm perfectly comfortable with the unit across town sponsored by the local Catholic church continuing to select their leadership anyway they want. The Methodist Church that sponsors our unit would likely accept a gay indivisual, assuming there are not other issue to prevent membership. But I'm not aware of a long list of gay prospects chompi
  14. Sentinel, It was a local case over 10 years ago. Involved a trusted Spl and Eagle Scout. In MA one can be treated as an adult in the court system at 17. I'd have a hard time finding local press on the case at this point. SA
  15. Eagle candidate may have been denied advancement, but that's not the same as membership revokation. And in most cases once they are 18, then they were kicked out. Or for some other made up excuse like, didn't follow a duty to God. But I do have to correct myself. This is the latest quote I could find on the scouting legal website on the current policy. While the BSA does not proactively inquire about the sexual orientation of employees, volunteers, or members, we do not grant membership to individuals who are open or avowed homosexuals or who engage in behavior that would become a dis
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