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    • @Eagle94-A1 @Jameson76   in support of your points. Note around 14:00 or so "...There is a plan in place...very cool to hear...I think we are in good hands...On the unit level,... just keep doing what you are doing..."   
    • IMHO ... It's not at all that national is clueless or making decisions in a vacuum.  This is 100% about legal liability for a great youth program run loosely by outside volunteers and BSA being held liable for societal ills.   This is why "I think" BSA should NOT be a membership organization.  It should be a certifying body.  BSA should certify that the outside youth in an outside organization (Troop ###) completed rank requirements.  They should not be certifying safety or membership or liable for each and every camp out.  BSA will never wield enough control to be able to legally protect themselves and their members.  
    • That sums it up.  One would think the goal would be to make it easier to add and retain members, not the opposite Many of the volunteer leaders that are at the national level have no idea what it takes to run a unit in the current environment.  Many have been actual unit leaders, but it has been a while.  I have a friend that does work on various national committees, last time he was on an actual campout with actual scouts in the actual woods was maybe 15+ years ago. Many decisions appear to be made in a vacuum.  Once you lose touch with your core customer, the battle is lost.  In our unit we have some good group of seasoned leaders, but, we are concerned as none of us have Scouts in the troop.  We do have leaders with active Scouts, but many of us do not have that connection to the middle school parent mindset, what drives them.  Even though we are active, go on outings etc, there is a knowledge gap. BSA has lost that connectivity.  The National volunteers, being so far removed from the field, do not fully grasp the current on the ground unit conditions.  The professional Scouts are fully focused on FOS, popcorn, camp cards, and whatever else raises money, that is used to fund the overhead (professional scouters), and then you add more professionals to raise money to have professionals.  Rinse, lather, repeat.
    • Cub Scout Rose Tylor Kunkes crossed-over and another Eagle walked hand in hand with the saints along the streets of Heaven. Initially, she was diagnosed with common strep, but it quickly became severely invasive. So fast, so terrible.   "Rose loved service," her father said. "That was one of her favorite things to do." But, he said, "she was more of a foreman kind of person."  Rose's mother said, "She would love to be there to help, but her help was talking to everyone and telling them what to do ... she loved to visit and tell stories and entertain everyone." Some time after their daughter died, the Kunkeses were going through Rose's desk.  "They (the Scouts) had a day where it was, right around Valentine's Day, write a note to yourself and send yourself a Valentine," her mother said.  "The Cub Scout Motto is 'Do your best.' We've said it so many times and we try to engrain that in everybody ... we found this note in her desk," she said, laying out a heart-shaped piece of paper with Rose's handwriting. "This was supposed to be a note to yourself," her father said.  It reads, "Do your best! Be you." Rose's mother said, "When we found that note, we were just in awe of how much she loved it and lived it."  That's when they decided seek the Spirit of the Eagle award for Rose.  ... "On a quiet and sunny Sunday afternoon, more than 100 Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts and Scout leaders jammed into Bloomington's Second Presbyterian Church for a special award ceremony." "Rose had the right level of perseverance and commitment that we believe there's no way, there's no way she wouldn't have become an Eagle Scout." Ben Blumenberg, Scout executive,  W.D. Boyce Council   Much more at Source: https://pantagraph.com/news/local/bloomington-girl-who-died-from-strep-honored-for-her-spirit-character/article_fc94f672-00b0-11ee-a022-6fd14e78f0f1.html Scout Salute and farewell young Eagle,
    • I was in my local Walgreens, when I overheard one side of a very heated argument a woman was having with someone thru her ear pods:  "I know that Scouts are supposed to be helpful, but there's no way in H**** I'm letting my son sleep in a tent that someone else helped him set up!"  Not knowing the details, and not wanting a confrontation, I made my way through the check out and left.  But what could I have offered in that moment?
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