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  1. Oops here is the article Senate committee indefinitely delays 'Super Slab' bill By Kevin Flynn, Rocky Mountain News March 23, 2005 Super Slab? Nope. Try Super Slap. A state Senate committee on Tuesday effectively killed the Front Range Toll Road, striking down for now the private 85-mph "Super Slab" highway that developer Ray Wells envisions running 210 miles between Fort Collins and Pueblo Lawmakers on the Senate Transportation Committee were greeted by about 750 angry but well-mannered protesters from the plains - many of whom arrived in a school bus convoy from towns such
  2. Read the following article. The super slab looks dead. Hope it's not a vampire. Thanks to all who emailed their concerns http://www.insidedenver.com/drmn/legislature/article/0,1299,DRMN_37_3643203,00.html
  3. My boy's Eagle Court last night. Everything went so well. The speakers, all, interesting and complimentary. I am very proud of his effort and achievement. A palm at the next court. I have learned so much on this forum, and passed it along to him. Celebrate with me. Yarrow
  4. Here is a list of the emails for some of those on the transportation committee for those of you in Colorado transportation committee members. Voice our opposition to this proposal. stephanie.takis.senate@state.co.us http://www.suzannewilliamsforsenate.com/ suzanne.williams.senate@state.co.us http://www.senbob.com/ bob@senbob.com
  5. Help. Please email Governor Owens, those of you out of state and the transportation committee those of you in state. The following are bits of articles we were just sent: Proposed plains highway takes a toll on neighbors By Chuck Plunkett Denver Post Staff Writer Elbert Article, Colorado- Before Harlan Williams bought his land 14 years ago, he had to use cross-country skis to get there for a look. Like many of his far-flung neighbors, he and his wife, Sylvia, moved out to this high prairie and bought up as many acres of ranch land as they could afford, to insulate themselves fro
  6. We are getting mixed messages. we have 2 scouts that didn't get their ordeal done last year. Some have told us they need to be re-elected, some say they have 2 years in which to do it. Please let me know your reference. THanks
  7. A new hydration pack........mine got "Borrowed" and never came back.
  8. I remember talking to one older gentleman at a COH for Eagle who said he just couldn't pass semaphore............Wow that has not been required in a long time.
  9. Everyone has a story. Many are Life for Life, an achievement in itself. There are probably some common reasons a boy does not go all the way to Eagle. Lack of strong parental support is probably the greatest reason boys don't finish. When I hear parents speak proudly of their multiple Eagles I am guessing that these boys were well supported and encouraged. Please don't read this wrong, I am not saying pushed.
  10. Congrats to all non-Eagle Scouts that are so active in scouting. While we have a number of posting Eagles many are not. You are the backbone of the organization.
  11. I would like to schedule a COH for my scout. He has passed his board. The packet has been sent. We have family coming in for the holidays. Does he have to wait until the packet comes back from National or is he able to set it up now?
  12. Thanks. Doesn't look like a lark's head. Good guess though. I found a reference. You are right it is just a simple overhand. http://www.geocities.com/qccbsp/HTML/BSP_Logo.htm
  13. We had a great COH last year on a hilltop over looking the front range at sunset. Way cool.
  14. I was reviewing the scout badge and what each part represents. The knot at the bottom is to remind to do a good turn daily, but what type of knot is it. I originally was told that it was a bowlin but it doesn't look right. yarrow
  15. Does afloat mean canoeing or can it be sailing??
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