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  1. That was one of the first things I took.
  2. Thank You,wing nut,you made my day. I just hate to lose any scouts
  3. Sometimes the mother or stepfather are willing to drive them in,sometimes they cant. I've stalled on picking him up,as he will soon become a bobcat,then wolf.
  4. Is there any way around the two deep. Can I take my son(6) with me to pick up another scout,whose parents dont have enough money for gas. Rural area 7 miles apart. They have two boys (1 is tiger,other is Webelos 2) I dont want to lose either one of these guys, & the SM doesnt know their financial situation. It seems a shame to lose scouts,just because of no ride Nutz4scouting
  5. Welcome, as you will soon find out,Eamonn is from England(you can hear the accent in his typing).I'm currently working on an exchange program with a brit troop. We're sending two from Nebraska, & they're sending two from southwest of London. Welcome,& have you tried the "Marmite" yet? nutz4scouting
  6. I drive a commercial motor vehicle. (Semi) Today I pulled 205,000 pounds of Ammonium Nitrate.(fertilizer that blew up OKC) I was cut off twice by high school girls who were late to class. My daughter drove the same way. Then I took her in the semi. My suggestion is to contact one of these trucking companies.(food delivery,local,or over the road) ANY of them will let you climb up & see the view,if not even take you out on the road. Too prevent ONE accident is worth it to them. Have an open mind when it takes 100 yards minimum to stop an 80,000# truck. Then driving a car is pr
  7. Cornhusker Council in Lincoln,Nebraska has a full time Ranger. He is a very busy guy. I dont know if their looking to hire anyone or not,but you can always ask. www.cornhuskercouncil.org.
  8. When I was 17, I was a life scout,but I didnt really care. I had a cool car & girls. Then I got into some trouble with the law(I turned 18 & it cost me 15 mos-3 years). Now,Im 36, & I try to live up to the scout law & my own ethics every day. I am an ASM,Tiger cub leader. You do Your Best. Hopefully,He'll straighten out,but you became a better scout
  9. I would go to your Roundtable, & ask another Scoutmaster for a little help. Ask for a couple of his older boys to attend some of your meetings. The older boys love situations like this. Where they know their opinions & guidance will really help. Dont forget your District Executive also.
  10. Golden Sun Lodge #492 Cornhusker council.Nebraska Tapped out in 1985. fifteen year abscence.Brotherhood Best time of my life.
  11. My wife threatened to take away the vagisil,& hide it(two tubes in my first aid kit!!) It works. just put white med tape over the label,& mark it Man itch cream
  12. Sounds like some extra testosterone going on. It depends on if you want to be the bigger person,or not. A "professional" does not always mean better. He/she gets paid for this. You spend your time at work supporting your "scouting habit". i.e. gas, time at camp,training,food,uniforms... you get the point. Just put on the best program you can,& dont badmouth the other. Dont sweat the petty stuff & dont pet the sweaty stuff! Good Luck
  13. Hat is excellent!! Order it a little big. You can role paper for it to fit in winter,but in the summer take it out.(Not as hot,then. Same quality as when I was in the service.
  14. I just got one today,in fact. But I got it at vtarmynavy.com Total price with shipping $41.46 I did order the pin & rain cover from the catalog,though. Spread the wealth
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