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  1. That's probably because he has more functional strength than just attractive muscle. Tons of people are overweight; even I am. But it doesn't mean we are fat, or even need to lose any weight. It just means, according to the national averages, we might have too much weight for our body's size. However, everyone's body type is different: bone density, flexibility, lean muscle, and cardio endurance are all varying factors when it comes to the individual. Some people are stronger than others, and look like they shouldn't even be on a sidewalk. As I boast all the time, "I've got a six pack; i
  2. Darn. I was thinking it would have been interesting to have learned how to say the Scout Oath and Law in Mandarin, and maybe even share Scouting stories. Did they ban Scouting solely because it has roots in England?
  3. Just wondering if there was. Going to Beijing this summer, and I was just curious if they had Scouting out there at all.
  4. One problem intervenes there. I have no car, and probably won't be getting one for awhile. If anyone were to use the actual trailer, it'd be the Scoutmaster, but since he continually has shown that he's too busy for getting around to things like getting a proper trailer for the Troop, that workload falls on my shoulders. If I ordered it online, would they deliver it, or would i have to go and get it?
  5. Sounds like a recipe for a stomach ache. I remember when we cooked for our Scoutmaster...no one knows to this day how that bottle of soap happened to spill into the pot. =P
  6. I've even seen things go so far as a kick-a-thon and a flip-a-thon, lol. Actually, I was just thinking about the Scout Law, about how a Scout is Clean. Came up with the phrase 'Trash Bash', basically another a-thon without the 'a-thon' part. Thinking it could be a contest to see who could collect the most trash. Most of the pure garbage would just be thrown out, cleaning up our streets, but the glass bottles and aluminum cans could be sold to the city for recycling purposes.
  7. I was recently going over Personal Fitness merit badge with my Troop, and thought about having a Fitness-a-thon. You know, kind of like a walk-a-thon; scouts would go to family and friends and ask for donations based on how many pushups/situps/etcetera that they could do. Works for other badges, too, like Swimming or Cycling.
  8. That McDonalds, it's not real food. Just balls of meat and bread overcooked with grease. Yuck!
  9. Sounds like Rangers at Philmont, lmbo! (This message has been edited by a staff member.)
  10. I've recently been interested in getting a trailer for my Troop, and the only things that keep coming up in my searches are a bunch of RVs. Anyone know of any site to go to for getting trailers for storing purposes, only? If it's possible, a trailer with some Scouting emblems on it?
  11. Well, even for those who think they are in pretty good shape, here's a personal story. I've roughly stayed around 171 lbs. since wrestling in high school, but when I went to Philmont, I dropped 15 lbs. Then I gained about 10 back from the Taste of Chicago. Then, two years later, I did OATC, and dropped 20. Again, gained most of it back; stupid Taste. Finally, this past summer, I went on OA Voyage: not just walking around, but getting a great upper body workout. At the start, I weighed about 185. At the end, I dropped to 158, an almost 30 lb. difference! Since then, I've only gained bac
  12. And how do I know who my IH and COR are, if neither of them is my priest?
  13. Walking is an extremely great thing to do. When you are a goo 50-100 lbs. overweight, you don't want to go running, because that will burn off glycogen, and just make you more hungry. Similar to the effects of swimming. But if you walk outside at a moderate pace (not fast) for half an hour in the morning and half an hour at night, your weight will steadily drop. If you really want it to fly off, I suggest the Magnificent 7 from Matt Furey's Combat Abs (Yeah, I know the name sounds scary, but it's stuff that works). Another option is hill walking. Walk down a hill and up it normally. The
  14. Thanks for any prayers. But I gotta just say, it's really easy to say that it's Satan's work at hand, and just as easy to say that it's God's work at hand. But no one on this planet will ever completely know for sure. Atleast I consulted a priest before anything else. Does money always have to be about greed and joining Satanic forces? What exactly is the right thing in this situation? It's too bad that no man in the world can really say, as God is God, and man is man. In the end, I guess I'll just have to follow my own heart. Let's hope I'm right.
  15. Well, the difference between a brothel and this place is that, if anyone does hook up, they are unable to do so in the bar. They have to go home for anything like that. And who knows; maybe I might reach out to someone with my views. Whether I work there or not, there will still be someone that will end up working there. As one of my friends put it, I'm 'robbing' them and putting money into my wallet. And as SAGReagan put it, my economic situation (which, I just found out, has been put into an even greater risk) supercedes my stance on morality. After all, my priest (of the Church that m
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