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  1. In the ROCS applications, there are forms for scholarships. As far as OA Trail Crew is concerned, I know that Sections and Lodges will sometimes offer scholarships. My Section in VA usually hands out $200 to each lodge for OA High Adventure. Most of the time we only have one person a year going, so he gets all $200. It might be worth talking to a Lodge Chief or a Section Chief in Maine to find out of they're offering any money.
  2. As a youth I was always in the unfortunate circumstance to allow my budget to dictate my opportunities in scouting. As with most scouts, I considered Philmont to be one of the top highlights of scouting, but I could never afford to go. In 2007 I actually went for $200 as a participant in the OA Trail Crew Program. I figured a lot of people have always wanted to go or knew a scout that wanted to go but did not know of the special treks and the various opportunities to go to Philmont for cheap. The OA Trail Crew program is a $200 program that allows arrowmen from across the country to get t
  3. I've searched through a lot of the posts on the forum and I realized that it would probably be a good topic to bring back up. I went through the OA Trail Crew program at Philmont and had a phenomenal time. During the summers of 2009 and 2010, I worked as an OA Trail Crew Foreman, actually leading crews throughout the summer. If someone knows an arrowman who is looking for a great way to spend two weeks in Scouting's Paradise, they should definitely check out this program. The week of trail building not only brings together arrowmen from all across the nation but teaches teaches them the i
  4. http://www.campshenandoah.org/ We constantly get troops from the Tidewater region so that they can escape the humidity and the heat. This summer was the chilliest summer; it seemed like fall. Check out the site!!
  5. as a member of a rival camp I resent that statement . . . although NCAC's camp is in my council. If we were to do something to Goshen it would have at least have been funny. Our camp did get some nice publicity since newspapers thought that our camp was the infected one. All their reporters came and we showed them our beautiful camp.
  6. Weather report - Today, partly cloudy, with a chance of rain, clearing by this evening Someone went into my tent, took everything and replaced it with exact replicas . . . I want my stuff back
  7. I heard Camp Shenandoah is a lot better I have a couple of buddies that work there and we get into it about which camp is better . . . but seriously, Shenandoah . . .it's only an hour and a half away
  8. I started a thread in the OA section of the forums with some response. I figured there would be a bigger audience in here. From your experiences at summer camp does your lodge or the OA make an appearance at your camp? Do they only have an ice cream social or does the OA try to do something everyday? Is there anything that you'd like to see the OA do?
  9. KCC, at our camp, our Camp Chief is appointed by the lodge, volunteering for the job while serving another position. my brother was camp chief and a FYC instructor. It was certainly difficult but not impossible. Our camp is playing the "underfunded" card to the point where we can't have a guy completely devoted to OA @ camp
  10. Our Lodge is in its thrid year of exercising a program called OA Everyday At Camp. Everyday we try to do something that will get the OA name out there and make the OA more evident inscouting. We haven't done anything to take over or replace the camp program, but something to supliment it. This year we are doing a service corps at our camp. An OA member on staff will lead wiling arrowmen from 4-6 to go about camp and do some service project. Those who attend every work session will recieve some sort of recognition . . . we haven't figurede that out. I was kind of curisous to see what other lodg
  11. Kitchkinet, From attending my section's conclave and from observing the website of SR7B, I have learned that each year the host lodge will try to one up the past lodge. Because of such competiton, great results would come. But for real, Go to Conclave. Most people in my lodge believe that Conclave is the best non-national event in scouting. Whether your lodge partakes in "SPIRIT" or "ACTIVITES" there will definitley be something to go for. The training sessions are in theory better and more informative, taught by experts from other lodges. Training sessions can range from Youth opport
  12. One thing that is kinda weird is finding out who says "this is a repeat after me song" vs. "All you have to do is repeat after me" anyway, my personal favorites are: Found a peanut (the key is to repeat it and then have appointed staff members to chase you off the stage" My Hands on myself My Ding-a-Ling (it's been banned at my camp, but if I have a chance to do it somewhere else I will)
  13. THE SR7A CONCLAVE IS THIS WEEKEND AND I AM STOKED!!!!!!! I really think Conclave is one of the best events in Scouting and it's always one of the most fun times in my scouting career. My lodge is taking 76 delegates which is pretty big considering we were taking about 20 socuts almost 6 or 7 years ago. I figure other sections are having their conclave and it would be interesting to hear what happens in other parts of the country.
  14. We have four chapters and each year two of them are responsible for a lodge event. each year our one day of service and winter banquet are rotated and it is the responsibility of the chapter to plan the event. Our chapters have progressviely gotten more active. Some are coordinating their own service days and camping trips. My chapter has continued to do a barbeque meeting every may.
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