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  1. "So do yourself a favor and think about what you are defending and the consequences of your words - today - not tomorrow - not when you're old - and certainly not when youre standing before God" "Dont make the mistake of thinking that Hes willing to be contrary to Himself so to accommodate your ignorance or your unwillingness to know and love Him" Well, you have just opened up a can of worms, because I am really offened. I am NOT Ignorant! The whole time when I was reading your post my mouth dropped open, and I was astounded by what you were say. I can not believe that a god fearing person like yourself, who if I'm correct is supposed "Love Thy Neighbor" is not loving thy neighbor because of their sexual preference. I am a god fearing person. At this point in my life I couldn't know god anymore than I already do. I know his words, and I know what is "right" and what is "wrong" but what you have to understand is that Homosexuality was put on this earth by God. I am a strong believe in predestination, and I believe that God knows everything about us before we even how to wiggle our toes. And in my opinion, god is testing us all! Yes, yes I know the story of Sodom and Gomorah, and I know the consequences of their choice. BUT you have to look at it from my point of view, if God knew what we are going to become, and how we would turn out, he is testing us on how we react to what happens, and what he puts in front of us. Yes I know that not everyone will follow his word. Who is to judge what is "nartural" or "un-natural"? BUT you can't judge anyone for what they are. The only judge of us is God. And if we believe that homosexuality is right, and we believe that you can love anyone you feel to love without hating the rest, then you will be put before God and he wil love you for that! It upsets me, when you say that me being a God Fearing person is moving in the wrong direction! My beliefs are my beliefs and you have no say in if I'm moving in the wrong direction! You Said: "Have you ever consider the possibility that God is not who you think He is?" Yes I have! Things happen in peopel's lives where they have no choice but to ask that question! Yes I do know that he is a forgiving god, and he will not let me lose faith again. He will not steer me in the wrong direction. So how dare you say I am "unwilling to love and know God!" My beliefs are MY BELIEFS! Yours are yours. But for you to say that I am moving in the wrong direction, for "Loving my Neighbor" and supporting something I truely believe in, makes you just as bad as you say I AM!(This message has been edited by CrewGirl1024)
  2. Well, what can I tell you about Iowa. It really isn't a bad place. It is a nice place for families and kids. It's not a typical Big State with lots of people. Cedar Rapids (My neck of the Woods) is about 120-130,000 people and actually it is very comfortable. Des Moines is a little bigger and is more a "big city" Des Moines is Iowa's New York City! We have quite a bit to do actually. We have lots and lots of parks and recreational places. It's just a nice place to be. And yes, I'm sorry to say that we get quite a bit of snow in the winter and pretty hot temps in the summer. But I'm tellinh you, you can not find a more beautiful place to look at during the fall!
  3. I'm sorry, but I find that rediculous. If a scout does their job, and works hard and does everything they can, then why not give them the chance to advance. But if something comes up and they is suspect or accused or being bisexual or homosexual they can no longer advance and is revoaked from the BSA. If you ask me being a role modle does not mean the advocate becomes exactly the same. People can be a role modle and be a great role modle even if they are gay. I just want yall to know that I'm not trying to argue...I'm just confused that's all.
  4. So basically there membership will be revoaked for being gay and for not being gay. Bisexuality is not homosexuality. I agree with you that being in the BSA is a priviledge. I do not have any arguments with that.
  5. This came to my attention in another thread of this forum, but since Bisexuality is not Homosexuality is it "accepted" or "rejected" from scouting? I mean it is not full blown homosexuality then should the Council have any say in if the scout can advance or become leaders?
  6. "Bisexuality is perverted lust." OMGosh I could not disagree with you more! I can't believe thoes words actually came out of your mouth. Who's to say that bisexuality is just a lesser form of homosexuality and can't be controlled? Who's to say that it can be controlled?
  7. I am a girl and I am in Venturing. Plus I am also president of my Venture Crew. I do not understand why people wouldn't want girls in the venturing program. Personally what I think it is all aot is that boys are affraid to have a girl be in scouting. Girls are supposed to sell cookies and do the girl things, and they do not think that they can go camping and hiking and all the other stuff boy scouts do. In my Crew we have one girl has gotten the Ranger Award. Now I don't know about you but that is pretty darn good. Why not let a girl have the same opportunities as boys? About the whole co-ed/camp out stuff. Everyone knows that it is in the by-laws that you can not have co-ed buddies, and that someone of one gender and not be in the living quartes of the other gender. Actually my crew didn't have its own by-laws so me and the vice president of my crew (who is a boy) wrote them ourselves. And we made it very clear that the co-ed buddies were not allowed! Being a girl in the Boy Scouts of America really makes me enjoy it even more. I'm doing something not alot of people know about. I don't think that just being a girl should have any say it whether or not we are capable of doing something.
  8. So do you think that the Boy Scouts of America vs. Dale Trial was wrong or right? Personally I think it is really sad that if people are gay and in scouts they have to hide it. That is basicall saying that you are ashamed of who you are. Why make someone hide a lifestyle? Why make someone Hide what they believe and what they are just to protect themselves? What I hate is that people refuse to accept homosexuals. But the thing is Homosexuality has been around for so long, that it should be time that people realize that it IS NOT going away! By making it so Gays can't join scouting is just like segregating the blacks and whites. They get the harrasment, and negativeness that went on in the 50s and 60s and 70s. Why try to change things when it is alot easier to accpet them?? Why can't people realize that not all gays are pedophiles and little boy rapest. Sometimes you can learn alot from a gay person. Look to you left....look to your rigth? How do you know if the person that would be sitting next to you is gay or not? You don't! Someone can be the coolest person in the world. And have everything that you've ever wanted...but you come to find out they are gay and then you want nothing to do with that person anymore. Do you think that is morally right? Of Course not! Why judge someone if you have no control over them? I got a letter from my council a while back saying that they were not going to have a certain county belonging to a chapter anymore. Mainly because this county has an extrememly large gay population. Why punish people for things beyond there control? Accept some one for who they are! NOT who they sleep with!
  9. Our Crew's theme is Native American Lore. We do Native American Dances at different Scouting events and for different places around town!
  10. Can any Youth in Venturing who fit those standards try for this? I mean are there strict regulations besides those?
  11. Okay, As President of my crew I want to get people interested in the crew! But is it bad to get people in other Venture crews intrested in my Venture! It was an accident! I mean we were talking and he wanted to give mine a try...Can you be in more than one crew?
  12. How did you find your religion? I was actually born into the Catholic religion. My dad was Catholic and my mom was Christian (Disciples of Christ) But things went wrong before I was baptized and I was raised DOC. So I guess you could say I have been this religion pretty much my whole life! My family had always been DOC and Was there a specific moment or person who brought you to your current religion? I have gone to church all my life. I hardly miss a Sunday Worship. But I think the person that really got me going was my great-grandma. I rmember I stayed over at her house every Saturday and went to Church every Sunday! Me personally I do not think that my Religion is the "One, True Faith" religion. I think that all religions are important and all have something different to give! Yes there is something about each religion that is differeent, but actually we are alot alike. I personally don't think I have ever been taught the Christian (Disciples of Christ) is the " One, True Faith"
  13. Hello- Okay, From personal experience with working with My Cousins pack, you have to sings songs that they will enjoy! FUN ACTION songs or songs that they can move to!(ex: "Going on Bear Hunt") Kids like doing those! And if you have a leader that will do it with them, then that is even better! After you get those out of the way then you can sing more down to earth songs if you want! For the skits, Also do fun ones that the boys can get crazy with!
  14. I was just wondering if anyone had any tips for fund-raising. Right now my crew only has 2 "fund-raising" activities and we are looking for more ideas. If you all could help out that would be great!
  15. Thank you Guys for all your help! Like I have said before I am semi-new at this and just need a little boost in a few areas. I really am proud of how much I have worked and I don't want to stop. The one thing I regret is starting so late in my youth! Yes College is coming up on me fast and I know for fact that I can still be involved because I think it is 2 or 3 people in my Crew are in College and they still come down for events and meetings! I really appreciate all the help!
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