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  1. tnx - I've seen and have all similar words for our Eagle COH. My main topic and subject of the discussion, is where all of these texts tend to mix the title words, and therefore it becomes very difficult to track which words go with which content. ie - You call it your Charge - but use "I challenge" in the text. Also - the Eagle Scout "swearing in" you call the "pledge" which now makes it a count of 3 - Promise, Oath, Pledge... All in all - it's hard to reconcile what is meant by reviewing past program handouts (not the full script) where you have one line entry for the ceremony element.... Eagle Scout Promise -> or Eagle Scout Oath -> or Eagle Scout Charge -> it's just an issue when attempting to bring all the parts together like a kit - and you have the basic kit inventory, but you have no idea what is now meant by "insert Eagle Scout Charge" But lastly - we now have in our hands a couple of previous scripts and can break out the elements and use them as needed, now that we have the entire doc, along with the supporting program handouts.
  2. I've been going over our troop's past Eagle COH docs and also have browsed the web looking for info to reconcile some wording conflicts.... Challenge vs Charge vs Promise vs Oath Eagle Scout Challenge - 5 obligations listed in text - this appears to be distributed with Eagle Award packets BSA 58-900, but I've never seen one in person.... is it actually printed and referenced as "The Eagle Scout Challenge" ? Eagle Scout Charge - some intro text followed by the Promise/Oath... just local text ? Eagle Scout Promise/Oath - which to call it ? I guess the biggest confusion came from some websites that have the "Challenge" text, but title it as the "Charge" - we will ignore them, and go with "Challenge" ?
  3. well - as I've been told - The "SCOUT" ends at age 18... along with the "Scout version" of the uniform... with rank patches, MB sash, etc My entire point is that regarding Scouts who are 18yrs old... or recently older... Therefore, his "uniform" could be that of an adult leader, which of course is a "uniform", but the entire presentation is totally different.... knots vs patches, no sash, etc Again - at a COH, especially an ECOH, what's the "rule" for scouts over 18 ? Scouting is probably the only organization where you can't wear your old uniform as part of your heritage, or to reflect your alumni status..... vs HS, College, Army, etc (This message has been edited by ps56k)
  4. We've had several of these cases, Eagle Scout Ceremony with scouts that are 18, and in my opinion - I don't agree with the decisions regarding not wearing of the uniform... The Eagle ceremony is the classic opportunity to showcase what scouting is all about. To have an 18yr old Eagle Scout standing up front, in full uniform makes a powerful statement. To have these young men "dress-down" to a common suit does nothing to stimulate the other scouts in the audience, as well as the the other invited guests.... In my opnion, Scouting does itself a major dis-service to not have "alumni 18yr old scouts" or those appearing in a advancement ceremony wearing their full Scout uniform. Actually - I was thinking of an Eagle ceremony with some of the older (18+) scouts in full uniform and the entire ceremony, color guard, and presenters were all in uniform and Eagle Scouts... As I tell my son - you may have "been" on the swim team, "been" on the track team, or a member of the National Honor Society - but you will always "BE" AN EAGLE SCOUT... present tense - forever -
  5. We just started working with our older scouts (Crew) with regard to them getting their Scuba Open Water certification. Here is a Scuba forum, that has an area for discussing Scouting & Scuba http://www.scubaboard.com/forumdisplay.php?f=204
  6. We have been using Troopmaster for awhile, and last summer upgraded to the Troopmaster 2005. We usually created a backup and emailed it around to the necessary adults. This last fall we added the DotNet option, which is basically a remote file "checkin-checkout" storage area for downloading & uploading the Troopmaster database backup file. Anyway - we also discovered the vendor has a discussion forum which you might find helpful. http://forum.troopmaster.com/
  7. we use the printout from Troopmaster for the MB's vs hand writing them on an advancement form. This was regarding two advancement forms for: Eagle Palm (her son) First Class (her son)
  8. I wonder why there is a signature line with a line for "title". The Advancement Committee book - #33088D - on page 29 lists the basic reqs of a BOR which has from 3 to 6 members of the Troop Committee.... not just available parents. Yeah - it's counter-producttive, but that's the black and white.
  9. Quick questions on the classical BOR - I was elected to pick up the awards for our upcoming COH. One thing that came up at the Scout Store was the signature on the Advancement Forms was of a mom of a Scout. http://www.scouting.org/forms/34403.pdf Ok - review & comment time.... (1) We have the same person acting as BOR chair, sorta like a position on the committee. Does this "position" actually exist ? She thought she had to sign every advancement form on the left line where is asks for "title". (2) She signs all the advancement forms, and precides over all the BOR's. Is this how you do it, or do you just need 3 bodies - and they sign the form ? Who is the "chairman" as listed in the procedures copied below... "Troops/Teams. All Boy Scouts or Varsity Scouts ready for advancement must appear personally before a board of review composed of at least three members. An advancement report must be sent to the council service center immediately following each board of review. This report must be signed by at least three members of the board of review, including its chairman. (3) She had her son listed on the BOR advancement form, with 2 other signatures (4) Can any parent be grabbed for a BOR that does not have their son, or do they have to be only registered committee folks ? Seems a waste, as we would have to "register" them just for a BOR ? Any other comments ? (This message has been edited by ps56k)
  10. Was at the scout store today, and I guess with all the structured scouting forms, these are just messed up a little - Mile Swim - no app, have card & patch Snorkeling - app, card, patch Scuba - app, no card, but have patch So - for Mile Swim - present card, get patch Also - since nothing is available to hand in, they suggested adding the names to the advancement form...
  11. We have our COH coming up, and will be presenting a few extra aquatics awards from summer camp - BSA Mile Swim BSA Snorkeling BSA Scuba The Mile Swim folks already have their card. The Snorkeling folks already have their card. The Scuba folks have a paper form. So - for consistency, to get their cards and patches, I went looking for the application forms for all three.... I could not find an application form for the Mile Swim, only the other 2 awards. Is there an application form for Mile Swim ?
  12. here's an update on our 14 yr old Scout... who has gone to JLTC, wanted to staff at JLTC, but had a conflict with Jamboree, and melted at Jambo 2005 - Here is an email that was exchanged within our Troop. -- He has had over a year to work on 2 MB's + Eagle Project. Much to my disappointment, I think he has succumb to the 14+ syndrome. You reach that point where you have achieved First Class, and all the MB's that are served up on a platter via troop or MBU clinics, but still need some things on your own.... but have never done that on your own. Also - there is no need for you to attend any Troop/Crew meetings or outings since those yield no "results" for your advancement... why bother. And the external influences and older troop peers do not reinforce interest or attendance to even those special events like COH's. When was the last time the troop has seen Life Scouts (soon to be awarded Eagle) Alex, Nick, Adam, Will, or Ted - without having to kick them out for causing trouble. Who else portrayed the Scout image better than Paul M. when he was wearing his full uniform at COHs. He no longer gets anything from Scouting, and when he has tried with teaching camping skills or being SPL, he has done it alone with the rest of the leadership team off in a back room or fighting with sticks.... Now - he is doing things that are appreciated, recognized, and building his self esteem/image. He is ref'ing soccer games for the Park District every Saturday, swimming on the YMCA swim team (last year he made District & State) and later will swim on the NNHS swim team. In the spring, he will try to leverage his 1st, 2nd, 3rd track records for NNHS. Plus - emotionally, he has gone thru a spring time girlfriend, a summer time girlfriend, etc... Sad to say - Scouting at this point has little to offer him...
  13. Nope - he actually worked for and received all the blue/red 2005 rockers to go around his youth jambo 2005 patch. These he found while walking - they are "vertical" with a very slightly concave top as if to be fan'd out, or bottom round, from a central round patch.
  14. our scout came home from the Jamboree with a couple of small vertical segments/rockers that we can't identify.... Any ideas on what they are ?? They are vertical strips about 1/4" wide and 1" long - with these words : Passport Search Patrol Flags Conservation Good Turn Patrol Challenge Arena Show
  15. hey, I don't mind - I like patches but in this case... there's no room to put the POR patch ! like SPL, ASPL, PL, or SM, ASM, etc -
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