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    The 'New OA'?

    Well i think this my first new post in over a year. Adult women in the OA does not disrupt the program in the least. Some of the best advisers in my lodge have been women. Now as for girls being admitted, that is a different story, and hopefully one we will never have to deal with.
  2. VAordeal

    Pennsylvania / Maryland Camp Reviews

    Well first off, Ockanickon is sort of over rated but thats just my opinion. Sinoquipe is in PA not MD and i only remember it because of my 1st year expereince there. I honestly cant reccomend it. The walk from your tents to program is far to long, but since i never was able to pick badges there i cant really say much. If your looking into MD i would say Camp Henson would be a nice selection.
  3. VAordeal

    Summer Camp schedule-fill it up or leave free time?

    Here is another Scout's perspective on this matter. I am in a unit where our leaders expect us to fill up every spot and get really ticked off at us if they think we are doing anything not related to meirt badges. If we arent doing that we are supposed to be helping with the construction of a "troop gateway..." In my opinion many scout leaders arent aware that in their goal of having their kids get loads of badges they are turning many away from the scouting program. Some parts of the schedule should remain free. Part of summer camp isnt just earning badges but having fun with old and new friends. Also, i dont think some Scouters are aware of how mad or annoyed their scouts get at them. When we have adults constantly pressing us with demands to take some badge or another, it gets very frustrating. Im not saying i dont like to badges. I love it, just some time needs to be kept for doing whatever.
  4. VAordeal

    Conclave 2006

    good luck dealing with the ACLU!
  5. VAordeal

    Conclave 2006

    next month i head up to NE4C's conclave, i have never been but it sounds awesome.
  6. VAordeal


    congrats! Its really great hearing about people who really exemplify what the OA is all about.
  7. VAordeal

    Beaver Patrol?

    My patrol is called the beaver patrol...but i dont think its us...congrats!
  8. VAordeal

    Age descrimination

    Greetings and welcome to the forum. I believe that the SM probobly feels that your son is to young. I am in a troop where if you are not eagle by 15, some would consider you a failure. But i have a friend in another troop who is in a similair situation. Almost identical actualy. He resolved it in the end but the whole reason his SM wouldnt sign was because he felt my friend was too young to make eagle. I would be willing to bet that this is the reason in your son's case. Good luck to you and him.
  9. VAordeal

    Scouting and the comics

    haha! i was just about to post the big nate ones when i noticed that you beat me to it fgoodwin! Well todays big nate features him attempting to sell calanders for his troop- here ya go http://www.comics.com/comics/bignate/(This message has been edited by VAordeal)
  10. VAordeal

    A little different

    Congrats! Sounds like a great outcome!
  11. VAordeal

    I go through Brotherhood tonight!

    Ok, i feel kinda dumb! One night has past and i have already forgotten the answer to the chief's question. If a a fellow Brotherhood member could send it to me though private message, I'd appreciate it. I can describe the ceremony and other stuff to prove that i am a member, if you dont trust me. Thank you.
  12. VAordeal

    I go through Brotherhood tonight!

    hmm...i never thought about that. I think i will just keep this name though! Yeah you guys were right the ceremony was a really good one. I just need to get the script at my next ceremony meeting. I'm getting bored with doing the pre-ordeal.
  13. I just thought i would share that tonight, 11 months after my Ordeal, i make Brotherhood at my district's camporee! I am really looking forward to it. DB Amangamek Wipit 470 WWW
  14. VAordeal

    How to recruit for the ceremonies team

    its funny that you should post this topic, I am currently in the process of recruiting new guys for my chapter's ceremonies team. It is a hard task. The only semi-decent way to do it seems to be emails or by good old fashioned snail mail.
  15. funny, i am not having any trouble now. I posted that message in January. Are you sure you have the admonition spelled correctly?