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  1. Need guidance please

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    • With the merger of Boston-Minuteman council and Yankee Clipper, there was a special council strip that was offered for a while that included the town, a reference to the old town strip that is alluded too.  It was listed under the council strip.  It looks nice done that way. This is what it roughly looked like.
    • There's a reason I called it a "challenge." No adults want to be accused of not delivering on the promise of scouting. The UC in this thread might have an advantage in that this is a new unit. He might not if these are old scouters wanting to run things "better" than their former unit did.
    • 1)  Look up and contact your Scout District Advancement Chair.  This is a volunteer position that every Scout District should have.  If not that specifically, then the District Chair or District Commissioner, both of whom should be listed on your Council Website.  The District Advancement  Chair, if he/she is able and lucky, will have a Merit Badge Dean.  This person  (another volunteer Scouter!) is in charge of  keeping track of the available, certified, signed up MBCounselors in your District, and can connect with other Districts to refer to their MBCounselors. 2) Any adult can register as a MBCounselor. Anyone.  Ideally, they should be knowledgable and experienced in the topic, but this is not necessarily required.  Your Sailing Camp would profit by having a Sailing/Rowing/Canoeing MBCounselor or two on staff.  Any Scout could then refer to them for that MB. Nice !  3) It is easy to register as such, contact the local (to the camp !) Scout District.  The person fills out three pieces of paper, does about an hour and a half of online training at their own pace, and presto, a new MBCounselor ! No money involved,  it's free.  You are a MBCounselor forever, as long as you keep your Youth Protection up to date and counsel a few Scouts every so often. Oh, and email the MBDean of the District occasionally.  4)  A MBCounselor can work with one Scout (with the appropriate YP Chaperoning), at their own appointment, or  with a group at a MBDay or MBCollege scheduled by the District/Council (depending on the appropriateness of the MB) or with any number on their own scheduled occasion.   Check with the District honchos. "It depends". 5)  Very often, MBs happen when they happen.  Certain ones just lend themselves to Summer Camp, for instance.   Somebody in the Troop will cry out for a "Chess" MBCounselor, an adult will step up, presto ! A chess tournament is scheduled thru the District !  Wunderbar !  6)  The Scoutmaster, as has been mentioned, may not limit a Scout's access to a registered MBCounselor.  Or limit the requirements. Or redefine the requirements.  If he/she has questions as to IF the Scout actually fulfilled the requirements of a MB, the SM must go thru the District Advancement Chair.  That question concerns the fitness of the MBCounselor, not the Scout.  A properly  signed Blue Card is all the Scout needs. 7) USUALLY (usually) it is not a good thing for the parent to be the MBCounselor. If the parent takes that responsibility, then be sure to Counsel many Scouts, not just "one".   Gain the reputation of being a good MBCounselor for all Scouts, yes?  Oh yes...  buy the MBBook, or print out the PDF if you prefer, but do not depend on online worksheets. Answering those questions, filling out those blanks is NOT fulfilling the requirements. The worksheet  may help the Scout organize things, but they are NOT the MB.  Many home school folks use the MBBooks as middleschool curricula.    Good scouting to you. See you on the trail !
    • Any good advice on how to do so?
    • @Treflienne, your daughter has some good quotes to work from! Kids usually get it. The challenge is to convince scouters that it's more fun to make good on the promise of scouting than dole out bling.
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