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Message from the Moderators re: links

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To:  All members of Scouter.com:


In various active and recent threads in Issue and Politics, members have posted links to a video produced by BSA National on the subject of Making Scouting Accessible to Today's Families (a/k/a increasing opportunities for girls in the BSA), as well as a survey on the same subject.  The moderators have been asked to remove all links to the survey, on the grounds that it was intended that the survey link be provided by councils, only to persons who have first watched the video. The moderators have declined to remove these links.  


We do agree, however, that the survey questions will not be well-understood without first having watched the video, which is introduced by the BSA National Commissioner and features the Chief Scout Executive, Michael Surbaugh.  The moderators therefore strongly suggest that if you have not already taken the survey but plan to do so, you first watch the video so that you will be fully informed about the issues in the survey.


The Moderator Team

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