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  1. And Mrs. Lauria's firm has how many attorney's that can attend to matters on Friday in her absence?
  2. Is there court today? I'm not getting anything when I log in
  3. I did not find the insurers witnesses to be very likeable - or was it just me?
  4. I am not fast, but I am slow! How does the article about a settlement with the RCCAHC that states they will negotiate a settlement and a previous statement that the RCC would be paid 1.5 mil for their legal fees and not have to pay in dovetail here? I need some explaining!
  5. I've had to get printed for an adoption background check, another youth-serving organization, being a CASA guardian ad litem, and for my State of Texas counseling license. I think a thumb print was taken for my driver's license. This past December, my family and I went to Disney/Universal. Universal scanned a finger to expedite re-entry into the park. After all my previous scans, their technology said I had no fingers! I was allowed to use my driver's license!
  6. The nine TCC members receive no compensation and would probably like to move along with their personal lives. They are strictly volunteers.
  7. The TCC is only paid while the TCC "exists." Each attorney is paid their usual hourly rate and the firm has stated that they will give 10% of their earnings to the trust for the survivors.
  8. I was watching court this morning but got there after Lauria started her address to the court. For all the hooplah, I thought I was going to see a multipage email instead of a copy of a Tweet!
  9. I'll have to go check that out! The debtors made it sound like it was pages and pages long and scathingly derogatory.
  10. Does anyone have a copy of the nasty email that the TCC is being accused of sending out on behalf of Kosnoff? How bad is it really?
  11. Well said, @MattR. I understand rules. I interpret them for a living with those that are mainly in their "extended adolescence" known as college. I have to muck around in the gray a lot. Did you violate the alcohol policy by having one beer on campus? Yep! Is it worse if you had thee 18-packs plus four bottles of liquor? Yep! The second scenario gets a more stern penalty. My hope is that this young man in question does do right by his child and the mother. Hopefully, his final SM conference included some good parenting advice...and perhaps the Family Life Merit Badge needs to add a requiremen
  12. I'm interested in how all of you think of 18-20-year-olds. We now have to register them as adults and refer to them as "adult participants" in Venturing and Sea Scouting. I found these definitions in the BSA Rules and Regulations definitions: Adult. Unless otherwise stated, the word “adult” refers to a person 18 years of age or older. Scouter. A Scouter is an adult who registers with the Boy Scouts of America at the local, area, region, or national level; fulfills the obligations of his or her position; obligates himself or herself to subscribe to the Scout Oath; and agrees to abi
  13. If your Crew officers are over and under 18 and are communicating privately about an outing or event, all will be well. But when the communication becomes personal or goes off track, those over 18 will be held to the adult standard of no one-on-one communication. I'm still trying to figure out how Crews and Ships are supposed to develop friendships among themselves when an 18-20-year-old can be defined so many ways in the definitions used by the BSA in their official document but use the term "adult leader" in YPT. It is no longer worth the hassle if a youth has to choose between their friend
  14. Better A, and if not then B! These two incidents just struck me as odd. By explanation, that they were treated so differently in the same Council. Don’t we have something about morally straight in the Oath? I guess if we are going to be accepting of everyone, then anything goes now.
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