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  1. makes me feel sorry for anyone who doesn't live where they get to see the vibrant reds, fiery oranges, and golden yellows of autumn.
  2. ??? Pardon the French, but what the Flip-Flap are these people doing? What exactly did Edwin J. Harron spend 2 full weeks of work time doing that could possibly be worth $100,000? Is the case any closer to being settled? Are the survivors any better off? I know that the hourly rates incorporate a host of expenses (overhead, secretaries, rent, "lights-on" costs, payroll, chauffeur, PR, insurance and employee benefits, retirement contributions, vacation house in the Hamptons, etc.), but $800/hr.? $1,000/hr.? No wonder there had been comments once upon a time comparing those in this profess
  3. Are you serious? (Given the tone of many of your posts, I think it is a legitimate question. 😉) It's over 20 pages long, and not just that--it's over 20 pages of legalese. mama mia!
  4. @Scouting412 Welcome! It took me a second to figure out your name, but then I got it - Pittsburgh, 412 - area code. It's been a while since I saw 412... Anyway, I don't have any fabulous advice or anything (mostly I'm waiting for the coffee to kick in). You'll find a wide range of experiences and advice on this forum. Welcome to the campfire. Find a seat (camp chair, bench, tree stump), and help yourself to some coffee (or one of qwazse's espressos).
  5. Another possibility is the weather. They were calling for winter storms that could affect safe travel/driving in Delaware.
  6. ?? Wouldn't that have been part of the vetting process? Also, I seem to recall something about [some group--possibly lawyers?] wanting the BSA to release its current & historic rosters.
  7. @ThenNow It's good to see, um, read, you again. I've missed your colorful commentary and various pop culture/film/literary references!
  8. https://www.nj.com/news/2021/11/2-nj-boy-scout-councils-selling-camps-to-pay-for-sexual-abuse-settlements.html Patriots Path Council is selling Sabattis, their high adventure camp, and Jersey Shore Council is also selling some property.
  9. If they are making sure DE&I is truly "ingrained at every level," is the MB truly needed? I wonder if they will also add explicit DE&I requirements for each rank from Cub up through Eagle?
  10. So, if I read this right, John Lucas says the NJ & PA councils should be giving over 70% of their total assets? Will that leave them with 2 years' worth of operating funds? (I thought that was part of it.) I would be surprised if most non-profits could survive after giving that much. There are many opinions about what percentage of assets should be contributed. Northern New Jersey Council's proposed contribution is over 30% of their total net assets. For those who say LCs should give 'til it hurts, I'm willing to bet it's gonna hurt.
  11. Perhaps the Dread Pirate Roberts is the one to untie the Gordian knot, and since it has been stated the the judge is the person to do the untying, then he would need to be Judge Dredd Pirate Roberts. 😉
  12. egads! I could imagine someone losing a degree of sanity simply from having to complete all of those test and scales and inventories - nevermind being made to think about how this is making you feel or that is making you react. For me, this whole bankruptcy process has felt like it's been dragging on and on and on - and I am not a claimant. I'm glad that you have a therapist and that your therapist wants to take the time to get a good assessment of how you are doing. (I'm not so glad to hear that you are in less-than-stellar shape.) So, @ThenNow - to you and all the other surv
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