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  1. Thanks. Those are a great idea. I just ordered some. We've been making our own out of rubber bands.
  2. I agree people can't seem to figure out how to wear a mask properly. However I think empirical evidence suggests that even poorly worn masks can help prevent transmission. The virus certainly seems to transmit more readily in settings where masks are not worn.
  3. We don't know a lot about Covid in general but the risk of contact transmission appears to be low, especially outside. There has been apparent transmission among youth athletes of sports where no one on one contact or equipment sharing occurs, like tennis. Masks, and as you point out frequent hand sanitizing, still seems to be prudent at this point, which is what I think the OP was asking for opinions on. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/more/science-and-research/surface-transmission.html
  4. There has been outdoors transmission even at outdoors sports practices so I think continued mask wearing for the time being is prudent. Kids forget and don't realize they are standing too close or they are downwind of someone who is infected. By the fall, it sounds like we'll have at least one vaccine available for kids 12 and up so that will also help.
  5. Because we're not seeing headlines that 83,000 claims have been filed against YMCA or B&GC. It's actually more damning of BSA if claims occur in those organizations when they sponsor a BSA program. Consider that YMCA oversees 9 million youth and B&GCs 4 million youth annually compared to BSA.
  6. I'm just thinking of all the small, rural UMC churches in our area who hosted units. Crumbling historic buildings and cemeteries, with small, dwindling congregations of maybe 10 to 15 elderly folks. A $10K ask would put them under. I'm sure it would be handled at a higher level, but then a lot of these congregations would likely be closed and consolidated. The only saleable asset they have would be a parsonage and once you sell that you can't really function.
  7. I'm starting to get really worried about the Methodist church. Far as I know, they don't have a lot of property like the Catholic church.
  8. The key thing with this virus appears to be distance, masking, and ventilation. Resident camps that had kids sleeping in cabins had issues last summer. Scout camps where everyone stayed in their own tent seemed to do surprisingly well. I think there is another layer of it in that the virus does not transmit well in sunny, dry, warm condition in the open air. It does transmit when the opposite is true, which can happen at camp. The rapid testing is not very helpful -- there are a lot of false negatives -- but it is better than a temperature check. You also need to be aware of wind conditions. I
  9. It's not the same argument because you've changed the topic. We're not talking about boy scout fatalities vs. say, youth football fatalities, we are talking about sexual abuse, but it's interesting that you brought it up. Fatalities are also another matrix apart from abuse where scouting also does not fare well in comparison. Youth football incidents have also been tracked since 1931 in reporting similar to BSA's IV files. The difference? Football data has been comparatively transparent, and used to foster ongoing conversations and program modifications. We in BSA had no idea how
  10. You've nailed the attitude that I think is so counterproductive to ever resolving youth protection issues in scouting. There are too many who want to rationalize away the situation because they somehow believe scouting is somehow the victim or that the good that it does is worth the cost of the damage.
  11. I think we've got to stop focusing on one thing. The IV files are just one symptom of a dysfunctional organization. There are a dozen things going wrong.
  12. It's not that any organization is special, it's that scouting creates specific and unique risks. I don't know if you noticed but one of those 4-H reports is from 2007 and the other is not about sexual abuse at all, it's about a bunch of teenage counselors running their own fight club. There are not a plethora of 4-H reports. BSA should be expected to have the gold standard YP program because it is the only youth organization that at least monthly has unrelated adults take unrelated kids off to remote locations without cameras or any other kind of public supervision for lengthy, overnight
  13. BSA is different by nature of what we do with kids and when and where we do it. I think you have to recognize that and understand it as a risk specific to scouting before you can make any headway with understanding why YP is such an issue. There is no huge issue in 4-H. There are very few cases reported involving 4-H leaders. No one's hiding them, they just haven't been reported. I'm sure there are some random adults attached to some random clubs that abused kids, but it's not occurring in the 4-H setting to the degree it does in scouting.
  14. Since when do men and women of character offload responsibility to some government entity? What is scouting about if it isn't about seeing, knowing, and doing the right thing? I am growing impatient with this idea that it is never our fault because it was someone else's responsibility to tell us what to do. We ran the organization. We oversaw the kids. We knew what was happening. It was our job to keep them safe. We failed.
  15. Oy, no. For example, 4-H has significantly more youth members than scouting and you will be hard pressed to find any reports of youth molestation in their ranks. The IV files were an incompetent effort and to some degree they are irrelevant except for the liability insurance question. The claim totals speak for themselves.
  16. I don't think you mean what you are saying here. Because on some level, the IV files did identify and prevent additional abuse beyond the already mind numbing numbers. I don't think you are saying that having 160,000 kids abused would be worth continuing business as usual today. The BSA lost its soul when it did not realize what those growing numbers in the IV files meant.
  17. Many kids do. Have you ever seen the Race to Nowhere documentary? Pretty tragic but it is the reality and is part of what is driving the push to Eagle at all costs in some regions.
  18. I don't think most parents view it that way. For most who are pointing towards a better college, it's an "And?" credential. Meaning, "So, you're 4.0 and you're a National Merit Scholar and you're an elite athlete and you're president of XYZ and you've gotten 5s on al your AP exams and you volunteer for Unified and you're an Eagle Scout... and?"
  19. I think it depends on the school. I'm not so sure. BSA is largely viewed as a white, male enclave. I knew an Eagle Scout who was challenged in an interview when he tried to counter that. He did not get into that school. Maybe some of the Ivy League schools are still traditional enough that it would count but get out among second tier and state schools and it might be a different story.
  20. I think this depends on where you are. I started going into the local districts in the early 2000s and teachers were rarely alone with kids by that point. There was almost always a parent or an aide in the classroom. Open door policies. One on one was often done at desks in hallways. After Sandy Hook, a lot of schools also put in surveillance cameras. School busses have cameras. School grounds have exterior cameras. You might think teachers are alone with kids -- and in some cases they are -- but they are rarely unobserved.
  21. We do need tort reform. On the other hand I would not want to be in Canada or Europe where your kid can be mutilated and you have almost no recourse.
  22. I see what you are saying but in a lot of cases that model is also extremely problematic as we've seen from the cases in the Catholic church. The priest who was part of your family could also be dangerous, even though you thought you knew him well. When you look at where some of the "epidemics" of abuse occur, it's often in areas where perpetrators are able to hide behind a mantle of propriety and respect that their position infers -- scout leaders, priests, other religious figures, physicians, Big Brother/Big Sister, teachers, etc. Of all those positions, only scout leaders routinely get to t
  23. I don't know what that means but what I am taking from all this is that the effort of trying supervise unrelated adults taking unrelated children into the unsupervised out of doors may not, on balance, be a good idea. It just may be beyond the capabilities of the human animal.
  24. I think it also makes it hard to dismiss a lot of these claims as, "In 1940, some Scoutmaster touched my leg and I felt weird". I think some people have been scoffing that these claims would not be serious. I think it also makes it hard to dismiss a lot of these claims as, "In 1940, some Scoutmaster touched my leg and I felt weird". I think some people have been scoffing that these claims would not be serious.
  25. I think one place to look for information is the youth sports world. Youth volunteer coaches and officials are frequently urged to get liability umbrella coverage. I don't see the roles as being much different. Also, I have always wondered about D&O insurance for those who serve on the committee. It's not just who is at the camp out who is liable. The committee can be named in lawsuits as well.
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