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  1. As a board member, I receive council information. Since this chapter 11, the legal counsel requested that we not release any information. Whenever the attorney advises that the information can be released, the council will do so. My actions are in keeping with my obligations as a board member and in keeping with the Scout Law.
  2. The simple answer is no as that information is not mine to release. As a board member who knows that we have to raise the money to operate the council every year, the TCC is not reasonable. The restricted accounts are truly restricted as we have never spent them except for the purposes for which they were given. The current agreement will be damaging but the TCC proposal will end in bankruptcy soon.
  3. My council is being damaged by the proposed settlement. The numbers that the TCC wishes are too high and will result in rather rapid bankruptcy. The councils cannot afford to move all offices from a population center to a camp that is usually remote and an hour or two drive from the current offices. Wanting the TCC plan is wanting to dismantle the whole of Scouting. For those who are victims of abuse, this might be a goal or you do not care which are attitudes that I believe most of us understand and accept. Please understand that there are those of us who wish to see Scouting to move
  4. Presumably to help clarify: 2) as to “automatically removed,” was there comment on notifying law enforcement?;
  5. @ThenNow Remember, people can be removed for many actions. Perhaps a volunteer cursed at a Scout or showed very poor judgment or invited a few boys to his pool. Those people could be kicked out but would not have done something to involve the police. There are reporting guidelines for involving child protective services and the police where a child as made an accusation, where a volunteer has witnessed an action, and a long list of similar things. Mandatory reporting requirements for professionals and volunteers began, if my memory is working, in the 1990's. States began requiring non-pr
  6. The answer is yes. Also, the person may never be allowed back in Scouting even if the case had little evidence and was not pursued by authorities. A close friend served on a committee reviewing appeals by people who felt that they were wrongly removed from Scouting. He told me that the process required the Scout Executive in the council to make a recommendation to reinstate along with a volunteer committee from the council also making that recommendation. The appeal is reviewed at the national council and if they think that it is reasonable, it goes to a regional committee. The regional c
  7. It is important to remember that in the Ineligible volunteer files were actions taken by Scouting without the person having much input. If someone was accused of a bad act, in whatever category, the person could be ejected. There is no right to be a volunteer in Scouting and it is a private organization so it can decide who is a registered member. So there are people who have been removed from Scouting for various reasons who did nothing wrong. They had no hearing, no review of evidence, no fairness in the proceedings. The people may have fought it or appealed without success. Their name
  8. If a new RSA were to be proposed that requested a larger contribution from the councils, the Ad Hoc committee would have a meeting with representatives of all the councils where they would present analysis of the new RSA. At that point, it could be rejected or taken to the individual local council executive committees. If the executive committees pass it, then it goes to the full board for approval. There are minimal time requirements to call a executive committee meeting that are usually a few days. Then minimal notification time requirements to call a full board meeting. So the pr
  9. If there was good evidence or an adult witness, true. In the 1960's, psychologists would say that child had been abused and had repressed memories. The children and psychologists were often said to be making it all up. The debates raged for a number of years until it became accepted that children would usually repress the memories of child sexual abuse. Often children were accused of seducing the almost always male perpetrator. As a youth, I read the newspaper from front to back most days. These cases were of interest to me since the children were often not terribly different in age than
  10. Please understand that in the 1960's and, I presume before, reports of child abuse where oftentimes blamed on the child and not the abuser - seems impossible now. Also, if one referred a case to the police and there was no conviction, there was the possibility of the council being sued for slander. Protection for reporters was not common until the late 1980's and mandatory reporting was not common until the 1990's. The world has changed in many ways since the 1950's when I was born. In many ways, the USA is very different in very many ways. This is just to say that the local councils
  11. I remember when that was the law. Rape, child abuse, and murder could be punished by the death penalty in my state. It resulted in less reporting from what we understand presumably because of the stiff penalties. This is just to say that there can be ramifications to stiffer penalties. Additionally, the removal of SOL has other ramifications. I earned my Eagle in the late 1960's. If I claimed abuse during that time, there are none of the adults to support or refute my claims as they are all dead. It becomes more difficult to find justice. This is not to say that extending the SOL i
  12. Michael Johnson was hired after serving as a detective investigating child abuse cases in Fort Worth. I think he said a 20 year career so he is exactly who you wanted.
  13. So questions to the legal folk. The BSA solely has made policy for youth protection. Local councils were expected to follow national promulgated policies. In the past, the local and national council would be sued together and the insurance would be held by the national council. So questions: 1. If the BSA has been liquidated, could not the councils say that they followed national policies that they had no role in making so they should not be liable for a national policy failure? 2. If the BSA has been liquidated, the local councils will not have access to the insurance compani
  14. If we cannot instill character in the program then it is no longer Scouting. Unlike you appear to be, I am confident that outside experts and experienced volunteers can modify programs to make a safe environment.
  15. Yes, it can be tough to find that balance but it can be achieved. Victor Vieth who was part of the press conference has been very helpful in being strict with policies to protect children while preserving the vital program elements.
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