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  1. Mrjeff, Building character and leadership is the entire reason for Scouting. If the program is executed as designed, then youth will develop character and leadership. Sure didn't realize that on my way to my Eagle years ago but it worked with me and almost all of the other Scouts in my troop regardless of whether they earned Eagle. Camping, hiking, trying and failing, leading, making mistakes, and working through hardships (at least in the eyes of the youth) accomplishes those goals of character and leadership.
  2. Do you all understand that the response that the BSA sends to the media is edited by that media? The media often (usually) omit much of the positive in a response. The BSA cannot compel the news media to pick up a story so getting ahead of stories or getting positive news out to the public is not something that the BSA can control. Everyone seems to believe that positive stories and effective responses are not being made but that is simply not true. The media tells the story that it wants you to consume, not what is true or accurate.
  3. desertrat77, Others have pointed out how information can be twisted and I noted how the media uses very little positive so the BSA is very cautious about what is published to avoid stories being twisted. Also, if the media does not pick up a story, we will never know about it. vol_scouter
  4. From people who would know, the BSA does provide positive, supportive information but the news media usually chooses not to include those comments. The news media seems to have a point of view on many (most?) articles and provides only the information supporting their point of view. When it comes to science topics of which I am familiar or an expert, the news media never gets a story entirely correct. No sure if that is from a point of view or lack of knowledge but it is wrong. The BSA is trying to get positive information out through responses to articles such as this and news articles that the media simply refuses to publish. Advertising has enormous costs.
  5. skeptic, Like you, Beevah presented clever, thought provoking posts. Miss him on here. vol_scouter
  6. There is evidence in the fossil record indicating a much warmer climate in earlier eras that is not disputed in scientific circles. So a warming period could be a natural process or it could be due to anthropomorphic factors or it could be due to both. It is telling that all, including climatologists, say that they 'believe' in climate change (previously global warming until the CO2 levels continued to increase but the 'average temperature' did not). Who funds climate research? Governments. Do those governments fund research that could disprove AGW? No. Do journals accept contrarian views - in general, no. The first world can keep the third world poor by depriving their citizens of energy by buying them off. On any given day, the temperature difference between Mt Everest and Death Valley is ~80° F (~44° C) or even worse if one considers temperatures averaging as low as -76° F in the Antarctic mountains would make the temperature range more than 140° F (~78° C). Considering such large differences in daily temperatures across the globe means that cleaning a daily global average temperature is not valid to the 10th let alone the 100th of a degree C - it is ridiculous. In a large lecture hall, we might talk about the temperature as if it is constant and the same throughout the room. However, simply walking from the floor to the back row demonstrates a temperature gradient as hot air raises. So even the tiny volume, compared to the ground atmosphere, of a large lecture hall does not have an easily definable temperature. One would need many probes throughout the room. Stating an average temperature of the earth is nonsensical. Climate science is not a real science but is an observational science. Science is doing experiments while controlling certain variables but climate science is entirely observational. We cannot control any variable in the climate and observe how the climate changes. We can do that in models, but not experimentally. So it is not a classical science (neither is astronomy, cosmology, and others). So all climate work involves modeling and observing if the models fit the actual changes. Modeling is only as good as the underlying equations. There are 23 major climate models - think about that, there is not one but 23 models who do not all agree. Like the hurricane models where there is considerable differences due to different models using different assumptions. The hurricane predictions are generated by taking a visual average. If models cannot predict near time events, they cannot correctly predict long term events. So when climate models fail to predict near term events, they are not valid. Is there a connection between atmospheric CO2 and temperature? It is likely but it might not be as large an effect as thought. CO2 is about 0.04% of the atmosphere - it is a tiny part. The strongest greenhouse gas? H2O - water. It is very difficult to model H2O so most models do not account for it. Our climate is nearly entirely driven by the sun but sun variances are usually not taken into account. Climate change is more of a religion and is not treated as a science by the scientific community. This is seen by the ridicule even to which the very best scientists are subjected. Science encourages questioning. The high energy physics community had theories other than the standard model and were a little sad that the Higgs boson was found. If climatology was a real science, then it would welcome questions, concerns, and alternate explanations. In science, there does not need to be a consensus statement as the truth becomes obvious. Consensus statements have been notoriously wrong. All that to say that models do not agree and the predictions are not valid to make policy. Should we heed the warnings? Probably a good idea. Should the US destroy its economy, decrease its standard of living while paying the second largest economy and largest polluter, China, as per the Paris accords - does not seem like a good idea to me. vol_scouter
  7. TAHAWK, The BSA still has boys doing Scoutcraft in single gender troops. So the BSA is still fulfilling its congressional charter. Adding single gender girl troops affords more youth the character and leadership development of Scouting. That is good. vol_scouter
  8. No matter what the registration is for 2020 and beyond, I will continue to work with an inner city pack and troop. The youth need Scouting and I am helping to fulfill their needs.
  9. From what I have seen, the BSA has NOT lobbied against changes of the Statute of Limitations (SoL) as is clearly stated in this release: https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/6444251-Boy-Scouts-of-America-Statement-to-USA-TODAY.html that was posted in response to this piece on USA Today https://www.usatoday.com/in-depth/news/investigations/2019/10/02/catholic-church-boy-scouts-fight-child-sex-abuse-statutes/2345778001/. The references in the article by my read are to individuals not working for the BSA who have not agreed with extending the SoL. One has the right to support or oppose legislation as a private citizen while the member of a group without the group asking for one's involvement. That seems to be the case here.
  10. Seems to me that for such an effort to be taken seriously by Scouts, that all of us Scouters need to wear our uniform to work too. Clearly, some people will not be able to do so because of their job requires a uniform or special clothing. I have worn my uniform on rounds at the hospital many times on Scout Sunday with positive responses from my patients, colleagues, and staff. If we as volunteers cannot bring ourselves to represent Scouting, then it is hard to expect our Scouts to do so.
  11. My experience on the council and national levels is that committees are composed of volunteers who have many years of experience. These volunteers are passionate about Scouting and usually examine issues from many viewpoints. Often, at the national level, there are many considerations that affect committee decisions that are outside the particular committee's area responsibility. My experience is that decisions are made carefully with much input and examination. As Wakwib noted, the decisions will never satisfy everyone. Also, the decision that you think that you would make is likely to be different from what you would make if you had all of the information that the national committee had. Vol_scouter
  12. That is great news! Hope that the rest of his youth is spent in Scouting and that he has an outstanding experience! Vol-scouter
  13. It is your son's Eagle Court of Honor so let him decide. They usually want dad in uniform if he has been active in the troop with the soon to be Eagle but it is not always that way.
  14. mashmaster, As of now, I am planning to be there. Vol_scouter
  15. Thrifty, The GSUSA cannot be a member of WOSM but it is a member of WAGGGS. Not certain whether the BSA would be allowed to invite a WAGGGS member to a WOSM event (not taking a side - really have no idea). With the legal action and the decrees from GSUSA, it is not likely that they would have attended whether they could be or were invited. Vol_scouter
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