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  1. Our camp’s most popular merit badge is Chemistry.
  2. Neither is hiking, camping, canoeing, or an particular activity. As you say, the program is in the entertainment business. Children wish to explore their world The most popular merit badges at summer camp are STEM. So if you are trying to say that STEM activities do not attract and entertain children, then you would not be correct. Scouting needs to incorporate STEM activities into the program in a manner to challenge those who are interested but not negatively affect those who are less interested. It is a technique that works and attracts youth.
  3. The TCC has evaluated all council properties so that each council is expected to sell the property for that estimated price. One way or the other, the councils wish to get as much as reasonably possible to pay as much of the contribution to pay the obligation for the chapter 11. Except for the attorneys, there are no winners in this process.
  4. It is fascinating to me that these councils are selling camps prior to Judge Silverstein issuing her judgment in the BSA Chapter 11. Our council will sell a camp to an identified purchaser only if the proposed settlement is actually confirmed but not before. Perhaps the councils feel certain of the Judge's ruling or feel that they are better off with the liquidity no matter the outcome. Just find it fascinating that they are selling now.
  5. @ThenNow Sorry, in my screwy mind, it was clear where the quote lay but no one else would be able to read my mind, especially from a distance! 😂 I should have provided the reference. This excerpt is from a webpage accessed first going to Home - Philmont Scout Ranch High Adventure- Cimarron NM (philmontscoutranch.org) and clicking in the red box near the top of the page to go to https://www.philmontscoutranch.org/cooks-peak-fire-update wherein the quote lies.
  6. As most of you know, the BSA owns over 144,000 acres in the Sanger de Cristo Mountains called Philmont Scout Ranch after the donor, Waite Philips. You might know that there was a bad fire in the middle of the ranch a few years ago. Now, there are other fires in New Mexico that are threatening and have damaged Philmont. As I have kept abreast of the developments, the damage has thus far not been extensive. When I check on the fires, there is a place to donate but there is these statements: Can any of our more knowledgeable forum members provide some enlightenmen
  7. @ThenNow Very well stated. Thank you for outlining the issues in such a manner. To number 1., I cannot see how anyone can argue that the institution has failed to adequately protect youth from predators. As to number 2., your viewpoint will determine your answer. If you were abused and left Scouting, you will have lost and suffered much without seeing the positive aspects of the program. It is not surprising that you feel that it should be dismantled. The vast majority were not abused and, for the most part, had positive experiences so they see the program as important and
  8. @MYCVAStory If this is going to require months more, does that not doom the BSA to Chapter 7? Is there a way that the BSA can exit Chapter 11 before all appeals have been exhausted?
  9. I thought that the UMC and the LDS would be protected forever for claims between 1976 and February 2020. Is that not the case?
  10. The original attorneys (I believe that Lauria was one of them) told the BSA that it would be only 90 days. They indicated the same in front of a few thousand at the National Annual Meeting. The attorneys and the BSA believed based upon history and the ineligible volunteer files that there would be 8,000 to may as high as 12,000 claims. This whole process has been a nightmare for all involved. That is not to in any manner compare the nightmare from child sexual abuse to the financial nightmare for the BSA but to say what the BSA expected and what the claimants expected have all been seri
  11. Actually, the debtor must file a five year business plan that shows that the nonprofit will be financially sound. In order to do that, they must have enough liquid assets to sustain it in the business plan. That means that the BSA will need a substantial amount to carry them until new Scouts are recruited in the fall and recharters occur in early 2023. That is a substantial amount of money.
  12. For my council, I do not have the numbers to compare from 2020 to 2022. This year, our council had one of the highest growth percentages in the nation at over 18%. That is good except for a loss of between 40 & 50% for 2020 to 2021. My estimate is that the council Scout membership is down about 30% for your same period. The council has limped along financially and will survive if the current chapter 11 goes through. Impossible to know why the loss of membership occurred. Was it mainly covid or chapter 11? I believe it was mainly covid related so we should see another i
  13. You are far too late. Most all are gone. Lower-level employees have moved up into upper management in the past two years. If you are referring to the chapter 11 proceedings, the National Executive Board sought advice and interviewed firms before deciding upon Austin-Sidley who was supposed to be the very best firm in the USA for their situation. They follow their attorneys' recommendations. So the folks who you wish gone left or were released already.
  14. I believe that the UMC is waiting to get an indication that this plan is going forward. If it does not, then what happens might be considerably different. Though a member of the UMC, I have no inside information.
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