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  1. The representatives of the various religious organizations were likely involved on the CO’s national level but not someone who is a direct decision maker in this process. They likely shared what we see here, that the CO’s are in general still supportive of Scouting though contractual relationships might change. Decision makers and attorneys were not likely present though I could imagine that there might have been a scripted update via zoom. The CO’s are not going to discuss deliberations, discoverable evidence, plans, negotiations, etc in what is essentially a public forum.
  2. @CynicalScouter, Thank you! This helps a lot. Just being informed about the origin and use of the rules is very helpful. We might need more specific information later but this will likely satisfy my needs. Thank you again.
  3. @CynicalScouter, Would you mind educating the non-legal folks about Rules? There are several of these rules being mentioned. Is there a set of rules numbered from 1 to some large number or does it refer to the year? Are these rules for bankruptcy more or less universal or somehow related to just this case. It would be nice to have a short synopsis if you have the time and energy. Thank you for the translation services that you have provided thus far. It has made the proceedings more understandable.
  4. The BSA cannot survive more than a few months (few being poorly defined). It would have to file Chapter 7 and the local councils would soon follow suit. The legal system is badly broken.
  5. In conversations with two different local Scout Executives (SE) many years apart, this is a misunderstood situation. I believe that mrjohns2 is correct that Chartered Organization Representatives (COR) may ask and will be added to the District Committee. Not certain about this though. As to the Local Council Executive Board (CEB), being the COR or Institutional Head (IH) which is the CEO of the Chartered Organization (CO) that for a church is usually the pastor, senior minister, priest, or other descriptive term for the chief religious officer and CEO of the church does not allow one to
  6. SilverPalm, Thank you for your post. It expresses my thoughts far better than I would have been able to express. You have captured what so many of us feel. For the US, one needs to make about $500,000 to be in the top 1% of wage earners {How to Be in the Richest 1% Around the World - Bloomberg}. Some of the attorneys appear to be far above that amount.
  7. Just a note, the BSA and Scouting in Great Britain were both founded in 1910 so the claim in 1905 cannot be correct.
  8. I presented the peer reviewed study by Shakeshaft in 2004 of schoolchildren in the USA that was used in at least one official USA government report. There are issues of comparing what has been Jorge a male organization to a coed study. I believe that the rates of abuse difference between males and females is not an order of magnitude whereas the difference between Scouting and the schools is two orders of magnitude. So one is probably safe to say that Scouting is an order of magnitude to maybe two orders of magnitude safer than the schools. This does not absolve the BSA from the ha
  9. Yes, both sides could be very close to a mediated settlement and this is signaling that the BSA will deliver on certain things or both sides could be far apart and this is positioning for the next phase in this Chapter 11. While all of us would hope that this is heading to a resolution soon, the second possibility is the more likely the case. The contention on this forum is likely partly due to from our point of view, there has been nearly nothing decided and it seems to proceed with little changing except pointing fingers at one another and some polite name calling. We want some things
  10. Most pedophiles and ephebophiles have no prior record as they often get long prison sentences and they are screened out. You defined the problem. Although as another poster said, youth on youth is now the larger problem as youth protection has curbed much of the adult on youth problems.
  11. The statistics from Shakeshaft's paper included coaches who were major offenders. No level of child abuse is acceptable, but what is the standard that society is setting? It seems for the schools that it is 9.6% because there has not been a hue and cry since this was reported in 2004. No outcry, no congressional hearings, some lawsuits, little media attention. Wonder why? Once again, this is not an apology for the BSA but rather a question about the attention paid to the BSA when a worse as in higher incidence and far higher prevalence (from , https://www.census.gov/newsroom/pr
  12. And those attorneys that specialize in medicine will do your neurosurgery by your beliefs. I will stick with real experts not people trained as attorneys who have an interest in a particular field because they do lawsuits in that field.
  13. Perhaps, it is because here and other places volunteers complain bitterly about taking YPT that I believe should be done yearly. People here and elsewhere threaten to quit if youth protection gets more demanding. The organization is already weakened by membership losses. if those are the reasons, the BSA should follow your advice and let those people leave if they are not willing to get with the program and realize that there can be no program until we have all made Scouting as safe as possible. There is no excuse. We all must do the right thing to protect children.
  14. So the next time you have a medical problem, go to a medical malpractice attorney for your diagnosis and treatment.
  15. The program that was released a couple of years ago was done by the nation’s experts on child sexual abuse. There was a desire to study the efficacy of the new program but the BSA is strapped for funds and has downsized making such studies to be done correctly with outside researchers impossible. I hope that such studies are done in the future.
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