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  1. And many nights and weekends to boot for a DE. Plus, little opportunity for advancement. Board members often see the talent in DE's and hire them into their own businesses.
  2. So the TCC is asking for essentially the entire BSA to be placed into a trust. Can any of the attorneys comment on whether this is the usual procedure and that there is little expectation of success in all contentions or whether this is unusual and means that they believe that they have a high likelihood of success which would eliminate the BSA.
  3. My condolences to her family. She will be missed by many Scouters.
  4. Makes 2021 look better already! Congratulations to the two youth.
  5. Most summer camps find that STEM MBs are among the most popular elective MBs and often more popular than Eagle required ones. Units can pursue the STEM Nova/Supernova awards. They are straightforward. Ideally, one can interject STEM into whatever they are doing. Adults do not and should not have all of the answers so the questions that they ask, they do not need to have an answer but stimulate the youth to seek an answer. So just ask questions about the world around us. While cooking, ask what we are doing. The answer would be chemistry. Cooking is breaking bonds to soften
  6. Then the volunteers need to work with their Executive Committee and then the Executive Board. You are right, David, that SE have more power than they can exert more influence than they actually have. The reason is that the nominating committee works with the SE who wants people who will be supportive - as would any of us. This is not nefarious but human nature. Also, council executive boards have a number of community leaders as well as people who are active Scouters - all have to be registered volunteers. The community leaders are only aware if an active Scouter makes them aware. D
  7. My council would never need for it to go that far. To date, all significant issues have been worked out without such drama since I have been involved at the council level (1994). If an issue ever got to that point, it would be quickly addressed. The SE's that we have had paid attention to the volunteers. Not everything turned out like the volunteers have wished but there have always been solid factual reasons why it did not.
  8. You should let the Council Commissioner and Council President know about abusive behavior from council employees as they can assure that such actions are corrected. The SE and all local council staff are under the management of the local Executive Board. The President and Council Commissioner can contact other Board and Executive Committee members. The local council is similar to the National Council but different at the same time. The professional staff is there to serve Scouting and to help volunteers to deliver the program.
  9. Eagle94-A1, By abusive I mean cursing, screaming, and threats. A polite disagreement or registering of differences is not abusive. Threats are common and death threats not unusual. I do not know what is reported but suspect that a call will not be reported because the caller cannot be identified.
  10. All should realize that there have been hundreds who have lost their jobs at the National Council and Supply so the staff is strained to do their jobs and several others who are not there. Also, most inquiries are now directed to local councils. This new policy does make me concerned about questions being answered uniformly but it has happened.
  11. Tahawk, I outlined that the charter for a council could be revoked or not renewed. So do think that it is a good policy to revoke charters because some volunteers think that a Merit Badge College is too easy despite others, i.e. those doing the MBC see it as appropriate? Really? You would totally reorganize a council for that? Of course not! It is a so called nuclear option. It takes months if not years to work through everything and harms relationships in the council. It should only occur for grievous problems. If the council has an SE who is wishing to move up to increasing
  12. CynicalScouter, Not certain how looking up names tells you anything about the volunteer status. Just as your local board members are required to register as members of the BSA, so are the members of the NEC and NEB. My friends on the National Staff get abusive, threatening, and obscene calls over policies. One close friend has received many death threats. Think about that, receiving death threats for a change to a program to help children. It affects those staff because they do not know if any are really serious. Could one of them be killed for doing their job in a children's af
  13. Eagle94-A1, Many of my National Staff friends have many examples of how clear policies and rules that local councils do not follow correctly and that there is no way to compel them to do so except by the means that I noted. National can ask but not compel compliance. I have been on committees that voted in a policy or rule change and have seen some councils not comply. The NEC and NEB make the policies and rules - it is true. They are all volunteers. You do hit upon something that is absolutely true, the NEC and NEB sometimes has additional information that may be sensitive for o
  14. Tahawk, I have been a national level volunteer and have many national staff friends too. Tico served longer as the National Commissioner than anyone else and has significantly impacted many key decisions. Most of the time, he was successful but occasionally Tico's view was in the minority. Tico is a very dedicated national volunteer who has done much for Scouting and has been and is very influential. I did not say that the National Council will not enforce its rules and policies but rather that it has little power to do so. It has to rely on local councils to enforce the rules an
  15. To Tahawk, Sorry to get you so upset that you used all capital letters that is said to mean yelling. Was not trying to argue. See below. To Tahawk and Eagle94-A1, Perhaps some of the issue between us that to me in these times, BSA means the National Council. Local councils are independent 501c3 corporations with their own boards that operate largely independently. The contract between the National Council and local councils authorizes the local councils to operate the program. The only actual recourse that the National Council has over the local councils is two thing
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