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  1. What seems 'stupid' with our 2021 eyes seemed commonplace in the 1960's and 1970's. One should not judge people's actions in the distant past unless they consider the norms of the day. In the mid 1960's, my parents bought a Ford Falcon. It did not come with seat belts but my father had after market ones added (that in no manner matched the car) because he sold insurance and felt that seatbelts were important. Should all the people who went to the showrooms and saw no cars equipped with seatbelts and knew of no one who had a car equipped with seatbelts as all stupid? Or should we unde
  2. The CDC has setup NCANDS: About NCANDS | The Administration for Children and Families (hhs.gov) This is a voluntary database that the BSA has been lobbying to make mandatory for youth serving organizations. It would provide cross organizational tracking and would obviate the need for the BSA to maintain a separate system as they would report incidents to this database. The BSA and its consultants have supported the establishment of NCANDS as well as supporting mandatory reporting.
  3. Excuse me if I were not clear. The CDC is now saying that youth serving organizations should keep a list of people who are thought or known to be child abusers. The BSA di it decades ago. The BSA spent considerable time and money to engage the national leaders (not Scouters, nationally recognized leaders in child abuse) to develop the current Youth Protection Training (YPT). This has made the BSA once again the leader in protecting youth. In the previous thread, the Department of Education sponsored a review of the literature published in 2017 entitled: A Case Study of K–12 School Emp
  4. Please inform the CDC that what they are now recommending to prevent abuse in youth organizations is an incompetent effort. It would seem that the BSA was decades ahead of the times. It seems to me that the problem is with the manner in which the legal system handles such things.
  5. That is nonsense! If no local councils, then no Scouts and camps for them to use. If National didn't value the local council highly, they could have pushed the liability down to the councils from the beginning. Almost all abuse has occurred in the councils save a few possible incidents at a high adventure base. So the national council has tried to protect the local councils where the crimes occurred.
  6. The local councils are independent 501(c)3 corporations with independent executive boards. If the BSA liquidates, the local councils could no longer be chartered by the BSA but could certainly continue to serve youth in some manner and would not force a liquidation of the local council. How that happens will depend upon who owns the BSA intellectual property. As to the agreement that assets of a local council that ceases to exist is also dependent upon the state in which the council resides. In my home state, the state maintains that the BSA will not be allowed to be given the local co
  7. I cannot see any advantage to the BSA to hold the meetings at a BSA facility other than some possible cost savings. The TCC wants to force the sale of the high adventure properties so why show the property off? For someone who was molested on BSA property, it is not a good place and could garner bad publicity too. Hold it in a neutral site.
  8. Different databases. Your local council records could have been destroyed as in a fire or expensive and difficult to access. Our council had a fire a long time ago and some records were lost. Like most councils, older records are stored with a records storage company and accessing those records takes time and costs the council. Some councils absorb such costs while others charge. They may have a policy about the reasons that are considered reasonable to access records. The paper record keeping before computer databases is known in general to have more issues with completeness. The r
  9. The BSA has stated ~130 M individuals have been Scouts since the founding in 1910. The only number that we have are the claimants now as there were few cases before recent years so that number is low. Also, the BSA number is likely not accurate but should be close to correct. So for ~100,000 claimants out of 130,000,000 participants, the ratio is 0.000769 or ~0.08 %. While no level if abuse is acceptable, one must realize that the BSA has served many youth and that the prevalence of reported abuse is very small.
  10. Neither is the correct answer. CBCs are contracted through a company who specializes in this process.
  11. Strange, the CDC is now recommending exactly what the BSA did in creating the Ineligible Volunteers File created about 100 years ago. So volunteer XYZ suddenly is no longer coming to the unit meeting and it is published that someone was removed. People link the two together. XYZ actually had health issues and then sues. That is not the way. A Clery style report, maybe end of the year that is available makes sense.
  12. It has to be a balance between national experts and wisdom from the field. The people whom I know working in this area are trying to take the best lessons from all without making a mistake. All want no children to ever be abused.
  13. CS, if it makes you feel better then they were told that they will leave Scouting forever, that they are banned from all Scouting for life, and that they cannot participate in our council or any other council or any unit. That is what they were told - it was definite and clear. Since people are removing from Scouting for YP violation accusations, it is not reported outside a very small group at the council. It is not right to create a bad reputation for someone if it did not rise to the level of a crime. So volunteers likely are not aware of people removed from Scouting. I have be
  14. So first thing is to understand that those of us in the field may believe that we have the absolute best method to do something. However, people on a national level have a broader and more in depth knowledge and can get more in depth Health and Safety and Legal information. Also, the BSA had help and contributions from the nation's experts on YP. They are the same people who the CDC and others call upon for advice on YP. So the BSA has what the experts believe to be the very best YP program available. That said, the folks at the BSA and the volunteers whose committee governs are eva
  15. Last communications that I had with YP professionals was near the end of 2020. In my council, there have been volunteers asked to not return due to YP violations. Remember when asking for changes to anything at the NC that many employees are gone. It will require longer times to get anything accomplished.
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