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  1. I'm skeptical the number could be that low. Everybody knows there will be a number of false claims in these types of suits, but there have been a lot of them over the years and folks have a decent handle as to how many falsities to expect. It would be really strange to have this particular case inspire such an outsize level of fraud and deceit.
  2. Annual Planning Weekend is this coming month. I think I'll whisper this in one or two of the scouts' ears.
  3. I don't live in the area any more, but I still read the "Inky" online, mostly for the sports coverage. Once a Flyers/Iggles/Phillies/Sixers fan always ... But I delivered The Bulletin, which was the afternoon paper. I was never a fan of getting up early in the morning.
  4. That is exactly my version of Buck Buck, I was too lazy/inarticulate to write it clearly, so I just did a cut and paste from Wikipedia. In terms of virus and variants you couldn't be more correct. This is also clipped from Wikipedia: "As early as the 16th century, children in Europe and the Near East played Buck, Buck, which had been called "Bucca Bucca quot sunt hic?"
  5. As a native Philadelphian I introduced "Buck Buck"* to my midwestern scouts. In hindsight maybe not my finest hour as SM. *one group of players [climbing] on the backs of a second group in order to build as large a pile as possible or to cause the supporting players to collapse."
  6. I've read all the BSA rules I can find, backwards and forwards, I'm pretty sure I've never seen this one before Covid. Interestingly, it has nothing to do with CO rules or CO approval of leaders, because it's up to council to approve, so there's no formal approval needed fro the CO.
  7. I agree with Mrjohns that that's not the rule, unless your council is locally imposing it. Even if they do impose that there would be no additional cost. You can "multiple" register with multiple units, but you pay only one egistratin fee.
  8. Yes, I was responding to the idea that anyone not willing to register after 72 hours of contact should be looked at with askance. My point is that 72 hours is a passingly small amount of time in the career of a scout, and that most parents would hit it before their kid would be fluent at long division.
  9. A little redundant to copy and paste "ask the expert" when you're the expert that was asked. A good post all the same.
  10. I would always start with camping. If you're really being cautious make it weather dependent, and only go if the weather's nice. Don't worry about requirements or anything like that, just put up some tents and have everyone, adults and scouts, divvy up the basic tasks:, cooking, cleaning, fetching water. Get a campfire going and get everybody around it telling bad jokes and old stories. Do this a few times and everybody will get better at their outdoor skills and the scouts and adults will become comfortable with, and start desiring, to separate themselves from each other, or as we cal
  11. Our troop, meaning the PLC, adopted it as part of our opening when learning it became a formal T21 requirement. We do it with scout raised because it is a promise.
  12. Permission slips also usually include some version of liability release; they're more than just permission to be there.
  13. I don't want to belabor this point too much, but kids can be registered as scouts for upwards of 12 years. Attend a pack campout when your kid is in second grade, 6PM Friday night through noon on Sunday is 42 hours. So if you want to go on the same campout next year you're over the 72 hours and need to register. Finesse the hours a little and maybe you don't have to register until your kid is in fourth grade, but at that point you need to remain a registered leader for another eight years, or never camp with your kid again. Even if you reset when you crossover to ScoutsBSA, you're ta
  14. I don't quite understand what you mean here. If a parent is also a leader, clearly they will be observing what happens with their child at a scout event because they'll be helping to run or at least guide the event itself.
  15. He makes an interesting argument, I don't have a strong opinion on it as a philosophical question. I do have some nits to pick with him in the particulars. Louisville didn't not have to pay any of their own money. Their portion of the settlement came from their self insurance fund, which is just their own money put aside for just such occurrences. And I may be mistaken, but my understanding is that the COs don't get release unless they pay some funds into the trust. That latter fact is the big complaint the COs have.
  16. I'm sure there's more information being shared in mediation than is being made public, but I am amazed at the paucity of knowledge about the insurance. Despite all the questions and back and forth about BSA's restructuring, and the LCs and COs contribution , THE seminal issue in this case seems to me to be the insurance. I don't see how anything gets finalized until that's hashed out.
  17. For den meetings, as long as there were enough folks sticking around to help I never required every parent stay. Teachers handle 25 kids, I figured with at least one or two other adults I could handle eight. Always had a lot of, OK Cub is here, then I'm taking sister to soccer, then brother to gymnastics, then I'll be back before the end to pick up Cub, and then make the pick up circuit for everybody else. For Pack meetings it worked about he same although parents did seem to hang around more because of the awards stuff.
  18. Respectfully, we probably cannot. Any hypotheticals we might provide would be on the outer edges of the spectrum, and wouldn't illuminate even for us where the lines are within the gray areas. We ourselves don't have a stock of posts that we can look to for any precedential use. Candidly, speaking for just myself, I am not that invested in trying to draw up an elaborate set of rules because I don't think that's necessary to fulfill the mission of the forum which is to be a venue for folks to have respectful, though vigorous at times, discussion about matters related to scouting.
  19. Interesting, I knew about Easter Seals but not Christmas Seals. Wikipedia here I come.
  20. Yeah, I never heard of them reaching out to any volunteers. I signed up, a friend of mine who owns a software company signed up, and neither of us got anything but that email. I doubt they reached out to any volunteers --- and their IT systems remain perpetually crappy. Coincidence?
  21. It has to be pretty hit or miss so far. I'm COR and CC for a pack and troop, and I haven't seen anything. I wonder if LCs have to have a hand in it for it to happen?
  22. It's true they were picked for a reason, but we don't know what that reason was, so we have no way of knowing whether the reasons to select them for one role would be the reasons to select them for a different role. Presumably the US Trustee, who is an expert in bankruptcy, but not necessarily in Youth Protection, believed they would be best equipped to represent survivors in a bankruptcy. The skills necessary to excel at that may or may not be the same ones necessary to excel in another role. It's not clear to me that at least the most public facing members of the TCC were subject matter exp
  23. I might be a little off here, but my understanding is that suits against LCs and COs are currently stayed by the bkr proceedings. Someone has to assert that stay to stop a proceeding, so in theory any LC or CO could allow suits against themselves to proceed. And though the news reports say the city and the Boy Scout's insurer are paying the settlement, that may not be a perfectly exact statement. It may be that the insurer is covering the LC or BSA or both. It is also possible that the insurer had already agreed to step into the shoes of BSA prior to bkr, and that might allow them to settl
  24. It is interesting to think of this settlement in comparison to the current plan 5.x. Essentially the victims will be splitting the insurance coverage of the scouts and a much smaller amount from the self insurance fund of the Chartering Org. This doesn't seem that different from the current plan on the table. It also makes me wonder how viable the alternative idea of "well let's all just go to state court" is. This was a pretty straightforward case with criminal convictions, egregious behavior, and in the municipality a defendant traditionally thought of as being fairly deep pocketed
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