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  1. That the parties agreed to the Purdue or BSA or any other plan seems like the weakest argument I can think of. If the non consensual releases were illegal then neither side would agree to the plan and something altogether different would have happened. The question should be are these releases valid under the law as written. Parties agreeing to something under a faulty view of the law and therefore a flawed view of what the consequences of not settling is arguing that the outcome must be right because it is the outcome.
  2. For good deals on a bunch of equipment, go to Hiker direct.com and sign up for their scout discount. They sell their equipment at about 40% off retail to scouts. My personal recommendation is their Taurus Outfitter Tents. They're sturdy, good quality, and have full vestibules front and back. They'll stand up to really bad weather and twelve year old youth abuse. These are not backpacking tents, but, they're not too heavy to split between two or three scouts if you're only hiking a couple miles in to a camp site. They also have backpacking tents if the troop you join are serious back
  3. My pretty long experience was crossover around March, first campout in April, another in May. You want those campouts to be not too rigorous, fun, and at least one of them really focused on them learning how to be a part of the older unit. A scout who has a miserable time on their first real campout will be much more likely to drop than continue. Scouts BSA camping is often the first time in their lives a kid is away from home, and away from their parents, and away from their family, and responsible for taking care of all their own stuff. A scout with two campouts with two good campout
  4. The best thing to do always in situations like this is to quietly get good information from people who should have it; don't act based on "what everybody knows." I would suggest your first step is to talk to your CC and SM. They apparently know something about this, and the only thing you're sure of about their involvement so far is that they didn't involve the rest of the committee. Respectfully, you don't know more than that; maybe they have a full plan in place, maybe they've already met with the parents, or your COR, or both. Your son and his friend's concern are admirable and sho
  5. $200 at the start of each semester --- two payments, $400 total.
  6. I assumed I saw no scout bows in the wild because the GTSS strictly restricts them to use on an approved archery range.
  7. Qwazse has it nailed. The uniform expectations of the troop are set, either implicitly or explicitly, by the PLC. When you say "Our troop has been going back and forth" do you mean the adults or the scouts? If it's the adults they should just drop it because it's not really their call (I know they don't want to hear this). If it's the scouts then they should be encouraged to struggle through the issues Qwazse lays out. In direct answer to your question, the only rule you will find is the one regarding BORs. Extrapolate from that what you will. If it's your adults driving
  8. Steramine tablets are not the ammonia tablets you mentioned.
  9. At a basic level, for mergers to result in more financially sound councils you need to reduce your costs, which are primarily camps, service centers, and people, while trying to maintain your revenues: donations, popcorn, and camp fees. In your council how many of the former did you start and end with, and how much of the latter fell as you did that? Also, what were the factors that drove the four councils not working, and what structural changes allowed the new council to overcome those forces?
  10. The tablets, we had a group of adults who among their many other transgressions would use WAY too much beach. The tablets, as you say, can be measured pretty accurately. The additional cost over time is pretty small, and a small bottle of tablets is easier to deal with than a bottle of liquid bleach. When backpacking we rarely bothered with sanitizing. You can have long debates, and there have been some on this forum, about the actual need for sanitizing.
  11. You’re effectively her grandparent, and we’ve had lots of grandparents. We never ask for documentation. You might consider cross registering with her unit.
  12. The thing is, it sounds petty and selfish until it’s your family facing tens maybe hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical and other costs, then it’s your family’s survival on the line. And there is no other way in our society to ameliorate those costs, no one else is coming to your rescue, no one else is going to be in a position to actualy provide that level of help.
  13. Regarding the emails, in our Catholic unit it is a requirement that any email correspondence that includes youth has to include a parish email address so that there is a copy on a parish controlled server. Rather than issue every scouter a parish email we copy a parish email on all troop correspondence. Our pastor monitors that account periodically. Most scout sponsoring churches view scouting as part of their religious mission, how this manifests itself or how directly the church wants the unit to be specifically or overtly a part of the proselytizing of the church can vary, but is w
  14. There is a difference between a retest and probing with a scout about how well he knows a skill, how he learned it, how whichever scout worked with him played their role in testing him and making sure he had learned the skill, etc.. I never did the former, part of but certainly not the entirety of every SM conference I ever did included the latter. Some scouts retain more some less, some scout-instructors were better than others. SM conferences were a part of how I learned where all my scouts fell on those spectrums. If I thought a scout really didn't have a skill I'd subtly work with
  15. Those kinds of ultimatums are just dumb, and bad parenting, bad leadership, etc. Because, among other things, they're not instilling discipline, rather they're relinquishing it. What if the kid picks pushups? The trash still isn't taken out. It's worth remembering that you're not the ultimate person in charge of the unit. The instances you've cited are bad. Write them down, with dates, places, and names, and take them to your COR. That is who is responsible for the behavior of the adults in the unit, and they along with the org are who is going to be held accountable.
  16. I couldn't find it on a quick search, but I'm curious what the humidity and actual temperature at the time (10:30PM) were. I wasn't there, but several of my friends were working a medical tent during the 2005 BSA Jambo heat disaster. https://www.nbcnews.com/id/wbna87052 Heat exhaustion adds to Scout Jamboree woes About 300 Boy Scouts were treated for heat exhaustion Wednesday after waiting for President Bush to arrive at a memorial service for four Scout leaders who were killed while pitching a tent beneath a power line. Bush will appear on Thursday instead.
  17. OK, so why the change to the policy? Why was it a matter of safety, or even just adjudicated as a wise policy, that last month Cubs should only campout for 1 night at a time, but now it is either safe or wise or both that Cubs can camp out for two nights? What changed? Why the change?
  18. BSA Bullying Prevention Guide https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/training/pdf/bullyingpreventionguide.pdf
  19. I believe that all that is true. My advice stands: talk to all the adults, the leaders and again the parents, before you talk to the scout. If you talk to the scout first, and he recounts essentially the story as you know it, where does that leave you? What are you going to tell the scout is going to happen next? Are you going to promise to punish the scouts? Promise to punish the adults? You have enough of the scout's perspective for now, in order to take any action on behalf of the scout you need all the other information available. This can, probably will, get very unpleas
  20. You don't want "what happened in camp, stays in camp", on the other hand the leaders in camp should have handled it then and there in camp, and if they did then there's not necessarily a reason for it to have been brought home from camp or for anyone else to have been made aware of it. When I was at camp I was in charge and took my responsibility seriously. I handled any behavior or disciplinary issues right then and there in consultation with the other leaders in camp. Did the parent tell you because they were unhappy about how the leaders there handled it? Were/are they looking for
  21. AS CC, certainly he can decide who can and cannot serve on a BOR consistent with the rules Eagle94 posted. The real question is the wisdom of it. The primary purpose of the adults on the BOR is not deciding on the scout's advancement, but rather learning how well the troop is accomplishing its mission, from the perspectives of the scouts, of delivering a program that accomplishes the Aims and Methods of Scouting. If the decision helps accomplish this purpose than it's wise, if it hinders it, it's unwise. If it falls somewhere in between than it's probably fine on it's face, but t
  22. Sigh, the lack of candor from the diocese dropping scouting is as bad as the lack of candor in BSA. That lack of candor is a big part of why both organizations are in trouble. If it's because insurance costs too much say so. If it's because you cannnot effectively monitor the programs because of a decline in your own membership, say so. But to say it's because of reasons related to the bankruptcy, that's frankly disingenuous. The bankruptcy happened. The results are in, the slate for past acts is wiped clean --- that's the whole point of bankruptcy. Just be honest and up
  23. I was going to send this as a PM, but thought it better to proclaim it publicly. I make no excuses for anyone who has made you feel they don't care. But please know that there are plenty of people who do care. Undoubtedly some of them are your loved ones and friends who you know, and also there are strangers out there who care because you're a fellow human being, and we're all God's creatures put here to try to do our best for each other. If ever you have no on else to reach out to please feel free to PM me. My wife lives with and suffers from depression, as do both my kids. It's
  24. Our council has run a program the last few years conducting QPR training in partnership with the Lucas County Suicide Prevention Coalition. QPR is an acronym for Question, Persuade and Refer. These are the 3 simple steps that are taught in suicide prevention training. The training has so far been just for adults. I haven't heard of anything locally for youth, but I love the idea. I've encountered this challenge as both a scout leader and a parent. I have been on more than one campout where a scout expressed suicidal thoughts and ideation, and it is frightening and challenging. I bel
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