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  1. To turn this on the funny side, like the pike on the wall. It made me think how fast a mile swim or open water test would be near my units. We have gators in the rivers and could make scouts violate the "no wake" zone to finish.
  2. With the limited info, I have a bit of generic ideas on this. How about having that ASM in a different role than scouting her own kids. With another patrol or area of the troop. Being late is not a crime, I learned this from my wife. How the unit works knowing they will be late is the test. Maybe the late comers are put on the closing rather than the opening. Getting to a meeting on time is not the scouts' fault if they can't control the method of transportation. This is one place where the SM has to do some "talent management" of that ASM to the least negative impact.
  3. I'm more inclined to stress the ability to swim now as a scout rather than in a year or much later. A couple of reasons: 1. They can accept a challenge to learn a new skill rather than staying in a comfort zone. 2. Won't be looked at different as a non-swimmer (it happens). 3. Opens doors to MB that are water-sport types. 4, Can participate in any water activity with scouts. 5. And probably the most beneficial: is a lifesaving skill that will last a lifetime in any location, any time, and may save someone else's life. On a personal note: I would stress ability to swim over bike rid
  4. Talk to your district, council advancement chair, or roundtable commissioners. You are not alone in this I'm sure. Our council pool is open during this time and it can be done if you want to drive an hour. Best bet is let the district and council folks consolidate an event for other units too. This seems too easy to do collectively. Have the council help you with this from a bigger scale. If you only want your piece taken care of, do what the previous posts mention.
  5. Yes, our district covers those 15 counties. It used to be a separate council until it merged with another council. We have two large cities with 4 counties combined within them and is split between two states separated by a river. The council office is in one state so that has the taxable issues the other state residents have to deal with for scouting purposes. As a youth, my council only had two counties and was one of the smallest in the nation. Now that merged council is half the state. I can't imagine driving 5+ hours from one end of the council to the other.
  6. We have a traditional district. We have 40 units, 10 commissioners, a district committee, DE, DC, and district co-chairs. It covers 15 counties. The best part is the cooperation and synergy of the district. Its not perfect, but no complaints. The OA chapter has the same boundaries and units.
  7. I'm more inclined to using closed cell foam pads like the thermarest ridgerest with a silver side and green side. It encompasses both of your needs. The only problem is they are being phased out for more inflatable types, that I'm not in favor of. The inflatable do pack up smaller, but are subject to low temp deflation and condensation inside when inflated. Skip the mylar and go with a reflective pad.
  8. Not sure why you have to buy them. Seems most households nowadays have one or two no-contact ones. Just borrow from a family of one of the participants. Should be easy to come by and not add to the budget.
  9. Ok we know Philmont has cancelled their treks this year. So I was searching some gear sites to consider for AT backpacking that has to meet some criteria. My first thought is a set of Frogg Toggs. They are inexpensive, semi durable, top and bottom, and repel water well. Criteria must be considered. Price is always an object; top and bottom or just one garment; poncho or suit; durability; size (whether fleece, t-shirt, or cold weather clothing underneath); Color is minor as I like the LNT concealed with groups, but like the bright colors if solo trips; and breathability. thoughts
  10. So here is a question on a possible loophole. If a new scout joins BSA before 1 Aug, do they skip the $25 one-time registration fee. If so, I can see a big push to save money and sign up early.
  11. Since it was brought up, our council's jamboree cost for next year is $2300+. That's for one scout. Crazy since the jamboree event alone is about $1100. I don't see a lot of High Adventure or Jamborees in my future. Since I've been to Philmont 3X and a Natl Jambo once. I have to just shake my head.
  12. Having read the article, I really liked how the prices of the different HA bases were more affordable. Imagine Philmont costing $60. Boy have things changed. I saw a 2021 Jamboree price at a council near Summit being $1500.
  13. Also a fun thing to watch newbies blow up any air mattress and place it on the cold ground. As it deflates with cooling temps, they always think it has a leak. This was most fun when the scouts camped on an indoor ice rink. You should have seen the adults mad at the sinking feeling.
  14. Zoom and WEBEX in my campsite. Duo is also a medium.
  15. Off subject, but the microwave incident has me brought to my Tiger granddaughter two months ago. She took a compass out, held it flat, and spoke into it "show me North". It was too funny to see. You gotta love the newest generation.
  16. I've worn military type jungle boots in most activities. They survive Philmont and parts of the Appalachian trail. Survived the Adironacks too. Must have the panama sole and will dry quickly. I was used to them, but I also spent years wearing them every day.
  17. This does tie in with another thread, but this is not an order. The best thing to do to keep your regalia is to contact a local native American tribe or representative. I understand the intent is to honor those local tribes by using their regalia-type items. The best time to find help is a local powwow and have their buy in. I'm still loyal to the order to keep the arrow, heck the sash has it, and hopefully we don't lose that too. There are times to call our the Lodge and the LEC to make it as impressive as ever before. Wearing black pajamas and a necklace will give it a cult-like lo
  18. Removing the regalia will be the start of "Order of the Tablet". I've never seen any OA program with or without regalia ever disrespect our native heritage. This would also do away with the Tribe of Mic-o-say? Just try to take someone's beads. If there is anything preserving the native heritage, the OA is one of the most visible besides sports teams. If someone doesn't like the regalia, powwow, or theme, there are other organizations to join. So for those on the "remove" line, do we also change WWW or do away with Leni Lenape and the OA legend? Where does it stop unless we change t
  19. Although no time limit on the MB, I can't imagine these long periods over a year, heck a scout could advance a few ranks in a 2 year period. I've seen eagle projects pushed this long and raise a lot of eyebrows on the scout's commitment to the project. Wood Badge tickets have a shorter time limit. A SM conference can be held anytime in addition to the mandated one for rank, I hope this would be a topic of discussion. I bet the original blue card is worn and tattered after. I'm allergic to lengthy partial MB completion, makes me itch. I like scouts to start, focus, and finish their select
  20. A lot of heated discussion on this. Keeping it short...the troops should operate independently. Give each an identity and let it run. I'm sure each troop had a separate recharter packet, so they are linked by the same chartered org and/or committee? Please don't put out the cub program and BSA Scouts program have the same boy/girl rules. Cub rules are lighter.
  21. Since this has been in the works for quite a while. Without splitting hairs, you would think the MB counselor would compare the old and new requirements and simply give credit towards the new requirements already met from the old ones. Any new/revised requirements would be simply added on to any already met ones. I have to say most MB counselors are pretty savvy about this and keep track. At the time of the completed MB, all parties are stating the scout met the requirements at the time of the completion. Hard to understand how a MB was kept working for 2 years, seems all parties nee
  22. I tend to lean on the slides and not the end knot. The loose ends from a slide have lesser chance to get caught than the large loop necker. Most playgrounds prohibit hoodies with hood strings like the knotted necker. I do think it looks sloppy and will spin around with any outdoor activity. As a scouter lived in 5 countries, all wore slides, with a woggle as more universal. Hope the loose knotted necker is just a short trend.
  23. I won't get too long on the keyboard, I'm not in favor of NSP. I like to disperse new scouts to established patrols to learn from the more experienced scouts. It breaks up old groups, makes everyone integrate/join any new scout, lets them progress as an individual, and many like the new environment. Like-age/grade groups may be good for cubs, but many have already spent years together. Let them learn from an established patrol and trained youth leaders.
  24. I hate to say this to those with a bad experience, but that monthly district committee meeting can be most useful and needed. Our district commissioners have their meeting the hour prior to the committee meeting, so we knock out both meetings on the same day of the month. It is not the place for roundtable or a council meeting, that is mentioned above. The district committee meeting is for district business and not a whole lot of just talk. Like any meeting in scouts, there should be a meeting plan and stick to it. With over 15 people on our committee serving 40 units, our meeting stays o
  25. Not on the topic, but had to smile when I saw the Jefferson-Lewis and Seaway council patches. As an old Lowville pack and troop member back in the 90s. I spent a few days back and forth with US/Canada camporees. I had a love for Camp Portaferry and that was sold too. Good memories in the patches on that flag. Fly it and display it until it is threads.
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