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  1. Summitdog. I am like you. I went through WB and I still "don't get it". I read and hear from multiple sources different views, but my own experience, I still just don't get it. I don't care about beads, I don't keep in touch with members of my patrol, I don't care about the games that were done. In fact it was one game that actually made me wonder why I was there. I hardly got anything positive out of it from the leadership mentoring side. It is actually making me question doing Sea Badge (I don't wanna do a WB for SB)
  2. Hi all. I received my notification just recently that I was selected to help the IST team. Being a single adult, with no children of my own, that helps the scout program to give back to an organization that has given me so much, it is the only way I can attend. I could use some help. What are some good tips, knowledge or wisdom that you can share for attending a Jamboree of this size? I haven't done National yet so this is the first big event within the scouting program. I'm just looking for some tips to have a great experience at the WSJ while I technically can't participate in a lot of activities, but my main goal in working to to help give them a great program and experience. Let me know what you have!
  3. Laxplr21

    Win All You Can

    I completely agree. Glad they are starting to test it away. Interesting view points from those that commented. I didn't understand "Game Theory" until I saw the TED talk by Simon Sineck, If you like to hear it there is a video on YouTube I recommend. Once I started to study "Game Theory" I realize how counter productive WAYC was. I heard of some stories in the business world of this game and they are not done right either. Game Theory is a perfect view of many different areas of contention. I believe the game just gets people upset and doesn't provide as much benefit compared to negative effects. My experience really affected me and I have no desire to help out with WB at the time being. I don't even communicate with my patrol members anymore, even if I see them at a scouting event. I guess I'm one of the few percent it didn't work for.
  4. Laxplr21

    Hiking trail patches

    There are a few historical trails around the Boston metro area that you can receive a patch and medal to wear on the uniform. The following link provides the information on how to order them after completing the hikes. Happy hiking. http://www.witchtrail.com/wtctrails.htm
  5. Laxplr21

    Win All You Can

    I did not like this game during my WB course. I really questioned wither I would come back the second weekend. I know a few did not and it influenced them. I understand the point of getting through the storming phase, but it wasn't debriefed well to us. It was one of the factors that ruined my experience with WB. I just got my ticket done and left it in the past. I flatly refuse to do this game ever again regardless of it being in scouts or the real world. I believe this section of the course needs to be readdressed and possibly altered.
  6. Laxplr21

    New Boy Scout Statue - Barre,VT

    I always enjoyed visiting the Green Mountain State. I've been to Barre a few times and that sounds like a neat idea if they want it. Suprised to hear about the modern granite statues. I've never seen them. I'll have to look harder the next time I'm in town.
  7. Laxplr21

    New Volunteers vs the Old Guard

    This is an all too common story no matter what council you belong too. I would just politiy remind the new parents, if you don't have adult volunteers, you don't have a unit. How you found the one new volunteer, great keep it going. Do what you think you have to to get the help you need to keep a unit functioning. In regards to the MB, I would not even listen to the parents in this case. MB's are supposed to be initiated by the scout themselves. It is there responsibility, not the parents. It is designed to help them build courage to talk to new people and build social skills. If they don't want to progress and find a replacement than that is on them. Sometimes the parents need to butt out. NOT EVER SCOUT MAKES EAGLE! If the scout doesn't want to make the effort they don't get it. Simple as that. PLC is the one that decides what the scouts want to do. If these parents take over, they will leave the troop in the long run. The scouts plan their own activities. Adults really are there just to corral possible ciaos. Let the scouts mature themselves and stop interfering in the program they are taught to lead and run. Sorry if it appears I started going into a rant there myself.
  8. Laxplr21

    Resistance to OA

    I came from small town rural America in Nebraska. For us it was just something to get. Go to ordeals, get to brotherhood and basically just wear your sash at special events. Part of the problem for us is the chapter meetings where you can go and interact with other arrow men, was 15 miles away. Also, most didn't have a car by the time they got in. My parents and I'm sure most others would not want to drive out of the way just for an hour or two meeting for their kid and sit in the car (so to speak). If I was in a larger metro city I may have been a little more active, but when growing up in a rural district that would take an hour just to drive to the other side of the district, there wasn't much practicable to invest that much time into it.
  9. Laxplr21

    Canfield's Sporting Goods (Omaha) closes, cites BSA

    I I am currently in the Greater Omaha area and was suprised to hear Canfields was closing. Granted there were not many outdoor stores in the area when I was younger and one of the general camping stores to visit. I can't say I am too suprised they went out of business, larger stores like Cabela's/Bass pro shop, REI, LLBean etc are becoming more prominate all around the country. These unique shops that don't have a brand name are getting fewer and fewer. I first got my scout gear at a smaller sports store growing up. It was nice not having to go to a scout shop an hour away when 30 mins worked. It suprised me then, but not now since I've grown up and understand economics and business better now. I get why this is happening, and with online shopping more available now then ever, it is not too suprising. With all the issues that have become big news to the media with scouting (good and bad), it is not too suprising outside companies might not be too in favor for them in their stores. BTW, the Canfield closure was big. People lined around the building to get in. The company was selling everything on the walls, including art they purchased for themselves.