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  1. This story came out from the Daily Mail today. It could simply be a halloween costume,, but some things stand out. First ususaly with a Halloween costume something is different from the whole outfit. It could be a play on words or "slutty, or sexy" added into the costume name. But from what I can see he looks in the role as a leader should look in souts. Uniform clothing outfits match, shoes, patches, even the hat though it is an older one. Except for the hat, though it is an older but still acceptable style, it looks like a leader should be. Second, he does have two children and one o
  2. Just saw this story come out from Hawaii aloha council regarding a scout accidental shooting at a scout camp a few days ago. Initial information provided well by the news source, not bias. AGAIN just initial story and information. I find it very difficult to understand why an event that happens in one council sends media and information request to national, who may not themselves know the facts, especially when they are over 3500 miles away. It seems to me councils need to be the ones to deal with and go to in situations like this, not national. Looking forward to seeing the final report
  3. I have been a part of a council merger that had strengths and weaknesses in both councils. My old one had a strong central council while the one merging had strong districts but weak central council. The merger was rough for some but I think it really came out well for everyone involved in the long run. The leadership of both councils wanted to get a single vision for the new council and all move towards a common goal. They had brain storming meetings within every district that was open to everyone. I attended one in a different district and was amazed how well everyone was looking for th
  4. It is a good story (from Nebraska here.) I believe the weather had an affect with the number of parking there. The grounds were saturated so much that cars couldn't park in normal parking spots.
  5. If you are going to be around the Boston area, take a look at these hiking trails and patches you can still earn today. Boston, MA including the Freedom trail. All of these trails have patches and medallions that can be purchased and worn. http://www.witchtrail.com/wtctrails.htm The Bedford Flag trail is administered by a different location. Their link is below. https://troop194bedford.wordpress.com/bedford-flag-trail/
  6. I was part of an EBOR in which the conversation with the young man was not easy. Most youth from this council wait until they are about to age out for their EBOR. This was one of those cases. It became evident really early the kid was really only doing scouts and trying for the eagle because of his father. His father being an eagle scout really pushed the kid to get it as well. While talking about the project and other scouting activities it always came down to "something his father pushed". It almost seemed as all communication, activity planing, rank advancement was because of daddy.
  7. I think the more scary issue for me is the Judge basically let the whole thing off cause this kid was from a "good family" about to go to a "good school" and also being an Eagle Scout. Here you have the victim having to deal with this and the kid is given a slap on the wrist. This is a stain on our justice system in this county. The character of the individual should not be a reason to get a person off, it should be the facts of the case (in this case a video that was sent around and also langue of the texts from the individual) I am glad to see the judge is no longer on the bench and the
  8. Reviving this thread about recommended Massachusetts summer camps. For a new Scouts BSA troop of girls new to Scouting (but not all new to camping) have you any recommendations of great camps readily accessible from the Boston suburbs or the middle of Massachusetts? In particular any comments on recent year's experiences at Resolute, Treasure Valley, or Wanocksett? The closest one to Boston in the suburbs is the Camp Sayre or also known as New England Base Camp. This location was the camp at the old Boston Minuteman Council in Milton. There are places for camping and cabin
  9. I was part of Spirit of Adventure council when it was created. There has been an attempt to resurrect units in the Boston city limits. Boston was basically nonexistent. I am greatly impressed with the council leadership move towards getting units in the city going again. Better to have kids be involved in something fun instead of on the streets taking part in crime. I am surprised to hear about the Dorchester unit. I was attached with a unit in Concord that "adopted" that unit and not only gave resources for them, but time and worked with them as if they were their own unit. Is it reall
  10. Found this blog on the American History page. The battle between Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts is as old as the programs started. Nice pictures though. A Scout By Any Other Name By Tim Winkle, Amanda B. Moniz, and Amelia Grabowski, March 12, 2019 In May 2018, the Boy Scouts of America changed the name of its program for older children to Scouts BSA and opened membership to girls for the first time. Girl Scouts of the USA initially responded to the change by emph
  11. With the merger of Boston-Minuteman council and Yankee Clipper, there was a special council strip that was offered for a while that included the town, a reference to the old town strip that is alluded too. It was listed under the council strip. It looks nice done that way. This is what it roughly looked like.
  12. For registration purposes, the lone scout may work here. There are no other female cub scouts in the den, there would not be the required number for a den to be formed. Be sure to check out the link on Lone Scouts through the BSA site https://www.scouting.org/commissioners/lone-scout/ Make sure you speak with the unit commissioner. If you do not have a unit commissioner, contact the district commissioner. Their role is to help leaders of units. They are a great resource to ask for help
  13. Found this story out there from Daniel Webster council. Shows you are never too late. https://www.wmur.com/article/former-police-officer-becomes-eagle-scout-35-years-after-completing-project/25851789
  14. Here is what is listed through the Western Massachusetts Council Sorry for the breaks and length. Bachelor Degree Prerequisites: Current registration as a Commissioner, Current BSA YPT Certificate, Completion of "Commissioner Basic Training" Course Requirements: Completion of seven courses of instruction, at least 5 of the courses at the Bachelor's program level Roundtable Bachelor Degree (some councils require 2 year commitment) Prerequisites: Current registration as a commissioner, Current BSA YPT Cert. Completion of "Roundtable Commissioner
  15. I currently reside in the Mid America council (MAC) but I started going to commissioner colleges when I was an ADC in Spirit of Adventure on the east coast. Here in MAC, we partner with two other councils (within Nebraska) to run the college. It is of course open to any. They are going through the program to make it more interesting, useful and exciting for people to WANT TO COME. We will see how it goes. When I was living around Boston, I attended the Western Mass Council in Springfield MA every year. This was an incredible experience. It is done so well I have heard that National allo
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