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  1. I agree that coaches should be left to coaching. The aim is to win and they make their decisions based upon that. Scouting doesn’t seem to me the same as winning a game. I should add this scoutmaster doesn’t seem particularly concerned with rank advancement (other than his own son). There are scouts in the troop in high school who are still at the rank of scout. Unfortunately there have been other instances where he just didn’t seem to like my scout very much (unsure of why-he’s not a troublemaker) and hearing this just sealed the deal for us. Now wondering if we should seek another leader to
  2. I found out that the Scoutmaster had approached other adult leaders about removing my scout as Patrol Leader (elected by peers about a month ago). The reason was another scout, almost a year younger than my scout although in the same grade, needed the position more because he had just achieved First Class. The adult leadership pointed out there were other positions available for this Scout to fulfill, or he could just wait until something opened up as other scouts had to do in the past. If it hadn’t been for this one adult who adhered to that, my scout would have been replaced by this other bo
  3. As an update to this, Lifesaving Badge was successfully achieved at summer camp. Taking in everyone’s advice we sent dad’s (larger) pants and belt. Thank you to everyone and for the great stories that came along with the advice!
  4. Great to be able to see and visualize this. Over the course of this conversation we have packed and unpacked many belts and different types of pants. Only to talk to a scout who attended our camp in previous years for this badge who said “oh-we never did that…”—we shall see what happens! But seeing this the breathable pants I originally packed would not have worked as well as the chinos now packed. 😃
  5. Wow! What a memory and what a description! We do have a belt that tightens with rings packed with dad’s (khaki type) pants so now I think I’d better find the other pin kind. Your description was amazing! Thank you!
  6. Hmm…good idea-dad’s would be giant-but that would save me a trip.
  7. I guess I need to make a trip to the store for something he can wear with belt loops!
  8. My son is heading to camp where he will work on the lifesaving badge. Among other things they say to bring pants and a belt that can get wet for the badge. Probably a dumb question-but do the pants then have to have belt loops? Or can it be any pair of pants? Thanks for any insight!
  9. Thank you for your response. Not sure how to handle but we will see if he refuses to sign books if boys don’t know every knot.
  10. Our Scoutmaster announced he will require knowledge of all knots at Scoutmaster conferences. Is this appropriate? Some of the boys are now worried they may not know all knots by heart for these conferences and will fail their conference.
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