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  1. We recently had a parent who's YPT was not showing up in troop records. Apparently he had three member numbers, one was associated with the troop, one was his old cub unit, and one was from when he was a youth. We got them all merged and the issue is sorted out but it got me thinking... How far back do the Scouts BSA member numbers go? For example, might my old member number from the 1980s be in the computer system? If so, is there any value in mreging it with my account?
  2. If you can provide a reference to BSA documentation supporting this definition, then I will gladly pass it on to the leaders in our unit. However, I will refrain from enforcing any such a rule as I believe that would go against the intent of the uniform. Per the insignia guide, the uniform is intended to be a medium to display "what each youth or adult member has accomplished with program opportunities...". I fully encourage scouts/leaders to wear a complete uniform, but I would much rather a scout/scouter wear a 90% correct unform than get hung up on such details and discourage them in the p
  3. If a scouter earns any form of recognition, I will leave it up to them if they want to wear it. I understand some scouters think they cannot be worn but I respectfully disagree. I have found nothing in the insignia guide that prohibits it. It does state that mentor pins are "non-uniform wear" which I interpret as being approved to be worn without the uniform since some recipients are not scouters. Also, it does state that "Medals awarded by other associations are worn above the left breast pocket". I take that as approval to wear pins/medals awarded by anyone that does not represent the
  4. I have been to several Eagle COHs at our troop and others and one thing that I have seen done at others but not ours is the distribution of Eagle Mentor pins. I am not sure why the scouts from our troop did not hand them out (i.e. oversight or if its just not a priority for our troop). I personally plan to change that. I think those pins would be much more meaningful to our adults than a knot. Most of our adults are happy flying under the radar. I personally don't have any either. I am pretty sure I got AOL but I honestly cannot remember and since that is the one award that national do
  5. When I go to any district/council/national event I see a ton of knotted up leaders. Our troop is a different story. Several families have been very involved ever since cub scouts but have never nominated at either the pack or troop level. I am trying to find a comprehensive list of awards so we can nominate some adults. The scouting.org page seems a bit anemic. Does a complete list exist anywhere? It seems like the Scouters Trained award is the only award our adults can earn unless they write a big check or rescue people from a burning building. I do see several position specific a
  6. I am our troop's advancement chair. I just logged onto my.scouting.org and checked the "registrations" section of my profile. I have two "Registered Positions": Merit Badge Counselor and Committee Member. I also have one "Functional Position": Unit Advancement Chair. That pretty much confirms things. Other than being a counselor, an adult leader is only allowed to have one registered position, however we may have multiple functional positions. Since Unit Advancement Chair shows up as a functional position, that means any adult leader can hold that role.
  7. I know I am late to the party but I had the same question as the original poster and I wanted to share my findings for those that happen to find this thread. I am certain that an ASM can handle most/all advancement related duties, and I am pretty sure that ASM can be the Advancement Chair. This conclusion is based on the subtle wording in the following publications: The Troop Committee Handbook lists "Advancement Coordinator" as a committee position. The Troop Leader Guidebook indicates... It also indicates that a troop may have an "Assistant Scoutmaster for Advance
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