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  1. I am our troop's advancement chair. I just logged onto my.scouting.org and checked the "registrations" section of my profile. I have two "Registered Positions": Merit Badge Counselor and Committee Member. I also have one "Functional Position": Unit Advancement Chair. That pretty much confirms things. Other than being a counselor, an adult leader is only allowed to have one registered position, however we may have multiple functional positions. Since Unit Advancement Chair shows up as a functional position, that means any adult leader can hold that role.
  2. I know I am late to the party but I had the same question as the original poster and I wanted to share my findings for those that happen to find this thread. I am certain that an ASM can handle most/all advancement related duties, and I am pretty sure that ASM can be the Advancement Chair. This conclusion is based on the subtle wording in the following publications: The Troop Committee Handbook lists "Advancement Coordinator" as a committee position. The Troop Leader Guidebook indicates... It also indicates that a troop may have an "Assistant Scoutmaster for Advance
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