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  1. Time for the Scouts to prepare for the 'skills instruction' or to contact someone who will help them. Time to gather necessary equipment & consumables for the skills instruction and interpatrol activity.
  2. Once a month (normally a Saturday or Sunday afternoon) for about a hour to plan the Troop meetings for the upcoming month. SPL runs this. I get ~5min at the end for basic leadership thoughts. After every Troop meeting (<5min), to review/discuss any issues from current Troop meeting and to make sure they're ready for the next meeting (supplies, who's doing what). SPL runs this. I normally say nothing.
  3. I can no longer see individual topics. I can see the main page and sub forums but when I click on an individual topic - nothing. This is using a Windows 7 laptop with Chrome. Screen shot attached. I tried on my tablet and received "internal server error".
  4. What does your Troop do with leftover food after a campout? I'm talking like bread, syrup, coffee, etc.
  5. This is a test of the new forum software. This is only a test.
  6. Our small Troop is growing. We rechartered 5 Scouts and have been actively recruiting. Sunday was the District Cross-over. I knew of 2 WebII's that were coming to us but we ended up with 3. #3 made the decision based on #2. They are all 3 friends and came from the same Pack. What recent success story do you have to share?
  7. This is from the United Methodist Men page - " 15-Passenger Van Safety is big news these days. Because of the safety risks involved, federal law prohibits the sale of 15-passenger vans for the school-related transport of high school age and younger students. Many states have passed regulations limiting the use of these vans. Many institutions have already set deadlines for discontinuing the use of 15-passenger vans. The nation's leading insurer of churches has stated that "15-passenger vans are inherently unsafe as currently used by many owners." They highly e
  8. Sounds like they're asking for "activity credit" for the Scout Sunday patch. Question - does your Council/District/Unit have criteria for the Scout Sunday patch? As far as I can tell, there is no standard.
  9. Does your Troop have an Eagle Advisor? Why or why not? I find many references online to individual Troop's Eagle Advisor but nothing from National.
  10. I'll say it again. Time to search for a new Troop. Yes, it's easier said than done, but it is definitely doable.
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