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  1. Council has been made aware of this issue and is in contact with the police department that is handling it they are looking into whether or not he should be removed from the troop for breaking the scout oath and law
  2. I know this boy personally and he has been in trouble numerous times my son doesn't want anything to do with him anymore and sees his actions as not following the scout oath or law
  3. No it's not and we're not sure what actions if any we can invoke we have an upcoming event to a corn maze and people feel this boy should not be allowed to go due to this issue
  4. We have had a meeting once already with nothing being done and now we have new parents and members joining that are not happy about this situation and are thinking about removing their boys from the troop also last time the SM and Cc didn't not inform the committee of this issue and a parent that is familiar with this boy has brought it forward council was NOT notified or the chapter Rep
  5. I am a committee member for my son's troop and their senior patrol leader from last year has gotten into trouble breaking and entering into an elementary school twice. The second time he was caught on camera. This boy now is their quartermaster. My son is the assistant senior patrol leader and is very good friends with the now senior patrol leader. The boys think that the one that has gotten in trouble should be removed from the troop due to all of the issues with the breaking and entering into the elementary school along with having drugs and smoking paraphernalia found on him at school.
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