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  1. Equal access I agree with..."equal outcomes" is an ill-conceived idea. The unalienable right of Pursuit of Happiness is not a guarantee of happiness... There be dragons...
  2. @Liz As a 26 year veteran of the armed forces, I spent more of my career supporting humanitarian missions around the world than I did supporting combat operations under the orders of my civilian governments, which you (we) elected. Your comment shows an incredible level of ignorance, and is downright unscoutlike. I recommend you delete it yourself before the moderators do.
  3. Correlation is not cause. If you do not understand the difference, I recommend you read up on it. BSA is not an agent of cultural change. By following their mission, they may affect it, but it is not the mission. Racism, or sexism, or ageism, or "genderism", or any other discrimination-"ism" you can name (as well as religious discrimination) have always existed. They are part of our human nature which we must eternally struggle against. You will never end them. There is a simple answer, 'Love God, and love your neighbor as you love yourself." Scout Oath and Scout Law ar
  4. Hear, hear. When you look at the empirical data and studies done, you cannot reasonably reach the conclusion there is "systemic" racism, nor is there a police bias. It is perceived... There are, however, far too many cases of excessive use of force...but race is not a statistically significant causal factor in these. https://killedbypolice.net/ See the bottom of the splash page for "proven solutions" None of those have anything to do with race... When we disguise our feelings as thought, we make all nonsense possible.
  5. Agreed. This is a perfect example to illustrate the term "virtue signalling"
  6. Agree to that. But these moves won't address any of that. Stuff and fluff...
  7. Mash, If implemented, it will most likely have a clause to exempt Scouts who earned, say, Life before a certain date.
  8. And this will be (or should be if equal treatment is the desired outcome) the final nail in the coffin of Native American-style regalia in the OA
  9. Oh, and I missed this the first time through... "...and taking immediate action toward introducing a version for volunteers in the coming months."
  10. Introducing a specific diversity and inclusion merit badge that will be required for the rank of Eagle Scout. YGBSM! BTW, My personal pronouns are Your Majesty, His Majesty, and His Majesty!
  11. Is that the official Rover uniform ^^^^^^^ If so, I am IN!!! Wait...is that a skin tight leotard, or is that his bare butt cheeks?
  12. Yes, but they learn so much more! And the price is 50 to 80% less! I took a crew of 8 for a week on the Delaware River last August for just over $120 per person, including gas and tolls for the drivers. (We used our own canoes, kayaks, and accoutrement.) Canoeing MB, 50 miler award, NPS Scout Ranger Award, and a darned good time!
  13. Like I said..."DuctTape for National Commissioner!!" And, a fairly decent resource...https://tap.scouting.org/
  14. old school, or WB for the 21st Century?...bwahahahaha
  15. That might exactly be why they did it last year, to shield it from a bankruptcy liquidation order. If the judge thinks this was the case, they may still order it liquidated free and clear.
  16. Hadn't thought of that! Thanks for the idea
  17. Program sells...if you camp every month, and let the PLC run the show, it just kind of works. Not great at first if they haven't done it, but it gets better... And your Scouts are your best, or worst, recruiters. They are the ones who run our recruiting events...monkey bridge (they build it), fishing, canoeing (only with an adult swimmer if no swim check), ropemaking, geocaching, etc etc etc Also be up front. I tell parents, "We are not just recruiting your Scout. We are recruiting you! We expect parents to pitch in to support a good program."
  18. Haha!! @ 13:00 "Give 'em what we get at home!" "That's good! Whack 'em in the head!" Ahhh...the good old days No clue on the narrator
  19. They will have to figure it out... And according to the doctrine, guess who is supposed to take over CM duties when the CM leaves? The CC 😋 • If the Cubmaster is unable to serve, assume active direction of the pack until a successor is recruited and registered. https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/510-240.pdf
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