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  1. @qwazse, We think a lot alike...it wasn't the Scouts' motives I would question, but the adult leaders who would organize such an event during a time like this. Those same adults who make the announcement... Totally agree with striking service hours as a requirement. Also agree with allowing adults to earn ranks...(Rovers, anyone?) As for Bird Study...that is as it used to be, along with Pioneering. We should start a thread for Pet Peeves!
  2. The article above also explains; "The safety of these Scouts and all the volunteers are of the utmost importance to the United Way, especially during a time when social distancing is of high priority. Director Smith has put measures in place to make sure everyone is as safe as possible, “We are screening all of the volunteers when they come in, allowing only a group of 10 individuals to volunteer at a time, and are making sure we maintain the minimum six feet of distance between each other." Each situation will be different...but if an organization you wish to volunteer for does not suppo
  3. Yes, they had lots of other volunteers...and later our county was one of the first locked down in the state, and now has the third highest number of cases in the state. My line in the sand was the CDC guidelines. They were there for a reason...
  4. Early on, but before the stay at home order, our local hospital asked for community volunteers to set up a large tent (an outdoor event-type tent like those used for weddings, about 72' long) outside the hospital so they could screen patients there before concentrating them in the building. We put together two teams of ten, mixed Scouts and adults. We told the hospital we would work shifts of four hours, and that we wanted to adhere to CDC guidelines of groups no larger than ten, we would stay outside the hospital the whole time, bring our own food/water, use port-a-john, etc. The hospital
  5. This could mean the court will also deny Nationals move to have the court view the councils as separate entities for purposes of the overall litigation. Better go take some nice pictures of the camp you grew up with...it could be gone in the near future...
  6. Sorry, but that kind of real Scouting doesn't pay the CEO's six figure salary. We need revenue! Sell more popcorn!
  7. @Eagle94-A1. Unfortunately, the details of your story are not uncommon. There are many systemic issues across the BSA and US culture that do not bode well for the organization.
  8. All good! But most council camps around these parts are about generating revenue for the council first, with Scouting a fairly distant second.
  9. ^^^^ Does this seem just plain wrong to any of you?? Good on you @RememberSchiff for meeting the need directly! Spot on!
  10. We all failed. We try to pre-package Scouting into discrete things like merit badges, Summer Camp, service projects, etc. Scouting is a game with a purpose! Did he have a good game? Did we meet the purpose? What makes an Eagle Scout? As a Scoutmaster, I have written many letters of recommendation over the years. Some are easy. Some are not. The easy ones are long letters regaling the BoR with how I have watched this young person grow and learn, and some of the experiences we have shared. They usually end with this statement, "Jimmy is an Eagle Scout, an
  11. Time to make the distinction between Scouting and the BSA??
  12. Jameson76, That would be the cat's meow! A Troop having its own week long Summer Camp would be Scouting at its best:) I encourage you to try it... One issue with "industrial" Summer Camps is that Scouts are too "busy", as almost every moment of their day is scheduled for them. I encourage Scouts to keep one or two merit badge sessions free to do whatever they wish...nap, fish, hike, play basketball, swim, read, bird watch, contemplate the universe, etc.
  13. Remember when the youth forms used to be good for 3 years??
  14. Just had our Committee Meeting via Skype. Went really well.... We are finally getting with the 20th century! (Yes, 20th, not 21st)😛
  15. Feedback is a gift Thanks, Qwazse. Agree. "If I had more time, I would have written you a shorter letter." Who said that? Well, I have some corona-time now, so will revise accordingly...
  16. malraux, Thanks for the input. I purposefully left those in. As you surmise, we are boy only. Will reconsider, though...
  17. Scouters, We are still planning for Summer Camp. Here is the info I send out to New Scout parents. This has been well-received in the past, but it is an issue I still deal with every year. Last year I had two egregious offenders. I would appreciate your input on the message following... -------------------------------------------------------------------------- If I were the King, I would decree that no parents should go to Summer Camp the First Year But every parent knows their new Scout much better than I do, at this point, so I defer to your right as parent to
  18. I get the corporate structuring of Arrow and BSA. What I was writing about earlier was that Surbaugh was an officer of the two separate 501c3s, but being paid the exact same salary from both. Doesn't really pass the sniff test...
  19. Great time to try some virtual Scouting with Skype or other platforms. Public Health and Emergency Prep MBs are great candidates...
  20. We had our Scout meeting entirely outdoors last night. Except for getting flags and going to restrooms. Our sponsor requested we station an adult at the door with hand sanitizer to give everyone a squirt, and also asked for handwashing immediately upon entry (yes, right after the sanitizer.) We cheerfully complied. Our Scouts have never been cleaner!
  21. Additional data point... National supply currently says they are 49 1/2" x 35" x 35" https://www.scoutshop.org/catalog/product/view/id/2311/s/neckerchief-with-silver-embroidery-64073/ Maybe if I stretched it a lot...
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