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  1. Not lawyer bashing but auditing legal bills are as important as all other invoices. Had a lawyer in Vancouver Canada we used for various corporate issues who told us he would be in Calgary on a certain date for another client. Just so happened we were meeting a vendor at the same time in the same city. We agreed to business lunch meeting and we picked up the tab. When we received the next months billing and lo and behold we got billed for the lunch hour (expected) but also for his flight back and forth (not expected and did not pay). After that I looked a little closer at his invoices.
  2. This does not surprise me at all given the long term effects of Child Sexual Abuse on ones psyche. Drug abuse, issues with authority, and problems with relationships do not make a CSA survivor the ideal worker.
  3. A message to my fellow survivors: We are all getting bankruptcy fatigue and at times it will seem overwhelming but we are SURVIVORS and we will succeed. The bankruptcy will at its own speed evolve and at the end we will all win. We may never get the money we deserve but sure as hell remember the BSA will pay out more than it ever wanted to. Stay strong.
  4. I hope the BSA doesn’t read this and think it would be a new way of raising money. Next they will come out and ask us to sign over whatever settlement checks we do get. Their pitch will be because they do so much good for so many people and how could we be so greedy LOL.
  5. I want to make it clear that even if my valuation by the claims matrix was 2.7M I have not expected to receive that amount. I understand that this is a bankruptcy. But now for the BSA to put a lower valuation then they originally came up with feels like another violation of myself. It’s like let’s put salt in the wound.
  6. In the settlement offer that I voted on the valuation of my claim was 2.7 million. That what the plan that was voted on. Now the voting is done the BSA is saying it is worth less. That is BS. I think the white man is speaking out of both sides of his mouth.
  7. Those are good points but they are factors that have been known all along when this so called expert gave his first analysis. So what changed?
  8. I fail to understand how all thru this settlement procedure claims were worth $XXXX according to the BSA and now they say claims are worth only $XXX. Can someone please explain this to me. And miraculously it fits right into how much is in the settlement offer.
  9. It sure puts the "experts" credibility as an expert under question. This is my expert opinion unless I decide to change my mind. Kaching goes the cash register. How much is the BSA paying him?
  10. The coalitions Good question and I am sure it will be brought up.
  11. And that is why I would recommend everyone to understand the lifelong effects of being a child sexual abuse survivor entails. If research is done then most people might understand mine and multiple others position on the current settlement offer. A good place to start would be this topic: It goes right to the heart of why the BSA is in bankruptcy and that is because of the lifelong effects of the trauma of sexual abuse. If it did not have such an impact on ones life then yes 100K might be appropriate.
  12. I think the biggest stink will come from the e-ballots. All the feedback from the survivors that received them said it was a disaster.
  13. I am always amazed when I read stories such as Peters about how much I can relate. Not every detail not every word but there are constant themes that I can see that happened in my life. I know that you and I and other survivors have tried to paint a picture of what life has been like for us and I think it is a shame when sometimes we are relegated to the back of the room. I cannot expect a nonsurvivor to understand what we are constantly living with but here are two quotes from this article that I think pretty much sums it up. "Sexual victimization is a betrayal. It's a betraya
  14. I read that and to me it appears once again the BSA wants to tarnish the TCC and downplay the amount of award that a survivor deserves.
  15. I can understand your frustration. I have never seen a post that talked about the lifelong benefits of scouting, the joy of scouting or anything of that ilk that was posted in a bankruptcy topic removed and relegated to its own topic.
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