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  1. Was that Black or White Africans?
  2. I sure hope they do not get paid for anything other than client representation. Nothing extra!!
  3. I do not think that is exactly true. I think the fact that there has not been anything to discuss is what has kept survivors from posting.
  4. As this long saga plays out my attorney let me know that my case has been filed in California State Court. Yes, I know that there will be a stay on it because of the bankruptcy but still I feel better having it filed.
  5. You seem to be suggesting that individual or victims' rights to sue should be curtailed and greater protections be given to institutions such as the BSA from being sued based on the fact that the BSA is not the only organization that has a CSA issue. Not denying the fact that abuse should not have happened is not a defense against trying to minimalize the scope of the abuse, amount of suffering, and how hard BSA has fought survivors to be able to recover damages. The same legal system that you claim is bad to BSA is being and has been used by BSA to avoid fair compensation
  6. I hope all is well with you. Technology is amazing and embracing it is the only way to move forward.
  7. Simple answer is that the BSA did not want to pay for it and have the process drawn out longer. Wanting vetting was an insurance ploy so that they could keep their money in their investments for a longer period of time.
  8. Amendment to the plan was posted recently to the docket 8950ce76-0b70-4e57-a957-d4d9cc3d51c8_10189.pdf (omniagentsolutions.com)
  9. No the insurance settlements clear the insurance company of a BSA claim. A claim against the CO who didn’t settle would have to be paid fully out of their own pocket.
  10. And you keep @skeptics comments stand when they are not part of the judges opinion?
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