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  1. You don’t have to tell me I am dealing with it every day.
  2. Muttsy I hate to be the one to tell you but we are already in 2021 and half of it is gone. But I get what you are implying.
  3. I would say 12 to 18 months for money from BSA and LC’s and 3 to 4 years for insurance money. They will be fighting and delaying at every turn.
  4. Thank you for the clarification. Given that I would think that it would make sense for all of the insurance company's to try to settle beforehand. Possibly the TCC et.al does not want them to knowing the trustee will determine they will owe much more.
  5. I take from that statement a lawsuit can be filed against an insurance company by the trustee?
  6. Ok. How does the trustee get the non settled insurance company's to pay into the settlement? Where will the motivation be to settle if they cannot be sued? Or will the trustee be suing them on behalf of all claimants or will they file individual suits? Sorry if I sound ignorant.
  7. So if my LC opts into the settlement I have to depend on the trustee to go after the insurance company? I cannot go after them as an individual? I am a little confused.
  8. So if one were to opt out of the settlement could the BSA, LC be sued?
  9. So if the revised plan is passed as is, will lawsuits against the insurers be allowed on an individual basis i.e. survivor in California which has look back?
  10. Yesterday I was a recipient of an email from the law firm representing me. It emphasized that this really is just the beginning and that the earliest they expect any of the settlement to be distributed will be in about 9 months. This will be a slow process but the real process has just started. It has been anguishing up to now and I don’t expect it to get any easier. @ThenNowwe still need you around. Your insights are valuable and you and everyone else relieves some of my stress. Thank you all.
  11. I feel a need to revisit this. BSA has spent a tremendous amount of money for legal fees and other costs associated with this bankruptcy and they did it for one reason to keep themselves from losing everything. It is probably more then the amount that they want National to put into the settlement trust. White Cassel has made a large bucket of money and will make more the longer that this drags on (which is to their benefit). Who are the activists you are referring to that wants to "tear down another pillar of traditional American society & culture"? The "bureaucrats protecting their r
  12. Even the smokers knew that it increased risk for death. My father started smoking at the age of 12 and told me that they called cigarettes "coffin sticks" back that then. He died of lung cancer and it didn't take a warning on a cigarette pack to tell him what his eventuality would be. BSA knew long before I became a scout that there was a distinct chance that I could be abused (they had records and files about abusers) yet I am sure that no one told my parents and definitely never told me "hey be careful we don't know a lot about those men that will be camping with you or your child". Maybe
  13. My experience is that my rapist raped 11- 13 other young boys. The Boy Scouts knew about it (several letters from Troop Master to local council talking about it. Yes he was forced out out of that troop tried again in a different state and was denied the ability to volunteer (and he got his $2 application fee back) and that local council was told to tell him politely that his services were not needed. Wonder where he went next to get his rocks off? I wonder how many more young boys did he victimize? If he was caught later was BSA culpable because they didn't turn him into law enforcement.
  14. I would say then that not much has changed in the positive (as far as anyone knows for sure) since November 17, 2020.
  15. Not sure when the video first aired but Kosnoff just put this on Twitter Kosnoff Law @SexAbuseAttys Can the Boy Scouts survive a flood of sexual abuse claims? https://youtu
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