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  1. Define religion... you could make a statement that Boy Scouts is your religion, and that you worship Lord B-P. If the state gives tax breaks to a "religion" but not to other non-profits, then that is a state "establishing a religion"...
  2. Could you enter this in a will? Disposition of a settlement in your favor, that is?
  3. We offer an orientation to parents, and spend a great deal of time on "How do we keep your kids safe?" Removing adults without children in the program is a recipe for failure. They're the ones with the "bandwidth" available to make such an admittedly complex program as Scouting work (well). We encourage our new parents to camp with us. We require YPT, and background checks (usually free) per our state law in PA. We did have a parent wish to camp, without sufficient time to complete the above. We allowed it, but said they must, at all times, be with one of our registered adult
  4. When we disguise our feelings as thought, we make all nonsense possible.
  5. You are correct: the G2SS states "registered leaders" versus registered unit leaders. I asked this same question regarding MB counselors to our council three years ago, and got conflicting answers through DE and FD, and was asked by our FD to ask the YP folks at national (which he later denied --- wished I'd had that one in writing, as in our conversations he relayed he had spoken to SE about it 😜 ) YP national folks generated a somewhat scathing response, delivered by Michael Johnson himself, that I should just listen to council and stop trying to circumvent their registration policies. LO
  6. Committee Members ought to go camping (or visit an overnight camping trip) to observe the performance of the SM Corps. It is not the ideal that MCs would be there as the required adult supervision. Totally concur with @fred8033... except one point... Scouts should ideally work with Committee Members for their Positions of Responsibility, where appropriate. e.g., Scribe, Webmaster, Librarian, Chaplains Aide, Historian, etc. etc., as these are administrative in nature. For other PORs, it is ONLY appropriate to be under the mentorship of someone in the SM Corps... e.g.,
  7. Yes. You will not find specific direction to have IOLS to take youth camping. CAVEAT: Your council may invoke stricter requirements that the G2SS!!! Check your council's unit leader training policy. If your Council says you have to have IOLS, then you must. Read through the entire G2SS. Depending on the activity, different levels of training are required... For example, under the Camping section, ONE leader must have Hazardous Weather Training: Supervision of camping activities must include qualified, registered, adult leadership. [no specifications for "qualified" oth
  8. This, but the primary point is that those adults are approved by your CO to be registered in their Scout program. The CO approves and has authority over ALL adult leaders in their chartered Scouting program. If the CO doesn't want someone involved in their Scouting program, they (through the COR) can direct them to leave. The only reason council would intervene is if the adult does not meet BSA Membership Standards (usually revealed in criminal background check). This is why two units are not to intermix activities without council approval... Council would ask if the CO's approve t
  9. That is so sad. Form without substance... The lesson for that son is that the outward man is more important than the inward. We will all suffer from the fruits of that mentality. See above...
  10. I'll channel Jefferson: Time indeed changes manners and notions, and so far we must expect institutions to bend to them. But time produces also corruption of principles, and against this it is the duty of good citizens [Scouters] to be ever on the watch, and if the gangrene is to prevail at last, let the day be kept off as long as possible.
  11. YGBKM!!! No, I can attest to these issues as well... but I am not undecided on the issue of Insta-palms.
  12. They are conflating that with Camping MB requirements.
  13. All good advice! If you choose to participate in some activities, plan on waiting in line for some of the most popular ones (ala Disney). Bring something to occupy your time while waiting (or make friends and chat!) Get two portable batteries for your cell phone. Fully charged before departure. (Make sure you have a charging cord to connect portable battery to phone, and a spare cord, too! Would be best if all your connections used the same type cord... make that investment.) Take lots of pictures. Camp security is no joke... A Scout is Trustworthy. 50,000 ARE NOT! I
  14. I have seen all the above... Years ago, in the dim ages.... we had an SE that directed the OA lodge to staff and run a council camporee, on pretty short notice. The LEC discussed it, voted on it, and decided no, we cannot do that. SE said, (paraphrasing) Look at at the glossary of names in your OA Handbook. See the one that says "Netami Gegeyjumhet"? That means Supreme Chief of the Fire. That's me. And, you must always remember, the Supreme Chief of the Fire can put the fire out!" We staffed the camporee... and it was pretty good, too 😜 https://oa-bsa.org/article/ask-c
  15. That looks exactly like the first backpack I bought from Sky City department store (1979), using money I'd earned mowing grass over the summer! The program has change immensely, but enjoy!!
  16. LOL, yes it is 😜 Technically, only "entities" can "own" property, including money. Unless you incorporate your unit, it cannot "own" anything. If our COR ever wants a financial statement, we would subtract out of the bank account balance any monies paid by Scouts or parents into Scout accounts. Any monies fundraised belong to the COR. All property and gear belong to the COR. Now, they cannot just "take" your funds and put it in their general account. If your unit has a bank account, only the signatories on that account can dispose of the funds. If our COR demanded our cash, we
  17. You will not find a clear cut answer to the question. And the question is really, "When does the Cub Scout program end?" Here are various answers you could find supporting arguments for in the literature: A. 11 Years old. The reasoning is this: There are three criteria for joining Scouts (you must meet one to join): " 1) ...at least 10 years old, currently in the fifth grade and register on or after March 1st: 2) OR have earned the Arrow of Light Award and are at least 10 years old, 3) OR are age 11 but have not reached age 18." Although the criteria do not specifically say
  18. Nuanced doublespeak... "encouraged to avoid ... joint participation in community events or activities" You could interpret that to mean Girl Scouts are "encouraged to avoid" placing flags on veterans graves because BSA units are there doing it at the same time.... hogwash Or, you could interpret that to mean Girl Scouts are "encouraged to avoid" walking in the Memorial Day Parade because BSA units are doing the same. ("Encouraged to avoid" is too slippery,,, just say "prohibited" or "shall not") Same interpretation applies to "...exclusive to the Girl Scout program" I
  19. Thanks, but the memo cited only outlines risks. It prohibits no interactions.
  20. Concur. And your thoughts on COR guiding this, versus SM?
  21. Explicitly? As a parent of a Girl Scout and a Boy Scout, and working as a volunteer with both units, I never heard such a prohibition.
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