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  1. How is it 3x the work for her?? LOL And how will the Scouts learn, if not by doing? I know... preaching to the choir 😜
  2. That would be three separate menus/shopping/cooking/cleanup in our unit, so three patrols. 3 olders is enough for a "patrol."
  3. IMO, you are doing great!! The discouragement of PM's means between adults and youth...
  4. No, it isn't. You have no idea who @fred8033 is. That account could be a Scouter, or it could be someone posing as a Scouter, or it could (these days) be a large language model chatbot posting. Or it could be one of my alter egos trolling you, and complete fiction.
  5. Not quite... For example, a CO and Unit Committee can choose not to allow someone who is openly gay (or a sex-changer) be a leader or youth in their unit. In the case of the adult, if their lifestyle is not in line with the views and morals of the CO, then they have every right to exclude that person from their unit. But, not from Scouting... In the case of the youth, issues of sexuality should never be on the menu... but if they youth and or family push that agenda, then the unit has every right to exclude them as incompatible with their aims for their unit. But, they cannot
  6. Absolutely, we tolerate those with those "views". What we do not tolerate is those who "act" against others in accordance with those views. What you are advocating is akin to being the "Thought Police." Not knowing the other specifics of the OP (that is, having only one version of the events), my pronouncement was simply that it was wrong of the person to use an open forum to vent his misgivings about membership policies. And, it was also a failure by the discussion moderators there to not steer that person into other territory. Zoom hosts can mute or boot anyone from a session.
  7. Something was definitely rotten in the state of Denmark on that one 😜
  8. @Armymutt, I think you'd agree it's like being in the military: The best thing about being in the military (or Scouts) is some of the people you get to work with. The worst thing about being in the military (or Scouts) is some of the people you get to work with. 😉 😉 😜 😜 😜
  9. Other folks out there with local-run Scout Shops? Please post their phone numbers for @negot8or Also, here is the store locator. You can click on each to find a phone number. https://www.scoutshop.org/storelocator I do not think you can distinguish between local, council-run shops, and those that have space leased out to National... For the ones that are National-run, I believe inventory is more centrally controlled, and when items are discontinued, they sometimes get "called back" to supply centers for disposal... But, I could be way off base with that... That is th
  10. All out of stock on scoutshop.org, but try local council Scout Shops that are not run by National. Garden State Council is one...609-261-5850 If they have them, they'll take your credit card info over the phone for charges and shipping. There are others... many may still have loops in stock, as once they purchase from National, they often cannot return them. A saavy local shopkeeper can check inventory in other stores to help. YMMV. I have had items like this shipped from all over the country to our location. Happy Hunting!
  11. - Cotton doesn't kill.... wet cotton kills (in cold weather) Cotton has an affinity for water (hydrophilic), and is therefore difficult to dry. It does not wick away moisture, buts holds it, and therein lies the problem in cold weather. Makes a great towel for that reason, though! - Cotton shrinks (but can be pre-shrunk) - Cotton wrinkles (ironing, anyone?) - I love cotton, in hot weather 😜
  12. Ahh... you are not limited to attending events in your District. You can go where ever convenience dictates. If anyone gives you the stink eye tell them you got permission from Scouter.com !! LOL
  13. The unit is in District A, the location of your CO. The CO owns the unit, regardless of where it meets. The DE for District A supports. At recharter, same as above... DE for District A. No, no National policy... the only thing remotely covering is that the council has geographic boundaries... and CO's located in those boundaries are chartered within that council. The council gets to determine its own geographic or functional boundaries for its districts.
  14. @Newschoolscoutdad, welcome! That is a great idea! But, since you would still be soliciting a donation, just ask for council approval... Fill out the BSA Fundraising Application and send it in. https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/34427.pdf Attach a short letter explaining what it is you want to do, and how you want to do it. Give a ballpark figure for the value of the equipment you'll be asking for. Set an end date for seeking the donations, and stick to it. (You can take down that entry on Facebook or other platforms, right?) Councils approve GoFundMe's for E
  15. Does not require separate facilities... G2SS is quite clear... Separate shower and latrine facilities should be provided for male and female adults as well as for male and female youth. If separate facilities are not available, separate times should be scheduled and posted. Should does not mean must.
  16. A Scout is Courteous. And their actions were not. If the site facilities are shared, then they are shared. If anyone put up a sign that said "females only", I would first address it with the Camp Commissioner/Director. If Camp Staff did not put up the sign, I'd take it down for the other Troop and return it. And then put up a sign that said "Shared Use." or "Unisex." And I would tell my Scouts to use that shower. If you do not get a sensible solution from Troop/Commissioner/Camp Director, call your own Scout Executive.
  17. Do you go to school with them? Sports? Church? Vacation? Everyday life outside of Scouting? We have no mandate to impose our standard of care outside of the auspices of the BSA events where we are supervising Scouts. Should you choose to do so, best wishes in your endeavors. I think you have found a nice windmill, don Quixote. In the very limited contact I have with them, I seek to arm my Scouts with tools to deal with those situations, and launch them into the wide world to find their own way. It is very empowering for them, rather than looking to me to fight their battles.
  18. Agree with much of this. If Instagram is a public forum (and it is, because government officials use it to engage with the public) then people can say whatever the heck they want. Now, BSA tagging and reposting IS a problem. But that is on BSA... And yes, adults should tell their Scouts to ignore posts that BSA has tagged for their Troop, exactly because they (as you say) seem to allow people who make hateful comments. Your Scouts need to learn to speak up to confront, or ignore, just as you and I do. There are a lot of hateful people in the world... you are not going to shield
  19. Let's be careful here... Rules (and rulemakers) cannot perfectly address all situations. Just like laws (and lawmakers) cannot. There has to be room for judgment, common sense, and matters of conscience. For example, take something simple like the speed limit. It is the law. Day to day, I obey it, even though it is really inconvenient. (Yes, I am that guy on the road, in the right lane with cruise control set to the speed limit 😜 ) But, if I am transporting a Scout to the emergency room, you can bet your boots I am speeding. I will break that law. The situation demands it.
  20. The line for bullying and harassment is at the point where someone is addressing comments at youth, and you ask them to stop. When they don't, it crosses the line. If you just don't like what they are saying, or if their statements are general, and not directed at anyone specifically, it isn't bullying... it is just them being a horrible person. In a public forum, people have the freedom of speech. In a public forum, you have the right to not listen. The forum you spoke of in your OP was not a public forum. (And this is not a public forum either...) Could/should someone have
  21. P.S. We adults do have to limit their appetite. The Scouts ask to do many more activities than we adult volunteers can support. But, I have noticed their eyes do tend to be bigger than their stomachs. That is, the more activities we added, the fewer the average number of Scouts who participated in those activities. A bit of scarcity in supply seemed to increase the real demand/uptake.
  22. Target program is negotiable. Start maybe with identifying how many program elements the adults can support, since that is now the limiting factor. Side note: I think this is one of the things killing Scouting. Back in the day, we got together as a Patrol without adults. We did hikes, service projects, meetings, or just hung out. Scouts are not allowed to do such things now. After you determine what the adults can support, present that to the PLC. You saw my earlier post with what the Committee together with the direct contact leaders can do. We have an ASM assigned to eac
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