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  1. Permission slips, explanation and written acknowledgement of risk, explicit liability waivers, and a long term quarantine/lockdown plan if there is a case. Anyone want to go camping for a month straight?
  2. Don't see how National would weigh in on this. It would erode their bankruptcy argument that councils are autonomous. That is why they would only issue standards/guidelines to councils which choose to go ahead with their camps. The guidelines/standards is the CYA for National. Any departure from those is on the camp staff/ council that hired them. My bet is, most of the holdouts are biding their time hoping for some relaxation of restrictions or state guidelines that give them some room to operate. But hope is not a course of action 😁
  3. Wonder if I should take the course, just for the cert?
  4. Minsi isn't far from here...waiting for the other shoe to drop on our chosen camp
  5. Curious...what state are you in? We are going to camp in NY...and it ain't looking good.
  6. We have 34 Scouts signed up for Summer Camp, and a crew of 7 youth for HA. If they are cancelled, we will run our own programs, subject to state guidelines of course.
  7. Lone Scouting for everyone! Parents sign off requirements; MBCs are contacted through Scoutbook; interaction with the Scouting community is virtual; no need for a council! Dogs and cats living together...mass hysteria!! Oh, National still gets your registration fee
  8. Exactly...if it was first and foremost, then the reductio ad absurdum is to eliminate the Scouting program. All risk gone!
  9. But National and councils recognize Unit Scouter Reserves, who do pay, as leaders for the two-deep requirement. Yet, they have no training other than YPT. Hence my sarcasm with policies as stated and implemented.
  10. MBCs may only fill the two-deep requirement during a merit badge session when the Scout's parent or another registered adult leader is present. This would apply for on-line sessions or visits to a Scout's home, or a meeting in a public place like your local library or a restaurant. If a council running a camp says the MBC cannot fill any two-deep requirement, then that council will be supported by National in implementing that policy. An SE, as CEO of a separate legal entity [501c(3)], may implement policies more stringent than National publishes. Wanna dive deeper into the can of
  11. Only in certain merit badge situations, not something considered an outing. And that opens a new discussion about what constitutes a merit badge session, versus an "outing" Again, policies are often written with ambiguity to protect the BSA...not you, nor youth
  12. Richard, An MBC is registered, and according to the same criteria... Completion of application including criminal background check and mandatory Youth Protection training Volunteer Screening Database check The only substantial difference between a MBC and a Unit Scouter Reserve, is that the MBC requires MORE training!!
  13. This is also why we don't go to our local Summer Camp. Our unit has a history of parents who would come and take kids out of camp for storms, soccer practice, karate, or their fourth cousin's (twice-removed) birthday.
  14. The policy as written is poorly worded and unclear, specifically about what positions qualify as "registered adult leaders." You will not find this clarified anywhere in "official" publications. I recommend, until BSA amends the wording, you follow what you see as the plain language common sense interpretation. If that means you see MBC's as "registered adult leaders", then go with it. This council does not intepret it this way. In this council, MBC's are not "registered adult leaders." And I have it directly from National Director of YP that councils may apply stricter stand
  15. 26 year Air Force vet here...my Scouting mentors were WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam War Vets. Most have passed on... They all had tactical patience with us Scouts... https://fisher.osu.edu/blogs/leadreadtoday/blog/leadership-tip-of-the-week-tactical-patience/ Never jumped in when things went wrong (unless it was an real emergency)...just looked at us and said, "Well, what are you gonna do now?" I see way too much jumping in nowadays... Have you heard of snowplow/helicopter/lawnmower parents? We have them in spades The parents are more of a challenge than the youth!
  16. Yes, our Plan B's are to do unit treks and unit Summer Camp, with participants from like-minded families.
  17. You will need to check this with your council. Some councils (and national) do not regard Merit Badge Counselors as "registered leaders" for the purposes of any events other than Merit Badge sessions. This might be another one of those situations where you don't really want to know the answer to the question, though 😬
  18. And FWIW, If you ever see any invitations from National to contact them directly with questions regarding clarification of policies, don't! National expects you to go through your local SE, and they will defer to the local SE interpretation, even if more stringent than the National policymakers intended. And if the SE interpretation is less stringent than the national policy, National gives you and the SE a black eye. If you choose to ask National staff, they will cc your SE...even if your YPT questions bridge over several councils (going to camp or treks out-of-council, for example)
  19. Eagle, so you are on the Dark Side, too?? Can't see you...because it is soooo dark here
  20. Hi Alma, In the upper right corner of your browser, click Your name. Then click Profile in the drop down menu, then Edit Profile.
  21. Eagle, DAM form, item 4. says "The nominee’s attitude toward and cooperation with the district and/or council is to be taken into consideration." In our council, that equates to FOS and other donations. Little to do with actual service to Scouting. Same for SIlver Beaver. Pay to play... One day, I'll shed my illusions and realize, donations = service.
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