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  1. Please view a few of the videos I posted, which discuss the science behind the gender differences, and I'll be glad to engage further...
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEDuVF7kiPU&ab_channel=JordanBPeterson @yknot, it seems you are twisting @Eagle1993 's words a bit.
  3. https://jenikaplan.medium.com/the-great-girl-scout-cookie-scam-b024ffad6e1b
  4. We do not let youth design the program of Scouting. I'll refer you to the aims and methods...
  5. Scouting can certainly provide an equality of opportunity for males and females. The program, as currently written, is essentially gender-blind. And I concur wholeheartedly that all should be given the opportunity. However, you can never achieve equality of outcomes in any field of endeavor. Outcomes are based on opportunities, individual talents, desires, attitudes, behaviors, and probably a few other things I cannot think of at the moment. I would posit that mixing genders within Scouting changes the outcomes negatively for males. Or, maybe a better way to say that is, you get
  6. Agreed, but Scouting is more than just the activities.
  7. OK, if you are involved with this, recommend: 1. address discrepancy between rquirement #1 (15 miles), and the statement at the end requiring only 10 miles. 2. be consistent in naming convention...use the name "Erie Canal Trail Medal" (ECTM) throughout. Avoid "Historic Trail Medal" references, as this could be confused with the BSA Historic Trails Award https://www.scouting.org/awards/awards-central/historic-trails/ (which the ECTM could be used to obtain) Best wishes
  8. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/the-human-beast/202001/why-women-and-men-still-take-different-jobs
  9. Is the "Historic Trails Medal" something different than the "Erie Canal Trail Medal"??
  10. Welcome! When I was on exchange to the Canadian Forces, and stationed in Ottawa, we would drive down to many Longhouse Council events around the Ogdensburg/Watertown area. Welcome!
  11. Although I support female youth in Scouting, the answer to your question is that we are wired differently, and there is some benefit in single gender programming.
  12. And for our older Scouts this summer, after summer camp we are cycling over five nights on the Great Allegheny Passage! I wonder if we can camp at @qwazse's house the night before we hit the trail? There might be a free dinner and beverages at Hofbräuhaus in it for you 😜
  13. This is the ideal!! This makes me happy 😜 Except for the final clause of the last sentence...that one makes me a bit sad...😞
  14. It is...Scouts want fun activities, not academics. Parents want academics and merit badges earned. Fun is our hook, built around patrol-based activities where we slip in all the character, citizenship, fitness, and leadership opportunities. I challenge you to sit in on the First Aid class at your camp, and see what I mean. Rarely is this one counseled to the requirements. To elaborate, each Scout must complete the requirements as stated. So, can you imagine how long it would take to teach and evaluate just requirements 1, 11, and 12?? 1. Demonstrate to your counselor that yo
  15. Yes, many councils have created the merit badge mills, which parents love because their Scout gets lots of badges fast, and they can get their Eagle quicker, and move on to the next college-resume-padding activity... Merit badge mills get a lot more attendance. Our council is a perfect example: small camp offering 75 merit badges. 60% of our council revenue generated by the camp... A fairly industrial operation, camp is stuffed to the gills with people. And there are other camps very much like this... They went from giving the customer what they need to giving the customer what t
  16. There are some camps left where this is still the model.
  17. Yeah, I wish people weren't so messed up in the head, and would stop building cars for their kids. When you go to some district/council events, it is OBVIOUS that many were not the product of a Cub Scout. My son's car never won those events. He built one two years in a row, and competed. Where we lived at the time, it was blatant that parents were building and tweaking cars. Honed axles, graphite, teflon, or other lubes, etc, etc, I wouldn't do it for him. He got a little upset with me, but think he learned a valuable lesson...life isn't fair, and many people cheat and cut corne
  18. As long as the instructors and counselors mentor Scouts to meet the requirements as stated, then sure. This should be a different topic, though... Summer camp is supposed to be a week in the woods "under canvas", with all that entails... “A week of camp life is worth six months of theoretical teaching in the meeting room.” BP It should focus on "...making camp, putting up a shelter, cooking over a fire, exploring our surroundings without getting lost, learning about the natural world and how to use what it provides, constructing things with pieces of tree and rope, tracking
  19. @RememberSchiff, sorry, but this does not meet the country-club merit-badge-mill motif we are going for. Gotta shave off as much Troop & Patrol work as possible to maximize the number of merit badge classes a Scout can attend and be awarded!!! (I did not say earn) C'mon, man! Get with the revenue program!
  20. Agreed...the Cit in Soc MB is a pig in a poke. With lipstick.
  21. Adding to the requirements?? No no
  22. No, they aren't...the key is the Troop Guide. Wanna really understand the Troop Guide role? Look at the patch. He is the Patrol Leader-mentor. We use Troop Guides to great effect. Usually, they are past Patrol Leaders for their Patrol. For six months, they go side by side with the PL of the New Scout Patrols until they "get it". Six months is about all it takes, depending on program. We camping trip every month, immediately followed by a PLC, a day trip every month, and have a service project every other month. Plenty of leadership opportunities. Train 'em, Trust 'em, Let them lea
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