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  1. Respectfully disagree... Scoutbook has more functionality now than when it was free. I used it extensively then, and use it extensively now. It runs even better with the Scoutbook Feature Assistant add-on (which Gary Feutz keeps up) from the Goggle Play Store. I do agree that Scoutbook support by BSA is sorely lacking. It is mostly volunteers (Scoutbook User Advisory Council) who assist with day to day problems. BSA definitely lost a LOT of credibility in my book when they dumped user support, and expected the Registrars to answer peoples questions about Scoutbook (with no trainin
  2. Scoutbook has decent high level account tracking. If done correctly, the balance matches what's actually in the bank account. For fine detail, like tracking fundraiser amounts, we use Excel spreadsheets stored on the Troop Google Drive. Once all the fine detail accounting is done there by the Fundraiser Chair, the Troop Treasurer makes entries into each Scout account in Scoutbook.
  3. We have a calendar on our Troop website. That calendar is public, and subscribes to the Troop calendar. You can see events there, but you cannot open an event without a Scoutbook log in. We encourage Packs to look at that calendar to see what events they may like to attend. Then they contact us to make arrangements. No, you cannot have anyone other than Scouters/Parents/Scouts with Scoutbook accounts, but you can send event notices to guests. (Although I have not used this feature to test capability.) We do not send out changes. We send up to three event notices, along w
  4. So, just had this convo with another leader asking kinda the same. Here was my "edited" response... Questions: I wanted to reach out to you regarding comparison & recommendation between Scoutbook and Troopmaster (& any other like products). P-XXX had Scoutbook. I don't know Troopmaster. Initially - What products does yours & other Troops in our area use & why? - Is there much of a cost difference - multi-year di$count? - Is one "Better" than the other? - What's their guarantee for data protection? - Any other go
  5. Email seems to be back up fine... at least for us. As far as the calendaring goes, you can email the entire group with notices from a specific event. One thing to address is culture. Most people want you to "Push versus Pull". This means most people wait around waiting for you to send them a message about stuff. They are waiting for you to "Push" to them. (Of course, when you do, a few do not respond and claim they didn't get the message.) We teach our Scouts that real leaders "Pull." They go out and get the information they need to make decisions. The easy way to do t
  6. And by adults allowing *some* 15 years-olds with little to no experience lecture around a picnic table at Summer Camp and giving the MB away.
  7. From the G2SS... "In situations not specifically covered in this guide, activity planners should evaluate the risk or potential risk of harm, and respond with action plans based on common sense, community standards, the Scout motto, and safety policies and practices commonly prescribed for the activity by experienced providers and practitioners." Two Scouts wanna hike a well-travelled, flat rail-to-trail section? No problem... I'll drop 'em off and go to the ice cream shop near the end to wait for them. Two Scouts wanna hike up Mount Washington? Maybe not... "Known as the
  8. Ask five different lawyers this question, and you'll get ten different answers!! My answer... "It depends 😜 "
  9. Careful @qwazse!! You'll anger the G2SS gods!! "Two registered adult leaders 21 years of age or over are required at all Scouting activities, including meetings." This one kills me... two Scouts should be able to go for a day-hike together without adult supervision. If they have a plan, are properly outfitted, and let someone know where they will be and when they will be back, that should be enough...
  10. P.S. It is nice of you to do, but it is not your place to name your replacement. That is COR business. Of course, you can ask and help, but it is the COR's signature on the application. Period. I followed this exit plan when I was departing as the Scoutmaster. I gave them one year advanced notice, and gave a reminder at every Committee Meeting. I gave my recommendations to the CC and COR for who from the ASM Corps could be my replacement. I talked with each of the ASM Corps about taking the job. No one did anything until I announced in my Scoutmaster's Minute, "Scouts, it has
  11. Army guys People are lazy, and they will let you carry their water as long as you are willing to carry it. There is really no dilemma here. Set a deadline for your departure (recommend no more than 60 days from now.) Stick to it! Announce to the COR and Cubmaster that, as of that date, you will no longer be with the Pack. Stick to it! Tell everyone that you have asked, for some time, for someone to take the position, with no takers. Give them your departure date. Mass email, committee meetings, or whatever method of communication you use... Stick to it! At each
  12. LOL, yeah, the last two points were being facetious... note the "overkill" and "LOL, if only " remarks...
  13. Swimming is much easier. Cycling next. Hiking is awesome, but many balk at the 20-miler. You do have to work up to it, or face some noticeable pain 😛
  14. So, for this, I'd note a few things... 1. When you say "low landers", what do you mean? What is the average altitude above sea level where you live? This will matter... 2. Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) really becomes a factor above around 8000 feet. The best treatment is to go down in altitude. Much of the route you have there is above 8000', with no easy way to get down to lower altitudes, should the need arise. Plan accordingly. 3. Here's some light reading ... https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/page/travel-to-high-altitudes# https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/P
  15. Because a tent is a huge expense, I recommend you think down the road a bit. What do you intend to use the tent for 5-7 years from now? If you think you will still me doing a lot of car camping, then the Basecamp might be good. If you think you'll want to be more mobile (backpacking, etc.), you may want to opt for two lightweight tents. Basecamp4 is 7.65 kg!! (BTW, Basecamp4 is not 50% off... only 20% with your member discount... at least that is what I am seeing... so $359.20 without tax.)(but you get a dividend of about $45, ) Is your Scout the type that could sleep in a te
  16. I do not recommend big cabin tents, for the reasons you see above... We still have one we bought in the basement. Used it about 5 or 6 times... Our family preferred using our backpacking-type tents more. We set up two, and often put Mom with the girls and Dad with the boys. Even then, it wound up being as @Eagle94-A1 pointed out... I set up the tents while Mom corralled the young ones. You do not spend a lot of time in the tent for any activities other than changing clothes (where people want some privacy) and sleeping. The kids want to be outside playing anyway (even in the rai
  17. Welcome @Jadalexm! You were a Scout from Tiger to Eagle. So, that's about what, a 12-year time span? And I know you have learned a lot more since then... But just looking at your Scouting years, ask yourself the question... "How long does it take to get 12 years worth of knowledge?" Well, it takes about 12 years 😜 Be patient with yourself, as well as your Scouts! You are going to have some meetings and activities where you will feel like you did not accomplish a great deal (if anything.) That's OK. One thing I found very helpful is to read a little about the psycholo
  18. Because the money kept coming in... so the volunteers were expendable. But they are slowly killing the goose that lays the golden egg, and they cannot see it.
  19. During my SM conferences, I ask each Scout, "Other than you 😛 , who is the best Scout in this Troop, and why?" And then I challenge them to emulate the successful behavior they see in others. I also ask them, with a promise of anonymity, "Which Scout challenges you the most, in either a positive or negative way?" In about 75%(?) of answers that they bring up a negative example. Usually some bullying or poor behavior that goes on when adults aren't watching. I take notes and I observe more closely to address the behavior. Often, Scouts talk about how someone goes to merit badge colleges o
  20. I said certificates... and NO PLAQUES, agreed! shoulda said gift certificates or gift cards
  21. Or knots, or certificates, or the Troop paying for their Scouting classes or outings!!!
  22. Again, Native American Heritage Preservation is not in our mission set... and never was. Another "cringy" is watching drumming, singing, and dancing... especially when there is no meaning attached, Then it becomes blind mimicry, and pretty bad at that.
  23. make and print your own basic topo maps at caltopo.com
  24. P.S. Approaching Midsommar 1987, I had the distinct pleasure of helping to construct the midsommarstång!! I went into the forest to help gather flowers and birch branches for the pole!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9bJpgyf1X4&ab_channel=GraceonTour The Swedish Scouts taught me the song, "Lasse går i ringen", and on Midsommar, we tried to break the record for dancing!! (Apparently, there was such a thing.) The sun set around 10 PM (IIRC), but I only made it till about 3:30 AM before I gave out 😛 Sunrise was about 4:00 AM!!! A new world of history, culture, food, and l
  25. AES, I experienced this while I was in Sweden as well, and looked (admiringly) at it as a deep connection to familial, community, and cultural roots. You have expressed well exactly what the issue is here... people who have no connection with something deeply meaningful (to those with a connection to the culture) are making attempts (often poor) to copy (with sometimes embarrassing results) for no reason other than some fictional ceremonial purposes. Thank you for putting a "Scandanavian" slant on the context of this discussion. It is helpful to shed light on the issue. (Min fafar
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