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  1. We try to plan an event once a month on a Saturday outside of Den and Pack Meetings. What are some ideas we can do? This year we did a Flag retirement ceremony and it was very cold. So we decided for the future to save this event for warmer months.
  2. Love it.... That is an awesome idea. I think I may have two leaders who would fit perfect to do this for our scouts.
  3. I thought about bringing our Pack trailer and getting some items out of it to show to the Scouts. Our Parents are good and ready to go. Just got to encourage some of the younger scouts that this will be a fun experience. Looking for fun ideas to share with them.
  4. With the group we have now we have not gone camping with them yet. But will at the end of March. We have some scouts who are nervous about camping. Last year we did a similar pack meeting letting them practice putting tents up and showing them items needed to go camping letting them answer questions about what they think they should bring. Basically I went through each rank finding things to talk about. It was a small group but to me it seemed very boring for them. This year I want to give them some different ideas since we have a lively bunch. Keeping them still listening to us talk isn't goi
  5. For our March Pack meeting we will be working on Camping Preparedness. We have many new scouts and families who have never been camping. What are some ideas you would do to keep it not only informational/learning but also fun?
  6. We are starting our planning for popcorn sales and looking ways to get more participation and fun for our scouts. Do any units set a goal and if scouts go over that goal you may do something low cost that's fun. Maybe like pie a leader or silly string a leader? What are some other ideas we could do that's free or low cost that would get our scouts more involved and excited?
  7. Since March and after several virtual meetings before May. Emails and texts throughout summer I've only heard from about 4 scouts out of 25. Now I'm ready to get things started again. What's works? How do I get parents involved? More participation? Our scouting never ended just the participation. I had 75% of pack not complete rank for last year. I encourage parents to work with their scouts at home and even gave June, July, and August activities to do for the summer participating pin. I basically came up for a plan for each rank and gave details of how to do them. But r
  8. We have been doing virtual meetings for about a month now and have had very little participation. Maybe seven scouts out of twenty four. As leaders we are still trying to figure the whole virtual meetings setting out ourselves. Our first meeting was suppose to be for the parents but none wanted to show up so we only had our scouts. So we did a welcome back and talk about what everyone has been up to and check in on each scout to see if they have questions about any of their adventures. Our second meeting we had each scout choose one adventure or requirement in their handbooks they would like t
  9. December went by quick and I lost track of time. What is a good easy to get together Pack meeting idea we could do?
  10. We will be fishing at our councils camp. They only stock bass, brim, and catfish.
  11. That is a great idea to do with our new lion and tiger families. We did a fishing trip last year with our pack letting our Cubs catch their fish and then we showed them how to clean and cook them. They loved it... I enjoyed seeing their excitement as they got to do the whole process of catching, cleaning, and cooking them.
  12. We are planning a fishing derby with our scouts and I am looking for ideas to put on certificates so that each one of our scouts get their own award. We have about 15 scouts attending. Three will receive a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place medal. Scouts will have two hours to catch and many fish as they can. Bass and brim are stocked in pond we will be going to. What are your ideas to put on certificates? I'm short by 8 certificates.
  13. Has anyone tried the Country Meats fundraiser? I have been looking into it but it doesn't seem like it would go to well and take up so much more time to make as much as other fundraisers. What have you done to make this fundraiser event worth doing being they are very cheap and you have to give a portion back to the bsa. We are looking for more ways to earn money to upgrade camping gear in our pack trailer and to continue to award our scouts with their patches, pins, belt loops ect....
  14. We started off with 5 scouts in August and now have 35 after round up at events and schools. What is the best way to go about asking new parents to help with leadership? We have asked everyone but being they are new to scouting you can tell they dont want to at the moment. Our meeting place is also very small for the number of scouts we now have. We meet in a community building they hold parties that isnt very big and only has one room. So during meetings it is hard to hear what the other one is saying. Outside is an option but being gnats in our area are bad at the moment we opted out o
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