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  1. RookieScouter

    New Calendar Year Party

    This will be our first year starting back with our Cubs. Does anyone give a welcome back gift (something small) to those Cubs coming back? Do you give a welcome pack/item to those that are new? We are a small group and I want to do something our Cubs will remember and want to come back year after year. Do you do something big on their first pack meeting?
  2. RookieScouter

    Pack Personized Items

    Where is a good place to order drawstring bags, water bottles, wrist bands, etc with our pack name on it?
  3. RookieScouter

    Description of each rank

    Does any know where I can get a short description of each rank? (Lion -Arrow of Light) I'm trying to put together a poster for recruiting and want to give parents an idea of each rank. So they can have an idea of what their children will do over the years as a Cub.
  4. RookieScouter

    Scout Payment Log

    I am looking a better way to keep up with my scouts payments log for each trip we take. Does anyone have a template they use or tips on keeping payments made organize?
  5. RookieScouter

    Jack Links Fundraiser Partnership with BSA

    Our pack is going to try a Krispy Kreme fundraiser. It's a 50% profit. My daughter did this for cheerleading and it was very successful.
  6. RookieScouter

    Outlaw Derby

    Our pinewood derby didnt go so well on food sales. I believe it was only $43. Which we were renting building and the people who own it used their snacks and drinks. Said we would get 100% proceeds. But since they were still in the negative I'm not sure how they will work it out. I was thinking to have the outlaw race a public event. Any past Cub Scout, scout parent, or anyone wanting to test their talent can join in. I guess a 50/50 wouldnt be so bad for the winner. We thought about $20 to enter and if they want to use additional cars $10ea after.
  7. RookieScouter

    Outlaw Derby

    How many of you use an Outlaw Derby as a way to raise money for pack? What prizes do you give? We are a very small pack and trying to grow. When we took over leadership of pack there was very little fundings in account. We are two months in and have not had a fundraiser event yet. Thought this would be a good start.
  8. RookieScouter


    Thank you!
  9. RookieScouter


    I just started with a Pack that was about to fold. We have a total of 8 Cubs. 3 which will be crossing over in a few months. We are having a hard time getting parents to be involved or what I decide they disapprove or tell me is wrong. So I'm wondering how often do you do an awards. In the past they said they only have one which is at the end of the school year. However, I've read the blue and gold banquet could be considered as an awards. We didnt do this in February as I just found out about it a couple weeks ago. When do you give out badges, belt loops, and awards and how often? Is it ok to do it twice a year?