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  1. Not indefinitely. We have buildings that should be condemned (black mold, roof leaks, rotting structural members, etc.) because of deferred maintenance. I have repeatedly asked since I moved here to see our council's plans for camp... non-existent. Our new Ranger, whom I know well, is scheduled for NCS soon, has asked for same to review and take with him to Camp School... crickets... Not going to give money to pay for further mismanagement.
  2. Lord, no! Nor would I. And why would I? I wholeheartedly believe we need to gut the bloated structure we have, consolidate councils, reduce unnecessary/unproductive labor overhead. Too many feeding at the trough as it is, with no value added to program, unit service, camp improvement, training, etc., etc., etc. After all these years, I'm not gonna throw good money after bad! A Scout is Thrifty!
  3. I will never give an unrestricted contribution. For a myriad of reasons... But I have given hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars of materials to maintain our camp, which reduces the overall burden on their operating costs, and simply must be included in any intellectually honest discussions about camp properties. I have also given same to other non-profits in our area, and those efforts are much better received and appreciated than anything done for our council.
  4. Ultimately the Board has a fiduciary duty to take actions in the best interests of the corporation. The way the system is constructed invariably leads to decisions that have nothing to do with the best interests of future Scouts. Money before people.
  5. Read the thread. The code of conduct is the Scout Oath and Law. The idea is to set expectations and consequences. Then stick to them.
  6. Only the portion of monies after you subtract the reasonable market value of the product you received. See page 4. https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p526.pdf So what is the reasonable market value? You'd have to make a comparison to a similar product. $3.00 for a 7 ounce bag in my local grocer. (That's retail.) So, if @SiouxRanger could itemize, you'd be looking at a $22 donation. Unless the council deems it a "Token Item" (also page 4) (what does a 6 oz bag of kettle corn cost the council?) "Token items. You don't have to reduce your contribution by the value of
  7. So that you could not claim it as a tax deduction... Whenever you see Scouts selling popcorn, just give a donation. 100% of it goes to their unit.
  8. And for games, here is a great resource. Pick about 10 games your Scouts like, and build your resource box based on that. https://troopresources.scouting.org/troop-games/ Many have videos that demo how to play the game!! See main site for lots of other stuff https://troopresources.scouting.org/ And another: https://troopleader.scouting.org/
  9. The syllabus linked above was updated. Here is the current BSA syllabus for ILST: https://www.scouting.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/721-07218-ILST-Facil-Training_WEB.pdf Recommend you follow the syllabus for the first one you do. After that, modify and adjust content of course. Thanks for doing this!! Here is the main page, and you can get Troop Position Description Cards there also. https://www.scouting.org/training/youth/
  10. Dare you to post this as as a comment on that forum: Excerpt from a recent review of studies on video gaming: Frontiers Neural Basis of Video Gaming: A Systematic Review Background: Video gaming is an increasingly popular activity in contemporary society, especially among young people, and video games are increasing in popularity not only as a research tool but also as a field of study. Many studies have focused on... Video game use has been linked with reduced recruitment in the anterior cingulate cortex, associated with proactive cognitiv
  11. And is that all programs? My crystal ball says yes. With many double counts. So... I was on the phone with the Scout office the other day inquiring about an account balance in the store... A professional gets on the phone and asks me "How many new Scouts do you plan on recruiting this fall?" "None!" I say. Because, paraphrasing... 'We took on 18 crossovers this year because, for most of them, their traditional Troops have folded. We gained three Scouts as transfers because their Troops folded (and are awaiting the decision from three more Scouts). We have four youth newl
  12. Going there this weekend, as our Scouts love TI! Glad you had a great experience. Cradle of Liberty Council sold the Treasure Island portion (in NJ) of the property to a local businessman for $500K in 2018. The local businessman allows the Friends of Treasure Island to coordinate FREE Scout camping on weekends outside of Memorial Day - Labor Day. https://www.friendsoftreasureisland.org/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Treasure_Island_Scout_Reservation If you live within a reasonable drive, sign up for their email blast to get notifications of open campsites. The rese
  13. Welcome! No, it is not. But check with your local Scout Executive regarding a "waiver" to policy. YMMV.
  14. Yeah, we just were camping in a PA State park two weekends ago. Some organization had a father-daughter thing going on about two campsites down. (Another Troop in between us.) Friday night, they were hooting and hollering after quiet hours, so I politely asked them to quiet down. They did for about 5 minutes, and then continued. (Dads had alcohol, btw...) I called the camp office and left a voicemail. They had no contact number for Ranger. I put in my ear plugs, but that wasn't enough. They finally went to bed about 2 AM. Next morning, I went to camp office to inquire about a Rang
  15. NOOOOOO!!!! This is why a quality UNIT staff including TRAINED and KNOWLEDGABLE volunteers is critical along with solid so that, ultimately, you have no need of district/council staff support. This should be the gold standard! Growing up unit volunteers so they do not need commissioners, district, council, national!!!!!
  16. Hey, do den activity to make your own slide!!! A few pieces of cut PVC, glue, paint, and googly eyes... whammy!!! den creative activity and cost savings. Find some belt loop that counts for!! Ditch the BSA sliide!!!
  17. Yes, we need a little more rigor in outdoor skills...
  18. With a one-and-done scheme of advancement, this is, in fact, what you see now. Scout skills are dying out. Heck, most adults I meet don't know how to do requirements up to First Class. Most don't even bother reading or learning from the Scout Handbook. Anymore, few, and very few, are adept at Navigation, First Aid, Swimming and Water Rescue, Plant and Animal ID, basic Citizenship stuff, Wood Tools usage, Ropework & Pioneering, etc. etc. etc... it is disheartening...
  19. And from the same newsletter... "Each interaction with a registered adult is an opportunity for personal growth and learning on the part of the Scout. It is through this interaction and association with adults—the conversations, the counseling, the instruction and learning experiences—that mission-oriented Scouting takes place. (GTA Shortcutting this process in the interest of efficiency robs the Scout of the opportunity to grow, which is the heart of the merit badge program." Emphasis added. Spirit of the law, rather than the letter...
  20. Guide to Advancement, Section 7 (emphasis added) "Since blue cards support the merit badge process as it is intended to function, the Guide to Advancement continues to reference and recommend them. It is expected that when blue cards are not used, advancement administrators at all levels will find ways to carry on the processes, interactions, documentation, and other nuances that make the process such a critical element in BSA mission achievement." "The blue card has three parts: the “Application for Merit Badge” portion, the “Applicant’s Record,” and the “Counselor’s Record.” It req
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