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  1. So, Little League websites, social posts, email blasts, electronic newsletters, "Annual Key Touchpoints", imagery, sponsoring searches, etc. etc. etc. are all aimed at the youth?? Who knew those kids were so savvy?? https://www.littleleague.org/downloads/annual-guide-marketing-assets/ If kids just wanted to play baseball, they'd go to the park, backyard, open field, sandlot, (like we did as kids) and hit the ball around.
  2. Ask. Also, you are not required to attend any of these events. If any particular camp requires you to attend some event in order to qualify for some award or recognition, you can simply go off on your own and have your own "spiritual experience" according to the tenets of your beliefs, and count that. If anyone denied that opportunity to you, I'd gladly come and side with you to oppose them. And although I'm not going down the metaphysical rabbit hole again 😜 I'll simply say your beliefs are your business. And if you believe that any value system contortions are acceptable in
  3. I do not believe you have to worry about this... For example, we have Hindus, Muslims, one Buddhist, Jews, Protestants, and Catholics (Roman and Eastern Orthodox) in our Troop. We all get along together 😜 The Scout Oath does have a phrase each Scout promises, "On my honor, I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law,..." This is the first part of the Scout Oath. The 12th point of the Scout Law is, "A Scout is Reverent." At each rank milestone along his Scouting journey, your Scout will be asked to define what he believes to be his duty to G
  4. I love the idea, but how do we reach that as reality? Parents are a target audience. Without them, how would we have Scouting? Adult volunteers are a target audience. Without them, how would we have Scouting? BSA National has made itself the target audience for the dollars. Without them, we could still have Scouting 😜
  5. These are the two words for the youth! As I laid out earlier, there are several target audiences for Scouting, not just the youth. Any strategies to increase membership must identify and appeal to each of those audiences.
  6. Illuminates purpose!! I have thought for a few days on this... and the article below points to the why. https://www.foxnews.com/lifestyle/teen-girls-struggling-mental-illness-record-levels-many-persistently-sad-data-reveals BTW, the points in this article specifically apply to males, as well. https://www.familyeducation.com/teens/values-responsibilities/helping-teens-find-purpose https://yourteenmag.com/health/teenager-mental-health/purposeful-lives https://greatergood.berkeley.edu/article/item/how_to_help_teens_find_purpose Read those three articles, and yo
  7. Bring it With sleeves, too, please.
  8. Wanna send a picture of your uniform, and I'll tell you if you are in "standards"???
  9. He is asking for you to educate him out of any potential ignorance... That is not "chosen ignorance"!! C'mon man!! A Scout is Kind!!
  10. Straining at a gnat, and swallowing a camel?? Love you, man... come be a part of our Troop!
  11. It is titled the "Guide to Awards and Insignia" IMO, anything that is a "Guide" takes a far back seat to common sense and judgement... ("Guide" to Safe Scouting anyone??) Here're some other examples... 1. Velcro... I put velcro on my uniform to be able to change patches when desired (like the yearly JTE, or the temp patch on the pocket, or the leadership position patch, etc). But, if you are a uniform martinet the "Guide" says "No alteration of, or additions to, the official uniforms, as described in the official guidelines or the Rules and Regulations covering the weari
  12. Why not? Written correspondence is just fine
  13. There's more than one way to skin a cat... Among those ways... 1. You can call your insurance company and get a temporary policy increase. Make sure you activate it before driving the van, and make sure you remove it after coming home. That will keep costs down. (NOTE: make sure you look at your policy to verify you are covered by your primary policy while you are driving a rental car. Bring a copy of your insurance cards with you!! Some states allow you to use a digital copy (a file or picture of the card on your smartphone). Be Prepared! Bring both paper and digital.)
  14. The best source for current knot line up is the Guide to Awards and Insignia page 64-66 in the 2022 Revision. https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/33066/33066_Scouting_Honors_And_Special_Recognitions_WEB.pdf https://www.scouting.org/resources/insignia-guide/ To find the requirements for each knot, start on the official BSA Awards Central page, and look up by name... https://www.scouting.org/awards/awards-central/ I recommend you only use "official" BSA requirements sources (if you can find them). Requirements and criteria do sometimes change... As for the
  15. Ostensibly, it is to make sure the Eagle Scout candidate planned the project. A 16 year old's level of planning usually is not going to be anywhere near an adult's level of planning. Oftentimes, I actually let the Scout experience difficulty, and then let them figure out how they are going to deal with it. And, if they did not plan properly (did not have enough boards or bolts or cement bags, or whatever) they will learn from their mistakes. Once the project is signed off, isn't that sufficient to say that, at some point, the planning came together so that the Scout could finis
  16. This Scout had put excruciating detail (as the district/council guy requested before approving) in the proposal section (number and dimensions of boards, exact cost, amount of fasteners required, perfect drawing of the bridge from three angles, exhaustive list of tools (nearly), complete list of supplies, job tasks to be done, number of people and manhours required to complete, etc., etc., etc...) Both his project coach and beneficiary went over his plans with him and were satisfied (IMHO, that should be enough). He did his project with the planning he had done, and was successful. (Wi
  17. Is this helpful? https://seascout.org/advancement-central/ 33239 Errata 7 20220228.pdf
  18. Um, I think that was a simple mistake... take a breath and step back from the ledge.... But, nothing wrong with introducing a geocaching activity to Cub Scouts... the Den Leader puts in the coordinates and helps the Cubs find the treasure. If you wanna make it into a map game, then have at it. But, for Cub Scouts, hunting the treasure is fun. Roaming through the park to find the treasure is fun. Finding the treasure box is fun. Looking at the goodies in the box and picking one is fun. You are just creating interest in the activity. Tell them that, in Scouts, they will le
  19. Unfortunately, in these parts, the district or council proposal reviewers are asking for more "planning" details in the proposal phase than are needed, IMHO. This is before they will green light the project (with a signature.) I think we should put in some way to restrict input/demand from the council advancement reps. In my seven years here, this has always been the hold up... often with a back-and0forth of two or three times requesting "sufficient detail" on the proposal in order to grant approval. So, the Scouts do the research... for example, drawing up specific plans for a 16
  20. Have you looked at geocaching?? Younger Scouts tend to love this exercise! I always bring a map and compass, and have Scouts show me where we are on a map while geocaching.
  21. The comments other leaders put on the blog article are really good, too. Recommended reading. Thanks for your comments so far... the great majority of us are thinking along the same lines... Overall, there are two big problems with the ESSP Workbook... 1. Too much project detail required in the REQUIRED proposal section, which leads to little or no detail written in the NOT REQUIRED plan section. 2. The Plan Section is NOT REQUIRED. Both are easy fixes, IMHO. 1. Rewrite the proposal section to be just that... more of a proposal than a plan. 2. Make it a
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