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  1. No need for a PM... The Scout Strong awards were retired on 31 Dec 2020. My guess is due to lack of popularity... But, as with any retired award, you may give them out as long as you can find a source for the patches. They are still for sale... https://www.scoutshop.org/nsearch/?q=ScoutStrong These will probably show in Scoutbook for several more years, but that's a guess. I pitched these to our Patrol Leaders Council for program, and they were, "No, thanks!" There is so much other program material to do... As you are picking a program for Lions and Tigers (and
  2. BTW, busts are anything where someone just talks or reads from a book... "A boy is not a sitting-down animal." BP
  3. Absolutely! The adults with our Troop have just as much fun as the Scouts! Who doesn't love crossing the monkey bridge, fishing, swimming in the river, or acting silly at a campfire? Gotta be a Scout at heart
  4. Is this one of the main reasons National chooses who the SE's are? To protect their "reversionary interests"? And before you say National doesn't choose...they choose the small pool from whom the SE comes, so, in effect, they choose.
  5. That is the nature of war It is always a different one than what you wanted...the enemy has a vote
  6. - Local wildlife rehabilitation center (if they allow visitors, this is an awesome trip where young Scouts get to see native wildlife.) - Planetarium - Anything with dinosaurs...I mean, anything! - Local "commercial" cave - Local quarry - A farm (with animals, big machines, and something they can pick and eat) - Playing in a mud puddle!!! (You know you'd love it, too. )
  7. No, when they go to prison, the inmates usually take justice into their hands. Child molesters are the lowest in the prison pecking order...and a target for everyone else.
  8. In your nomination, describe how the candidate demonstrates leadership in service. "...who serves his fellows, is, of all his fellows, greatest!" In the Wimachtendienk, Amangiechsin
  9. The best part of Scouting is some of the people you meet. The worst part of Scouting is some of the other people you meet.
  10. Scouting is not your priority. Stepping away from it is OK. How is your spiritual life? How is your family dynamic? How is your financial health? How is your physical health? (Although, Scouting can help with the last one ) These questions are rhetorical...please do not answer them here. But, if you are really not where you want to be with these, they will also affect your Scouting experience. So, a little attention to these areas of life can help. As @CynicalScouter said, counseling is a positive thing. Talking with someone, exploring what motivates you and why you are expe
  11. Gents, young people (you included, when you were young) have a need for risk and an element of danger, if for nothing more than to find out what the boundaries are... This is primary territory for scouting. If you have time, two good articles....shocking statistic about "roaming distance" btw https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/oct/14/risk-essential-childhood-children-danger https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2010/aug/16/childre-nature-outside-play-health
  12. @fred8033, no, not "ignoring". But there are non-emergency medical conditions which would require an "exception to policy". Two examples...a sleepwalker, and a Scout with disabilities which made him unable to grasp and open zippers on sleeping bags, tents, backpacks, pants, etc,, and to not be able to take care of personal hygiene adequately. In both cases, before the event, the unit made a written request to the SE, who concurred and informed National (who might have vetoed?). Both cases were approved with two stipulations: 1) those adults may not be counted towards required supervision
  13. I call this the "one person poops his pants and then everybody has to wear a diaper" rule!
  14. And why Scouts cannot climb trees any more. 🤪😒😬
  15. Best protection from bears is to put food in someone else's tent Kidding!!!
  16. Don't forget to sign and return the very last page of the application (page 9 of the pdf)...the Additional Disclosures and Background Information Authorization. Also note, there are many links to the old application out there. You must use the 02/2020 version. Best to get it from the official source... https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/524-501.pdf Second most common mistake in filling out the application...don't forget the two blocks requiring initials, just to the left of your signature block. These are part of the "I hereby certify that:" And if you want to
  17. Family Camping Family camping is an outdoor experience, other than resident camping, that involves Cub Scouting, Scouts BSA, Sea Scouting, or Venturing program elements in overnight settings with two or more family members, including at least one BSA member of that family. Parents are responsible for the supervision of their children, and Youth Protection policies apply. Recreational Family Camping Recreational family camping occurs when Scouting families camp as a family unit outside of an organized program. It is a nonstructured camping experience, but is conducted within a Sco
  18. I feel your frustration, too... Whenever we have a prospective parent ask, "How many of your Scouts earn Eagle?" We always answer now, "As many as are willing to do the work to earn it." That answer is well-received about 50% of the time...the other 50% usually wind up in a mill...
  19. "Because he didn't ask." ...is my usual response
  20. @David CO We can go further...you cannot love without discipline. They are mutually inclusive. Proverbs 13:24 (among others)
  21. You are welcome to stay as long as you accept the consequences for your behavior and show progress in exerting self-control. That is crux of discipline versus punishment. If your behavior continues (especially if it is harming to others), you will leave. Firm but fair.
  22. Disagree...CO has control of the monies...but agree must be held for Scouting. So, if the CO wants to give it to another unit, that is up to them...
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