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  1. Dealing with "the usual suspects" is always a pain. Although it is past now, and we do not have all the details and nuances of the situation, it seems the adults in that family were a thorn in your side for some time. And them showing up out-of-the-blue without having participated in the past few months, paid their way, being incommunicado, and expecting you to award their son an AOL is particularly annoying. I can definitely empathize with the way you felt and with your desires to oust them. The parents, that is. It can helpful to mentally separate the parents from the Scouts
  2. But, wait! Wasn't all this asked and answered for them back in 2019 via Appendix MM in the 204 page BALOO instructor syallbus buried in the bowels of BSA's website servers? LOL You just cannot make this stuff up.
  3. Why bother with the training? Because it will help you deliver the best program for your Scouts. Try to appeal to them that way. Threats and ultimata in a volunteer organization will never accomplish your ends... What will you do? That depends... do you have someone to replace them who is willing to take the training?? (You do not have to be in a position to accomplish the training... if you have someone who wants the position, ask them to complete the training first to show their commitment, then put them in the position. If only the world was that simple, right?) "Enforcemen
  4. Jesse, more than anything, your council needs adult leaders who will take Scouts camping and deliver the promise of adventure at the unit level. This is the heart of Scouting. If you do not have the heart to take them into the woods, then be an active committee member for a unit, and provide administrative support for those who do take on the task of outdoor adventure. Anything you can do to lighten their load will help them deliver more adventure for the youth. Examples include managing all the Troop medical forms, helping to mentor a youth in a support role (like Webmaster, Historia
  5. If you had a parent signed application back then (even if the parent held on to it before giving it back to you) then you have what I have heard two different registrars refer to as "intent to join." (I don't know if this is some official registrar term or not.) If the application was dated three months ago, then the registrar could back date the registration to that date, and charge the unit the commensurate back-dated fees. Then, all activities since that time are creditable. Only requirements completed on or after the joining date are creditable. This WILL be a potential pr
  6. All that background stuff printed on the adult application is information provided for the CO to vet (and make a decision whether to accept or deny) the person. See the blurb above the CO signature block. "APPROVALS FOR UNIT ADULTS: I have reviewed this application and the responses to any questions answered β€œYes,” and have made any follow-up inquiries necessary to be satisfied that the applicant possesses the moral, educational, and emotional qualities to be an adult leader in the BSA." Your CO and unit should really be exercising "due diligence" in vetting people.
  7. The official answer is : MBCs are not vetted by your CO/COR. Only unit registered adults (CO approved) are supposed to be camping with your unit. That is why inter-unit events are to be cleared by the council. Now, do you think the council really does anything for these inter-unit events, other than tacking on a fee? And if you could get your CO to approve the MBC, you ought be good to go. But I'd get that in writing, just to have your bases covered.
  8. Corporate finance office usually just has to check that the EIN is a valid 501c3 with IRS. It takes a few keystrokes...
  9. You must call your Council Registrar to ask this info. The Registrar has access to all recorded adult awards. Depending on how you sell it ( ) your Registrar might not provide the info directly (like a list). That is, for example, you may only be able to ask, "Does our Unit Leader have the "Award of Merit'"? The Registrar may tell you Yes or No, and then you can move forward on that info. In fact, that is the course I would recommend... Pick an award you think your leader qualifies for https://www.scouting.org/programs/cub-scouts/what-cub-scouts-earn/adult-awards-and-recogn
  10. @5thGenTexan, to further clarify, you need to coordinate that with your CO because you need their EIN (and address and contact info) to provide to your wife's company. The company needs that info to make the donation, and for tax reporting purposes. Also, ask your wife to find out how the company makes the donation. If by paper check, mailed, then that's probably all the info you need. If they do electronic deposit, then you might be able to have them send it directly to your unit bank account by providing ABA Routing and Account numbers.
  11. Are you referring to this chart?? It does not clarify. The stipulation that Scouts, BSA may have "Weekend Campouts" is distinguished from the "Pack Overnighters" only in that Pack events must be at "Council-Designated Locations Only". Throw in the Family Camping for Webelos Scouts block, and it only adds to this confusion. Here is the official link to the chart, BTW: https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/HealthSafety/pdf/680-686.pdf That document has no links in G2SS pointing to it, that I can find. (Would someone else check this, please?) The only document I ca
  12. Are you sure someone filed your registration with the council? You can tell, if you have an account on my.scouting.org The phone app for scoutbook has little functionality, IMO Best to go to the website and use the online application. Have you logged in there?
  13. Next year, have your wife's company make the donation to your CO. Coordinate with your CO ahead of time to ask about this and ask for the funds to be passed on to the Troop. This is perfectly fine, but your council will be livid.
  14. Hey, man, just drink the kool-aid and pay the fees. Gotta FOS!! (Fund Our Salaries)
  15. And here you are, making an assumption about "people who only have experience with others like themselves..." That is exactly the kind of gross generalization and stereotyping that we are opposed to. Physician, heal thyself. Deal with people individually. It is the only way... I don't hear this... because no one treats everyone the same. We all act differently around different people. I do not treat everyone the same. But I do strive to treat everyone fairly. There is a huge difference. I do not treat a 17 year old like I treat an 11 year old. I do not speak to women
  16. @DuctTape for National Commissioner! (It's been a while, so it needed saying again πŸ˜› )
  17. Just remember, Barry... You are unique! (Just like everyone else ) There is a deep danger in focusing on "identities." The result is a descent into tribalism. (We could improve the merit badge by removing this term and "equity" from the line-up.) https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/social-empathy/201903/when-tribalism-goes-bad Instead, we should craft questions in the discussion with Scouts along these lines: - Research an event or situation in US history where a person or group of people were discriminated against due to a trait which was innate. (skin color, heigh
  18. No notice. So, the councils had no input to the decision-making. Sound familiar?
  19. Unsatisfactory. Several observations: 1. In reviewing the 2019 posts and your responses, you never answer the question at hand. You simply post a definition of "overnight" which in no way enlightens the questioning audience. (And you have repeated that here.) 2. You post a link to an instructor syllabus which is now defunct, therefore invalid to answer the question. 3. There are 72 instances of the word "overnight" in the currently available BALOO manual (2017 printing, see link). I reviewed each of them, and there is no clarification that a single night experience is
  20. It was only a matter of time before the pot was stirred again πŸ˜› BTW, slide 34: 15. How will you make sure that the merit badge is achieving its objectives? Like all BSA programs, we will continuously evaluate and improve the Citizenship in Society merit badge based on feedback shared by those within the Scouting program. Anybody been asked for any feedback? Anyone see an avenue mentioned in the slide show to provide feedback? https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/diversity_equity_and_inclusion/Citizenship-in-Society-Merit-Badge-Counselor-Guide-2021.pdf P.S. They d
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