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  1. No. No, there isn't. 😛 A poorly run Troop is the worst advertisement for Scouting. It undermines everything we are about. And yes, there are lots of them.
  2. At $691B in endowments total across US, that's a heck of a lot of moolah. https://nces.ed.gov/fastfacts/display.asp?id=73#:~:text=At the end of fiscal,the total was %24675 billion. And at $41B endowment, Harvard is richer than about 66 countries in the world... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_total_wealth
  3. I ask parents: "How many times have you cut yourself?" "How many times have you gotten splinters?" "How many times have you gotten stung by a wasp?" "How many times have you gotten a sunburn?" "How many times have you gotten into an argument?" "How many times have you had to deal with someone who is acting like a jerk?" etc, etc, etc, They begin to get the right idea that they cannot (and should not) protect or shield their kid from all of life's risks. "Well, it's going to happen here, and probably a little more. But, we watch them closely until they
  4. I knew it! It's that pesky Beaver Patrol! I used to be an Eagle, and a good ol' Eagle, too! (But, as an honorary Beaver, I did some dodging of inflated rubber spherical objects!)
  5. I find people often use the passive voice to hide... I always then ask the direct question, "Who told you?" If they can't give me name or point of contact, I ignore them. If they give me a name, I call the source (eliminate the middleman) and get the story straight. Nine times out of ten, what person A said and what person B heard are two entirely different things.
  6. So, the BSA has two or three different threads for STEM, all undergirded by the highlighting of STEM related topics throughout the Handbooks, Awards, and Advancements... https://bsastemnova.org/#:~:text=Officially the NOVA program was,of BSA from its creation. 1. Cub Scouts, Scouts, Venturers, Sea Scouts: a series of STEM based awards called the NOVA and Supernova Awards https://www.scouting.org/stem-nova-awards/awards/about-nova/ 2. A program with separate units called STEM Scouts https://stemscouts.scouting.org/ https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2015/05/11/un
  7. Yes, the Committee may be looking into this because the Scoutmaster (who works for the Committee!) brought the incident to their attention and asked for intervention. That may be the entire reason the Committee asked to meet with parents and Scouts who were involved... as opposed to anyone "leaking" a report of a YP violation from the council. The Committee may be approaching this as a Troop disciplinary issue, or even some sort of health and safety concern, versus viewing it through a YP lens. Unless the OP informed the Committee (or others in the Troop) of the YP Report, the Commi
  8. There are many who still carry the flame... But, yes, when all the hearts die, the tradition dies, too...unless it is written and recorded. It can be then resurrected.
  9. I have already attended that funeral twice... Camp Linwood Hayne, Georgia-Carolina Council, and Treasure Island, Cradle of Liberty.
  10. "Don't let it become a salaried organization: keep it a voluntary movement of patriotic service." BP
  11. It is important to say that maybe, just maybe, we don't have the complete story here. If I were the COR or SE, I'd like to hear from about three or four more people to hone in on "the facts of the case" before forming any judgements about the situation.
  12. Estimates as to how long BSA can last on life support waiting for a Chapter 11 confirmation? What do the tea leaves say about the imminence of Chapter 7?
  13. @yknot, in the upper right corner of any post you do not like, you can select the three dots and hit "Report"
  14. @yknot, you really are too much... 1. "However, healthcare is somehow viewed as a low risk, nurturing profession mainly because many women pursue it." No one ever said it was "low risk" I even said, 2. I never made any such claim, that women are incapable of holding leadership positions... Please search my posts, and show me wrong. 3. No one ever said women prefer menu planning. What @Eagledad said was "Boys by nature want action and adventure. That other stuff like meeting, planning, and planning menus is not in their wheelhouse. " Again, search his posts
  15. Yes, I'd like to see the average age of the youth abuser, and the average age of the youth abused. Those ages would give us a clearer picture of the problem.
  16. elitts, thanks...I had exhausted my supply of pearls
  17. +1 I believe the "regimental system" would be ideal. That is, a patrol exists in perpetuity. A Scout grows up in one patrol, and is always a member of that patrol. As new Scouts join the Troop, they are assigned to patrols as manning needs, based on those who have left or "graduated" It would be awesome if you had a "Sorting Hat" https://harrypotter.fandom.com/wiki/Sorting_Hat to determine which patrol a Scout should go into. Alas, we mere mortals must do what we can. I think random selection is probably best. The ideal patrol is 5 to 8 Scouts. Above six, and they natural
  18. I would push it further and say it is mostly mental/psychological (rather than "as much") We have some 12 year olds that do just fine. We have some 14 year olds that still have significant challenges with anxiety and homesickness. I have already excluded two 14 year olds from our upcoming trek that have not demonstrated the level of maturity I want. (Yes, I said "I want", because I will be responsible for them in the wilderness. )
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