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  1. We have an upcoming EBoR (the first since I left as SM 18 months ago). The Scout, working with his project coach (not me) and the beneficiary, satisfied the beneficiary with enough detail in his project proposal and through discussions and site visits that the beneficiary did not request a more detailed plan, and gave the Scout the green light to do the project (last summer). Scout had a successful project and beneficiary is happy with the outcome, and signed off on project completion. Scout turned in his ESSP Workbook with that Plan section blank, as it is not required (althou
  2. LOL, had to use Google translate for that, but loved it. As to the rest, well, that's a topic for another thread 😜
  3. No, not a registered member. Yes, start with an adult application and YPT.
  4. NSF leaders ran the camp. The Scouts were there for four weeks total. We did Scout activities and games during the days, and there was a one or two hour Lutheran confirmation class each day for the Scouts. (during which time I had to peel about 50 lbs of potatoes... in fact, one of the first things I learned how to say in Swedish was "Jag skalar potatis!!" ) Saturday was usually a field trip (Vadstena, Tokern, Vattern, Gota Canal, the beach in Motala, etc.), and Sunday was a worship service in a wonderful nearby church, Röks kyrka https://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Röks_kyrka This is
  5. I learned this one 40 years ago at our Nykterhetsrörelsens Scoutförbund Konfirmationsläger mealtimes. https://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glädjens_Herre,_var_en_gäst Jag älskar svensk mat!!
  6. LOL, thanks! I HUGELY appreciate sarcasm 😜 https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/the-surprising-benefits-of-sarcasm/
  7. And how much bigger is that file than the one where the injuries occurred on the first night? Correlation is not a cause.
  8. I teach map and compass skills, and an Orienteering MB counselor, among other things. @cmd gives perfect advice... The most important skill to have in navigation is map reading. Most beginner or intermediate orienteering courses can be done with map reading only. I use a compass most frequently to tell me one thing --- Which way is magnetic north? And I need to know that to orient my map. It does blow their mind when they put this together: Every day at noon (for those of us who live in the northern hemisphere above the tropical line), your shadow points true north. Use tha
  9. Yes, well, you have to dig into that a little more... "bouldering" as you may know it is not the same as "bouldering" as the BSA defines it... (Kind of like the word "overnight" 😛 ) Most people outside of BSA know bouldering as this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bouldering But BSA imposes some pretty stringent restrictions on the activity. (No more than 6', or no more than shoulder height, without belay, depending on where you are reading. Again, unclear guidance... imagine that.) https://www.scouting.org/outdoor-programs/cope/climb-on-safely/ In one place, this res
  10. Maybe he could make me a "Shusher"!!! https://memes.getyarn.io/yarn-clip/ef68ce5d-d1e8-4a8f-81a3-ba91a7391372
  11. Well, five stakeholders... 5. Boy Scouts of America - wants money (and there is never enough) ... and it clearly is structured to meet that agenda. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition! https://youtu.be/FAxkcPoLYcQ
  12. Because the idea that "Scouting is a positive outlet that focuses on just having fun" is too limited, and unappealing to two of the three (or four?) stakeholders in Scouting. Each of the three (or four) groups of stakeholders in Scouting has a different agenda. 1. Youth - want fun and adventure 2. Parents - want safety and personal growth for their children at a reasonable expenditure (or some primarily want a resume bullet) 3. The CO/Community/Country - wants productive citizens (4. Volunteers - want to have a positive impact on lives and the future of our country
  13. Whenever we turn in the paperwork, we operate under the assumption that is is approved unless we hear otherwise. We do not allow a lack of action on council's part to stop our efforts. Now, we do turn in the paperwork at least one month ahead of time, and we follow up with two weeks remaining. That is ample opportunity for council to voice any concerns. And if anyone ever asked for a cut, we tell them they are more than welcome to work in the fundraiser with us, and have their percentage share from whatever they sell. (That is, part of their fundraising goes to our unit 😜 )
  14. If each unit uses Scoutbook, you could subscribe to each units' calendar in one central Google calendar. Therefore, no need to maintain or put items into the Google calendar. Changes in Scoutbook automatically populate to the Google calendar (although this can be delayed a bit.) You can look at the central Google calendar just to see conflicts.
  15. An age old problem, my friend... How old is the story of the Ant and the Grasshopper??
  16. To facilitate the change over, they must physically step foot out of the established campground. So, a trip to the local gas station, convenience store, or even just stepping into the easement of the road would do it (not into the road of course... that would be more dangerous than the two back-to-back over-(meaning one)-nighters. Letter of the law!! In fact, maybe we could coin a new term... OVERMONIGHTER = over-meaning-one-nighter
  17. @5thGenTexan, I resolved long ago that I am only responsible for my actions, and no one else's. You will always have liars, cheaters, and thieves out there. Just stick to your principles (Scout Oath and Law) and model that for your Scouts. And when you stray from them (as we will!!!), own it, admit it, make amends (if possible), ask forgiveness, and move on. You will have an effect, just as the liars, cheaters, and thieves will.
  18. Funny that this thread starts on 21 Feb 2023, and the definitions on line were changed after 23 Feb. WE ARE HAVING AN EFFECT!!!
  19. Current page (06 Mar 2023): https://www.scouting.org/resources/los/# ENTRY: overnighter A Cub Scout Pack organized one night campout held at a Council designated location. Also see “Webelos Scout overnighter.” ENTRY: Webelos Scout overnighter A one night campout by Webelos Scouts and their parent or guardian. Cached on 23 Feb 2023 http://web.archive.org/web/20230221012845/https://www.scouting.org/resources/los/ ENTRY: overnighter See “Webelos Scout overnighter.” ENTRY: Webelos Scout overnighter A one- or two-night campout by Webelos Scouts and
  20. Here's a video explaining how to apply the Cub Scout camping rules from G2SS... https://youtu.be/pXw7LYWNi5E
  21. Yes, sounds like you have a Cub Scout camping club, not Scouting. Until the adults get on board, it's not gonna happen. And, unfortunately, it takes an adult driving the train initially to get the youth to do Scouting. Because, most kids are inherently lazy stemming from incompetence and fear of failure, they are unwilling to do the work. So they need to be led or pushed at the start. Adults also need to set expectations and task early on... "Want to go camping? Well, you need to make a menu... anyone??? No?? OK, then we aren't going camping." OR... "Yes, you Ji
  22. Golf, SCUBA, or, the most expensive... Citizenship in the Nation 😜 What's the national debt at now??
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