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  1. Personally not a fan. Allow me explain... advancement is a method, not the goal. All of the methods work with each other in furtherance of the aims. As an example, mBs as advancement in concert with adult association provide both the motivation and the medium for the scout to progress towards the aims. Advancement with mBs in absence of true adult association denies the scout the opportunity as promised by scouting. While I applaud your initiative, I do see this as a replacement for a real adult association opportunity. Scouts will simply go to a mB counselor (likely not even quali
  2. While it is true the CO decides on the person for leadership position, the CO agreed in Chartering Agreement to follow the BSA rules including the Guide to Advancement. One of the duties of the Troop Committee is ensuring this occurs. Theoretically a CO which willfully disregards the GTA et al is in breach of the Chartering Agreement and could potentially lose their charter. In reality this never happens b/c the council would lose membership numbers and that is the metric used to evaluate.
  3. When I taught woods tools it was immediately before the firebuilding station. I had the participants bring the wood, kindling, etc... they processed from my area to the next.
  4. Moving forward post bankruptcy I can envision all remaining camps being moved into "corporations" , separate from councils legally and functionally.
  5. You bring up some good points. The culminating activity could be a huge benefit as it would provide focus for the patrol. Something which currently is lacking. Not sure if the yearly planning would need to be a part. This could be done as I said by patrol in the first week of the season. As far as how much could the scouts do? I was imagining the scouts meeting significantly more to accomplish their goals. Idea being is hypercompresses a year into a season. They could meet every week day like they do for practice during sports' seasons. I also imagine that the scouts would likely do this
  6. I would put the 1st edition Fieldbook (1948) alongside any current Handbook. And the 1959 Handbook for Patrol Leaders.
  7. My wandering mind... One of the difficulties over the last decades has been the increase in other options; whether it be youth sports, theater, clubs, etc... Scouts has pretty much said "we understand your other things, so show up when you can". I wonder if this has had a cascading effect over time. Regardless, what if... and I am just spitballing an idea here... what if the structure of scouting was changed from " once/week meeting and 1 weekend/month campout for the whole year" to "a single season; meetings 3x/week, 1 day every weekend for "day activity" and 1 long weekend campout/month
  8. I think one of the major issues for BSA today and in recent past is/was primarily the focus on quantity. Growth and membership numbers do not equate with quality program and often the strategies implemented for the former are at odds with the latter. This is true for bsa and other businesses. One needs to choose whether they will be making Rolex or Casio.
  9. "and that quality is limited to only "how much" and no more" -Duct Tape 😉
  10. Quantity is often used as a measure of success ignoring and at the expense of quality. Quantity is cheap and easy to measure, however as a surrogate for quality it fails miserably.
  11. The adventure of the trip IS the program.
  12. The intelligence community monitored and assessed intentions, capabilities and actions of foreign actors. While it did find significant intent and actions by Moscow to use cyber tools and media campaigns to influence public opinion, it did not analyze U.S. processes or public opinion. The report made no assessment on the impact the activities had on the outcome. Either in agreement or disagreement. https://assets.documentcloud.org/documents/3719492/Read-the-declassified-report-on-Russian.pdf
  13. I am with John on this. Our role as scouters should not be to "give the scouts a break from planning..." Not sure what role the PLC would have since the planning, etc... IS their role. After that, it is the Patrol itself executing. Comparison to summer camp only highlights the issues with many summer camps. As a recent transition from scout to scouter I would recommend reflection of your experience in the troop from top to bottom with the guiding question of "What were adults doing that could have been done by scouts?" I say this not to be critical, but as a means for constant
  14. I apologize for my miscommunication, the recent vandalism has not been repaired yet AFAIK. Apparently it was targeted back in 2018 as well.
  15. If you have evidence of the perpetrators I am certain law enforcement would like that information. But as of now the identity and the motive are unknown. Just as some have speculated it is as you describe, others have speculated it is a retaliation to the taking down of confederate statues. It is also possible that it is motive non-specific just plain vandalism. Point is we don't know. And as additional information this statue was replaced in 2018 as it was damaged by vandals two years ago.
  16. I disagree with your characterization of liberals. Almost all of them I know do defend the right for others to have contrary opinions. The idea that they all want these banned or criminalized , no. Regardless of ones right to express their opinion, however does not insulate them from others expressing their disagreement including protesting that opinion, or boycotting a place of business for example. Also to claim that they seek socialism, as defined in your terms is disingenuous. Most advocate for specific policies which their opponents then label as "socialism" as it invokes a fear response
  17. The best SM I had as a scout was older. His son had aged out many many years before. When he eventually stepped down, my dad became SM. He was good, but not like Mr. Smith. My point is just because your kids aren't in the troop doesn't mean anything. You can always take some time off and enjoy the empty nest for a spell and then return.
  18. I have always looked at this alternative as a way to accomplish two things: 1. Provide the Scout with an opportunity to show leadership in a different position of responsibility than listed. 2. Help the adults step out of the way to have a scout do what the adults have been doing for them. Two examples come to mind: a. High Adventure trips (like Philmont) often are completely planned and coordinated by an adult with input from the scouts. A scout could take on that responsibility. As a senior scout he should already have planned multiple campouts, and dealt with the logistics so this
  19. The main problems with the "local option" argument are: 1.That is exactly what allowed segregation to exist in BSA troops until the 1970s. 2. Hypocritically, it was some outside COs, troops, councils,... who pushed the "no gay scouts & leaders" doctrine to disallow gay scouts and scouters in troops which were not theirs. The Dale case was the result. We know the rest. I understand some have significant personal objections regarding those who are gay. There were those who had significant objections to mixed race troops too. It took 50 years and we are mostly past the latter.
  20. I would not refer to Frogg Toggs as "semi-durable". They are slightly better than disposable, but not by much. Tje material will catch on any twig or branch and shred rather easily. Poncho vs Rain jacket + pants? My personal preference is the latter. I have found that doing almost everything with a poncho is miserable. The only thing it may be better at is squatting over a cat hole and even that is questionable. A poncho does make for a good emergency shelter. But a small tarp is better. With jacket + pants, one can use one or both as needed. Being more snug to the body, you can do t
  21. While BSA has had Black scouts since its founding; as an organization it also allowed COs to continue racist membership policies such as segregation as recently as the 1970s. Residual racism still exists even if it is not overt.
  22. You keep stating this in many threads. I fail to see how the Oath and Law have been set aside in regards to the membership changes. I understand some disagree with the changes, but that alone doesn't mean the Scout Oath and Law have been set aside.
  23. ultralight backpacking isn't something new or far-out. The old-timers preached it. Any of the authors I posted earlier were extremely weight conscious. And not because all their gear was heavy stuff, or they didn't take anything and were miserable. It was all about skills, knowledge, experience, and not taking extra stuff. In general folks carry heavier packs now than they did and that is with modern equipment.
  24. Perhaps there could be stages of experiences and adventures in which one could demonstrate advanced competency while also providing stewardship based service. They could take different tracks as well. hmmm....
  25. or maybe something like traditional woodcraft type outdoorsmen ala Sears, Kreps, Hastings, Kephart. Since Kephart is likely the most well known, call it "The Kephart Society." Keeping the OA as its roots, the acronym could be O.A.K.S. If OA is rebranded, perhaps return membership to a place of honor; reserved only for the "all -stars".
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