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  1. That is one possible interpretation. Another possibility is the scouts are mocking those whom said alliance is being proffered. Another possibility is the scouts were just trying to have fun and be goofy. There are other possibilities as well. Likely the true intent of the scouts is one of the other possibilities. We should be careful to not ascribe intent based on our own interpretations which are clouded by our own experiences and biases. If it were me and they were my scouts I would start by engaging in a conversation in a non-judgemental manner. (With a smile)... "Hey Jimmy I s
  2. I agree. I did not like the worksheets in the later 20th C and we are now more than twenty years into the next. We can move past the worksheets and even the pamphlets. If we want to modernize them, do not just make digital versions of the paper product instead we go to video. "how to do a j-stroke" video. Wait, it already exists thanks to the experts at canoeing tv on youtube. All that is necessary is for national to keep a website updated with the the requirements. No pdf necessary, just the website and links to relevant youtube videos for specific information. I would not recommend they try
  3. District and Council events are mostly the antithesis of patrol method camping anyway. I discourage them (to the adults).
  4. I could not complete it. Survey question #3 about which is least compelling, I cannot answer. All are equally compelling (to me).
  5. It used to be that the troop would have a library of pamphlets which the troop librarian would be in charge. The librarian would keep records of which scout borrowed which pamphlet, ensure the pamphlets were up to date, etc... A troop usually did not have all mBs in the library but would have multiple copies of the popular ones.
  6. IMO, if summer camp utilizes a dininig hall, scouts should not be able to use those days towards camping merit badge. #PuttingOnFlameRetardantSuit IMO, if summer camp utilizes a dininig hall, scouts should not be able to use those days towards camping merit badge. #PuttingOnFlameRetardantSuit
  7. IMO, the real reason to do a roll your own camp is to do a completely original adventure. - canoe trip -backpacking trip -bike/hike -WW rafting -wilderness survival/bushcraft -fishing ... or combinations. Inherent to any roll your own is patrol (or individual) cooking including the menu planning, shopping and prepping. All of these can incorporate one or more merit badges IF any of the scouts care to work on them, but the focus is fun/adventure not mBs. I do not think trying to replicate a merit badge based BSA camp is likely to save all that
  8. My initial thought to your opening statement was "eye black" used by athletes. While functional in nature, it has also begun to be used as merely decoration. My second thought was seeing kids at school athletic contests. Many will paint their faces with school colors, a specific athlete's jersey #, or (during homecoming) their graduation year. I often see little kids with face paint at festivals, usually some cartoon character. As I was finishing my thoughts here I also realized that many adultsvwill use face paint especially at sporting events, like NFL games. I guess my
  9. I agree the SM (and all adults) should have the mindset and character necessary to serve the scouts. In addition to the focused vision of the SM, the "how tos" using the patrol method, motto, oath, etc... must be shared and understood by the rest of the Scouters especially the ASMs. Communicating to the Committee the "how tos", their alignment to the vision and the direct line linking the methods to the aims will not just help the committee to understand but also facilitate the SMs work. The necessary (thin yet unbreakable) thread within all of this is as you alluded to with the servant leader
  10. A go-to resource for the scouts for information, mB cards, recommendations, etc is a worthwhile ASM duty for a very large troop. If a troop does have an ASM dedicated/focused on advancement, that person should be acutely aware of the slipperiness of advancement as a method to advancement as an aim. The ASM should be careful to ensure advancement is the scout's journey and not push, prod, nor carry the scout along for the ride. Good are gentle reminders posed as questions such as "hey bobby, how is the archery mB going? You got a partial at camp last summer right?" As stated this role can
  11. Perhaps this might bring scouting back to its "earn/build your own" roots. Scouts making their own gear, or saving money to buy their own. Less "troop gear" might be a blessing. One of the vestiges of the oft demeaned heritage patrols was the gear the patrol made, and/or purchased themselves. It was the patrols stuff, not the troops.
  12. I am not an attorney so please forgive me, but wouldn't the standards of the day be VERY relevant as to establishing (or not) fraudulent concealment at that time?
  13. Now I am curious as to other's super secret peach cobbler recipes. Mine is just the typical dump cake style; nuttin' fancy.
  14. I disagree with de-prioritizing Adult Association. The problem isn't the method. The problem is most adults don't understand it, and it isn't done properly (as is true with most of the methods). To wit, the complaints of adults taking over NSPs is NOT adult association. Just having adults present or hovering is NOT adult association. An overbearing SM leading everything and/or telling scouts how to do everything is NOT adult association. Adult Association is adults of high moral caliber exhibiting the Oath and Law through words and deeds. Adult Association is the regular SM conferences
  15. There are plenty. I have met many, but they do not have tv shows so no one else knows of their names. Extrapolating to the entire country I am certain there are thousands of qualified young people who could fill the role. If BSA wanted to, they could fund and create a show (start with youtube) to generate a media presence for the ambassador. This is not much different from what BSA did in its early days when authors wrote books and stories about scout patrols. These were not commissioned by BSA but they did not object to folks using "Boy Scouts" and other trademarks since it promoted the
  16. At this point I am mot sure you read my entire post. I will allow you time to re-read it and reflect. Please remember that all my comments are meant in the spirit of helpfulness for you, and moreso for the scouts.
  17. This is a different situation from "whispering in the ear" of the patrol leader who is running a meeting. In general, a PL should regularly invite "experts" to teach a skill at a patrol meeting. The patrol meetings can be part of a larger troop meeting. As to this specific situation, I would first ask why was there no instruction prior to the campout? If there wasn't (which is a problem inandofitself), I would let the scout struggle and wait for them to ask for help. If I see the scout will not ask, prior to them hitting the frustration and melt-down stage, I will ask if they would
  18. Welcome to the virtual campfire. -dT
  19. Sharing a personal story here, it may or may not help. I started scouts in a troop which was very active, the SM was great, the patrols operated independently, I had fun with all the other guys. After a couple years I visited another troop with my father. I knew some of these guys from school, but not many. The troop was ok. It didn't seem like it was better than the other. I went on a campout with them. I had a good time (I think?) I did make some new friends quite quickly. I do not recall ever going back to the other troop for a meeting. We just switched to the new troop. I do not
  20. My advice... Find a new troop. If not for this reason, but for your response #4 above. An adult should not be running a patrol. To be frank, he is not in Scouts if that is what is happening. He is being denied real opportunities derived from scout led patrol method. IMO, this is more important than any rank or mB. Edit... Run away fast!
  21. Yeah, I must be missing something. This bill seems to be less about public access and more about allowances to guide companies and other businesses.
  22. The reason I would not recommend it is because it does not allow failure. A scout needs failure to reflect and learn. That is the number one feature of scouting. Allowing the scout to fail, reflect, learn, and improve IS scouting.
  23. One reaon I am not a fan of parent's putting $ into a troop account ahead of time for campouts, etc... is this practice reduces (eliminates?) the opportunity for scouts to learn budgeting, responsibility, planning, value of $, etc... at the individual and patrol level. When scouts have to "touch the $" at all levels of the program they benefit greatly. Every step of the process that separates them from the $ is an opportunity lost.
  24. In which case the answer to the parents is, "I suppose Scouting is not the activity you are looking for. Good luck with finding an activity which fits your needs."
  25. A few more details here: https://abc7ny.com/bear-attack-cooperstown-harriman-state-park-camping/11885251/ "I made a mistake," Ayers said. "I left some of my food in my bag and spilled some on my leg and it was also other people that left a lot of trash around."
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