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  1. I thought woodbadge was (not currently) an advanced scoutmaster course? Is that not the point many are trying to make? The problem I see is is that ALL the trainings are Intro level and there is nothing offered which is advanced. Pre-requisites are not obstacles, they are an acknowledgement that skills and knowledge increase on a continuum. Unfortunately this idea has spread throughout all of BSA even for the scouts. This is what created and perpetuates the one and done issue.
  2. This is how I understood it, and is consistent with what I witnessed. I never did woodbadge myself (either old, new, or newest version). It seems that the newest is a basic intro course as opposed to the advanced course of old. What is interesting is I see the newest WBers touting it as something special, and thus "they" are special more than the oldest version WBers who truly were something special.
  3. Because that is not what is being discussed. COs are doing events themselves at the same location.
  4. I do not have any insider information, but many councils in NY whose camps were struggling financially sold an easement to the State which provided a significant influx of cash in exchange for (limited) public access. A quick search shows the state does hold a public easement on the Pouch property, but I did not look to see when it was acquired.
  5. Rarely people step up. Pleas for volunteers being ignored is common in most organizations and systems. Recruiting adults (and scouts) effectively requires personal invitations. All recruitment is Cheap, Easy, Effective... choose only 2.
  6. Yes, delegation is key. So is ongoing mentoring/training of ASMs so that they are not trying to figure ot all out on their own. In another thread I wrote about having ASMs sit in on SM conferences to learn how to do them well. Along with this mentoring, the SM should view his ASMs as his patrol. He should be focused on building up the ASMs much like the PL builds up his patrol mates. I would also encourage the SM to invite a PL (at appropriate times) to sit in and listen to how the SM runs his SM/ASM meetings. This modeling of how to run a productive meeting will help the PL and also demonstra
  7. You have hinted at the main role of the SM/ASM as the solution. SM conferences. For most, these are something done at the end of a rank. They are much more important. SMs should be conferencing with the scouts continuosly. This should almost always be in the form of questioning (Socratic Method) to help the scouts learn and grow. Using your example of type A scouts... The situation should not go on until the Bs leave. Nor should the SM fix it, or attempt to intervene with a large group "talk". The SM needs to conference with the scouts individually (within YPT) to help the scouts learn and gr
  8. The saying in our neck of the woods was, "no scout ever died of starvation on a weekend camping trip".
  9. I have often said (only semi-jokingly) that the demise of kids interpersonal and conflict resolution skills was organized sports. Organized sports have pushed down to the youngest ages and subsumed all sportsplay activities. Prior kids would play kickball, or tag or or street hockey in their neighborhood. They made up games too. When the inevitable conflict, you're out/safe, arose there was no adult making the call and the kids had to figure out a resolution. The most common was "do over". Kids didn't just make this up, they learned that from the older kid who learned from other older kids yea
  10. True. Other adult led programs are fun for kids. But there IS something magical about youth-led. That is it directly leads to the mission of Scouting. Without it, adults make the (majority of) decisions. Scouts cannot learn to make good decisions without having the opportunity to make any decisions. Scouting as youth-led and via the patrol method is the structure which allows scouts to make decisions (including bad ones) and learn from them all while having fun.
  11. Having scouters with youth scouting experience is not always better than zero experience. This is especially true for anyone who was a scout in the last 50 years. I have had more issues with adults who were scouts in troops who had no real patrol method, or scout-led structure. To train these adults means to begin with having them un-learn all the bad habits of their experience. It takes way longer. Those with zero experience are a blank slate to be trained. Both require a willingness to learn, but at least the latter have nothing to undo first.
  12. Years ago I went to our UC (who knows me well) and let him know I was willing to help at the district and council level for training. He was ecstatic I was willing to lend my expertise so he sent it up the chain. About 6 months later I approached him again and said I have not heard anything. He told me he sent my info up the chain and was surprised no one got back to me as they are always looking for trainers. Another 6 months go by... nothing. When I saw our UC again I told him I only volunteer twice and then I stop. If they don't want me, I am happy to volunteer where I am appreciated. A wee
  13. Welcome. You mentioned being a leader. What is your specific position?
  14. Interesting that the standards apply to all camps with a few carve out exceptions most notably The National Jamboree. The attempt to state the Jambo is subject to more stringent standards is laughable. If that were the case, no need to exclude it.
  15. good ideas. I'd start with some of the old info from the 1950s Patrol Leader Handbook. Also, could it be a communication tool for Patrols Leaders around the country to share ideas and commiserate.
  16. Things have changed in many ways, especially what is legal on the books. What is legal and what is part of the system are two different things. While no longer legal, much has not changed in the system. As just a singular example he consequences of red-lining are still a reality in many places. Entire communities exist as a result of said red-lining and in a lot of cases are unwelcoming to say the least of "others" moving into the neighborhoods. The police still treat minorities in these neighborhoods differently. At the minimum is the assumption they must be from somewhere else and therefore
  17. My main concern is that it seems (and I could be misunderstanding your vision) is that the app is an attempt to be a digital mB counselor. My concern is that scouts is already too hyperfocused on advancement to the point it has become the de facto aim in many places. The app, as I see it, would make the problem worse by decreasing time spent with a mB counselor denying the scout the opportunity to grow via the adult association method. With any idea presented in scouts I ask myself "Will this help or hinder us in achieving the aims of scouting?"
  18. True. I have seen some terrible hangs. My ursack has been attacked, still has the teeth marks. When hanging with our 2-tree method, we are significantly higher and farther than the recommended. Skurka when sleeping with his food also hasn't had that method tested by his own metric.
  19. In the Quetico (Canadian side of BWCA) a good single tree is also hard to come by. We use a 2-tree method which does not require that "one perfect branch". Using two trees allows one to attach a 'biner to the center of a rope between the two trees, then hoist to that center well away from branches, trunks etc... Like all outdoors skills, one needs to know how to deal with changing conditions. What works in one area might not work in another.
  20. I don't think it says that at all. Says nothing about" they are there to help if needed". In fact it says to call the mB first. You may be misinterpreting the written process to coincide with your current thinking.
  21. Perhaps a good place to start would be to implement a better process? Oh, and welcome to the forum!
  22. You are correct the pamphlet doesn't have these. That is because those should be part of the mB counselor meetings (yes plural) with the scout. Remember they are a mB "Counselor" not a mB "signeroffer". A mB Counselor should be counseling the scout in these matters with the aims in mind.
  23. I can tell your heart is in the right place. And you are correct that the books and pamphlets are also used the same way, albeit not as good. The problem is the order in the process, including in your "ideal". Going to a leader (whether it is a PL or mB counselor) to get signed off should not be the first and last time the scout speaks with said leader. The scout should NOT be doing all the research, learning etc... on their own and then going to the leader to get signed off. The process should be more like: 1. Scout goes to PL (or mB counselor) first to discuss the requirement(s), what i
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