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  1. Sounds as if they have basically put the old WB course into a new format. 8 days on the side of the mountain at a summer camp. Formed into the traditional patrols, and you were scouts all week, with patrol challenges and all that it entailed. Most of that is lost from the current WB plan that can be completed indoors for the most part, often using dorms, and multiple weekends.
  2. If, as in very likely a majority of units, the individual scout is credited for his contribution in some manner, usually a limited use account of some kind, then he likely should have such an option. Most of these accounts have restrictions on them as to what they can actually spend the funds on; it is mostly administrative fees, camping, uniforming. It generally is not allowed to use it for simple frivolous personal items or entertainment. Kind of another fine line, since it is not a personal use. But it does belong to the unit, not the scout. In our unit, if they leave, normally any fun
  3. Ah yes; common sense and logic rear their head; good to see they are not dead, only apparently dormant much of the time.
  4. "We want to make sure they know the boundaries." Basically, this is what I hoped we could share about. How do we "Do our best" to assure this? We will never get all, or for that matter, many adults to take the time or to pay attention. But, at the same time, by having a broad enough group of adults, leaders with actual YP or not, will enhance our chances for issue NOT occurring. Nothing is foolproof; we all know that. On the other hand, we need to keep the parameters of protection in view as well as possible. This is as much for the adults as it is for the youth. Those of us old enoug
  5. I guess my concern is not coming through. We are told we cannot keep non registered adults that are part of the family group, or for that matter just friends, from attendance. And that is fine, as long as the parents understand the YP rules, at least the minimum, such as kids not alone with single adults or big age gaps of youth. The YP protection standards need to apply to ALL adults, even if they choose to not be registered, and we need to NOT assume that because someone vouches for them that we can somehow allow the rules to be bent or ignored. That comes from assuring, in some manner,
  6. Reviewing various pieces of YP, I do not find anything "specific" to how to approach the general adult contact from family, friends, and unregistered parents. Other than the various guides in the fronts of the manuals, the ones parents are in theory covering with their youth, what is there? As you review the fewer, but still occurring cases it seems as if the problem is often because those actually trained are not in the position to observe at times. How many parents, or simply adults in attendance at a general gathering, are prepared to note YP violations? What are our best ways to cover
  7. Yes, the Jeal book has a great deal of innuendo, or so it seemed to me. Having read a number of other bio's of BP, it gave me pause, for sure. Personally, I feel after much farther study that Teal was doing a lot of what the current era is doing to BSA. He tries to take a different historical period and make it comparable to a modern one. That does not work, and it causes many issues, or at least so I believe. Still, the overall depth of research makes the book a must to better understand BP. If you want to get an even different view, read one of the actual family memoirs or materi
  8. Interesting discussion. I have seen a few instances in Eagle projects where an adult tries to run the project, NOT a parent, but one with special knowledge; or maybe they think they have expertise. If the candidate is a younger one, they truly have a hard time speaking up, even if it is written and approved by others. That is the time when we, as leaders, might need to step in and suggest the interfering adult rethink their actions, possibly taking them aside and reminding them or simply educating them as to what the intent of the Scout being in charge is. A couple of times, in a review bo
  9. This whole thread has gone down. Guess the vet wanted to feather his nest a bit.
  10. And here lies the proverbial rub. We could have a girl patrol in our unit, one that would allow us to offer the program to a small group and hopefully grow from there. But we do not have the resources to have a separate unit, nor at the moment the minimum 5 to start it. Our small cub group has a den of girls and they will need to go to another unattached unit if they want to bridge, unless we somehow are able to make the "new" unit happen. I personally am still of the opinion that we need to adjust the requirement of a separate unit, while still tweaking the way to handle it. It should be
  11. I just finished reading The Hearts of Men by Butler. I note it as adult, as it deals with real, but more mature subjects, even as it encompasses many elements of Scouting. If you get a chance, consider reading it. Take a look at the synopsis on the web through Amazon or your favorite source. I found it to be excellent; it managed to touch on many of my personal realities in Scouting both as a youth and an adult. It does not though pull many punches in its slant and made me think a bit. Take a look.
  12. Few of us that have been around any length of time have not encountered self centered volunteers who seem to be more in the program for what they can put on the uniform than for their children, assuming they have them in the program. But, like many annoyances in life, we tend too often to focus on the anomaly in the group rather than those that live the intent of the various parts of the program. The best Woodbadgers would almost lay down their lives for Scouting and the youth within. The knots are apersonal thing, but if you hang around for a while and actually work the program you may end
  13. Key word; "reasonably". That too often is the disconnect it seems. I often wonder at what point the memory of the reality of the lower levels disappears for those that move up. Not just in Scouting, but in my experience in retail management.
  14. And that may be the end of your honeymoon, even as he goes on one. Unless the spouse is already aware of the awful schedule and constant pressure, and they can keep the family income ahead of the game, you will lose him. I have seen many divorces over the years of struggling and really potentially excellent DE's. It destroys their marriages and often destroys their love of Scouting that led them there in the first place. Some do come back, and those areas are fortunate to get them as volunteers; but many simply disappear and even if they have kids eligible, do not have them in the program.
  15. skeptic


    I may have posted this observation before, but my old age is affecting my memory a bit. If I did, please nod and move on. I spent 15+ years substitute teaching, initially primarily in the middle grades. Later, I started leaning to the 3rd and below, joking that they were still smaller than me. But one thing I note looking back is that in middle school, if the groups are set up by the teacher, the girls tended to become the moderator of sorts if the group was balanced and it was left to them. Often there was a boy that seemed comfortable simply sort of feeding the leader ideas, but oft
  16. So, would they stay longer if the second training was moved forward? Or is it more the realization soon afterward that they will have long hours and lots of frustration and little actual scouting? When I considered, briefly becoming a professional in the old Riverside council they had me register at large and then spend a few weeks accompanying a working exec as my time allowed. I very quickly understood that the Pro, especially new ones, had little direct interaction with the youth, but a lot of frustration with obdurate adults and difficult goals, all while spending long hours at meetings
  17. This video has been shared locally by our Church and attempts to answer or address much of this. Our particular church has long been more liberal and over the past decade or so has seen a slow migration of members to other Protestant groups that remain focused on narrow, established ideas regarding the issues. On the other hand, there is a great deal of quiet cooperation among these groups in areas of less controversy. Both sides seem wont to move in a more involved community outreach that is more hands on local problems and challenges. The image of the old Methodist circuit rider is being
  18. This break has been in process for over a decade and has pretty much come to a head. Here are links to two resources, one the Church itself, the other the L.A. Times recent article. In our locality of So Cal, the issue with the sponsor and Scouting seems to be minimal. All of our council units sponsored by Methodists appear to be okay, though congregations have shrunk along with membership in units. Still, the oldest units in our council are mostly UMC; ours will be one hundred next year, and there are two or three others that are over 50. https://www.umnews.org/e
  19. There is no point in posting, again, the reasons behind the LDS change of direction, the details that were shared directly from their highest levels. Some simply cannot accept the simple truth and have to add their own interpretation. That is not to say that there are not tangential reasons to the core decision "by the world LDS church". But the basic reasons cannot have been spelled out more clearly, or at least I do not see how. You can find them on this forum and also in other similar ones. As far as this thread goes, can we simply back off and live by the simple twelveth point of the
  20. So I guess we should just accept it and not be concerned? What happened to "do my best"?
  21. Not pretty: https://www.wyliecomm.com/2019/03/us-literacy-rate/ https://www.wyliecomm.com/2019/03/us-literacy-rate/
  22. Just based on personal observation and some interactions with related services, I would suggest that some of these areas need to do a better job in developing their areas to be efficient and focused properly. Technology has gotten overall much better, but there are still huge problems with many of its tools and their interface with the core Scouters and even councils. Still, I also see similar issues within our own council; the difference is that they are generally volunteer jobs, so we have less room for complaining. Supply is also another area that is being left in the dust because it is
  23. If I understand the bankruptcy type spoken of, those assets would be off-limits if done correctly. Just the way I understand it. Also, it seems to me that Philmont, because it's listing on the line of credit that has so many consumed, would not be touchable for that reason as well. But, I am not a specialist, just as I have understood the petulant noise that has arisen.
  24. Thanks. For those that knew/know, that is pretty high praise, and I am not sure I meet that level. Still, I appreciate it.
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