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  1. Can youth members wear the "TRAINED" patch? And if so, what courses would make them eligible? I have yet to see a scout in our district, let alone council, wear one. However, I recently heard that this is permited. I have one scout recently take NYLT and two others TLT. I certainly would like to present these TRAINED patches if they can wear them. Thanks.
  2. Just an update. This is an email that was sent out by the Cradle of Liberty Council to it's members this week. Should also be on their web site. Vince. PHILADELPHIA SCOUT OFFICE I am pleased to let you know that we won a major victory yesterday in federal court. Shortly after Cradle of Liberty filed its lawsuit, the City filed a separate lawsuit in state court seeking an eviction. Although we attempted to work with the City in a manner that would permit Cradle of Liberty to remain in the building while the parties litigate their dispute in a single forum, the City insisted on moving forward in state court in order to obtain immediate possession of the building. Today, however, the judge presiding over the federal action ordered the City to cease and desist in its eviction efforts and to immediately dismiss the state court action. While this does not end the litigation, we are pleased because the federal court concluded that Cradle of Liberty's constitutional claims are strong. Among other things, the court stated that the "evidence presented to date would support a finding that [the City] intentionally treated [Cradle of Liberty] differently from other similarly situated lessees by solely subjecting it to scrutiny." The court also stated that the City "has yet to present evidence to support" a "legitimate justification" for its actions. While the legal process will continue to play out, we wanted all of you to know that this means for now that we can remain in our home, and more importantly focus on our core mission of serving over 50,000 children in Philadelphia who benefit from the programming and mentorship provided by Scouting everyday. Thank you for your support, words of encouragement and helping hands over this long haul. We are grateful. We will continue to keep you posted on any new developments. Good Luck with Scouting for Food, have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
  3. While the site may have a few flaws, it does work. It has lead several boys to our Troop and Pack. Yard signs are distributed to units and posted throughout town. When you visit BeAScout.org you key in your zip code, and it will direct you to local units and their contact info, meeting place, etc. Registration is available online too. All in all, it's been a wonderful program which has increased the visibility of the scouts in the community. I like it, and it has helped our units grow.
  4. Hello To All, I recently recieved an invitation to attend this event, that is being held in my area. I can't seem to find any information about this event. Does anyone out there have knowledge of this? Is it worth attending? Thanks
  5. I'm looking through the new handbook. I see on page 58 a badge for "Webmaster." Is this something I missed from previous years, or something new? I can't seem to find anything anywhere regarding it's description.
  6. Hello, I'm scheduled to attend the National Camp School next weekend. I am going to run the Cub Day Camp for my district this year. I have been trying to find an agenda for the three day course, but no matter how much searching I do, I have no luck, and no one has been able to provide one. Has anyone here attended this course, and if so, what can I expect? Thanks. VinceC.
  7. Unfortunately, this may happen very soon in a unit that I am now a part of. Has anyone had to do such a thing? I'm speaking of 2 sons and their father, who is on the troop committee. The mother, while not registered, fuels the fires. I prefer not to go into the details here, but it is definitely warranted. I have seen and experienced things firsthand. This should come as no surprise to the family. All concerned have been spoken to regarding their actions numerous times. No one really knows how to go about doing this. Is there a formal way this is to be done? Everyone on the committee would like them gone, but are afraid to send them packing fearing repercussions later coming back to haunt them if not done properly. Commissioner and DE agree with us, but say that this is a unit issue. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  8. I am aware this is done many places, but what guidelines and rules are in place for such an activity?
  9. Our troop has been asked about the possibility of setting up an ax throwing event/yard and an upcoming district event. Right now the committee seems split on the idea. Personally, I feel the idea of boys trowing axes goes against everything we try to teach them about safety. Does anyone know where I can find BSA policies, rules, etc regarding this type of situation? I know I will have to show something specific to those on both sides of the issue. This troop is one that I have just crossed over into (actually my old troop) with my son. I am going to serve as one of the ASM's having been a Cubmaster for several years. Training and safety for the adults was something our pack was very big on, and I'm trying to bring some of that into the troop. I just like to back myself up with facts before I present them or offer my opinion. Thanks. Vince C
  10. I wonder if this is playing into the city's decision: Governor Ed Rendel of Pennsylvania announced plans today for making the Ben Frankiln Parkway more friendly to tourists and pedestrians, and making major changes to the area. It seems the first target on the list is a Best Western hotel to be torn down, just a couple of blocks away from the council headquarters. Still waiting for the news station to post the story online so I can add the link.
  11. Our federal government regularly practices age discrimination when applying for a job. The law clearly states that one must be 25 years old to be a congressman, 30 for a senator, and 35 to be president. The same law also says you must not only be a U.S. citizen to be president of the United States, but must have been born in the United States. So our government seems to discriminte based on nationality as well. I haven't seen many posts or heard complaints about these forms of lawful discrimination in Philadelphia, or elsewhere. Perhaps the City of Philadelphia should ban federal elections in any of their buildings until the government permits all adults to apply for these jobs.
  12. Regarding the lease agreement. Many have commented on what the original lease states, and what changes could be made, if this or that is permitted, etc. Has anyone on this board seen an actual copy of the lease agreement of which we discuss? Or is it all spectulation and second hand information from their own "reliable" sources. I am a member of this council and don't know of anyone that claims to have seen the lease. Cradle of Liberty has been fairly quiet on the issue the past week. Maybe the time is up for the council, or maybe they know something in the lease the rest of us don't. The building itself is located in a very desirable area. It is just off the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, and is near the Philadelphia Musuem of Art, The Acadamy of Natural Sciences, the main branch of The Free Library, The Franklin Institute, The Rodin Museum, and many more like this. Even though I have no proof, and given the state of the City of Philadelphia government, I can't help but think that the city already has something in mind for that piece of property. Just a gut feeling.
  13. Here in the Philadelphia area it's cheese steaks, hoagies, and that Pennsylvania Dutch special, scrapple! Ah scrapple, everything but the oink!
  14. This is something I went through just last year. We changed due to a lack of interest and involvement from our CO. We really wanted to try and make things work, but constantly hit a wall with the old CO. We decided to look for a new CO, explained our situation and expectations of each other. Be sure you have a new home before you leave the old one. All I needed, as per my DE was a letter to release our pack from the charter. I drafted the letter myself and let the old CO head sign it. Keep it simple. The letter was only two sentences long. While not much, we took all our assets with us. No questions asked by the old CO at all. Probably due to their lack of interest, they didn't even inquire about assets. And be sure to talk to your DE BEFORE doing anything.
  15. Hello, About 3 years ago our local school district stopped our pack and one other from recruiting in the schools. They use the arguement that if we can come in, they have to let everyone. We had been permitted to send flyers to the school that were sent home with the boys until this year. This year we took the schools our flyers for our round-up. When they didn't arrive at the homes as scheduled, we called and were told by the school secretary they forgot. This was repeated for two more days until our round up date had passed. I wrote to the principal to ask what happened, or if there was a change in policy on handing out our flyers that perhaps we didn't follow. I do expect her to answer as I believe she is pro-scouting. Our problem lies with one person, the district superintendent. What I find frustrating in this situation is that flyers for all sorts of non-school related activites have found their way to my home via my son's backpack. I have seen flyers for soccer, fall baseball, Spanish lessons, science camp, and numerous P.T.O./PTA letters. Maybe I just needed to rank a bit, but I thought the scouts had to be given the same treatment as the other groups, maybe I'm wrong. Vince.
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