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  1. During a discussion on unit hats a couple months ago, I showed the Centennial II uniform photos to our Scouts. They decided that the garrison style cap would be their parade headgear (they lead 4 city parades each year). We reached out to the Scouter who makes the Centennial II and ordered about 20 caps in various sizes. This afternoon was their first parade in the new caps.
  2. It’s essentially everything for the listed ILST games and then all the games from the Program Features / troop resources site that the PLC has selected in the past year and a half. Ropes, caution tape, rubber bouncy balls, empty paint buckets, blindfolds, a bag of individually wrapped candy, a couple of hoola hoops,and some orange soccer cones.
  3. Just the recommended ones in here: https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/training/pdf/ILST_IntroSyllabus_9_11.pdf Having a venue where they can go outside or explore helps them stretch a bit between the sessions too.
  4. I think that’s a great idea, especially if other SM’s attend and are inspired to offer it to their troops next time around. We typically do an all day Saturday ILST for anyone in the troop who wants to attend at a state park lodge. The lodge is much fancier than Scout Hall and they can hike to the trading post for lunch. The ILST games are pretty good. I had been worried about repeating them each year, but the Scouts either don’t remember them or just have fun doing them again. I bring the troop ‘game box’ just in case! The Scouts have the option to camp overnight an
  5. I'm not aware of a checklist for dissolution or transfer, but I would be interested in one as well. Our CO is also UMC. We don't have a clear path forward regarding the new BSA-UMC agreement from either the Council or UMC. We do currently have a great relationship with our CO, although they don't know if they will be allowed to continue chartering us. Facing the prospect of the Council becoming our CO, a group of parents have filed paperwork to create a non-profit corporation. Our UMC leadership is on board with transferring assets to the non-profit "for the sole use of the troop." This
  6. That uniform is beautiful!
  7. We’ve decided to establish a non-profit corporation, made up of parents, to own most of our troop’s current camping equipment/troop tents/uniform library. Being a UMC unit, we had foreseen some sort of recharter on the horizon for the last couple of years. We’ve kept this parent purchased/owned equipment as loaned from individuals rather than seeking reimbursement, in order to give us flexibility and prevent it from being sold off or redistributed. At this point, we won’t seek to be the chartered org, but it may be an option in the future, especially if our council doesn’t like the ne
  8. Barry, sorry for the late reply. I'm in Clinton, Troop 361.
  9. We’re currently chartered by a Methodist church. We returned from (an awesome!) summer camp to discover that our unit and assets will likely be transferred to the council around the end of the month. I’m curious if anyone here has experience in creating a parent booster club as a 501c corporation and becoming the chartered organization for a troop/pack. What kind of insurance coverage does the booster club need? Are your corporate officers the same as your committee members? Any advantages/pitfalls to consider? Thank you!! Sean
  10. Our PLC decides the distribution of funds. They do all the work anyway. Sometimes they will surprise you though. After the last fundraiser they donated 10% to the WOSM Ukraine Scouts Humanitarian Relief Fund. We also do camp cards and popcorn sales specifically to support the Council, and with other units in the District, maintain the local camp, as the Council no longer will. I made the mistake of donating to FOS using the monthly payment option this year. They made their pitch in February. Since then I’ve received 5 phone calls from our DE that they aren’t sure they will get a
  11. I'm a relatively new Scouter with a small troop in western Oklahoma. I was a Scout in the late 70s/early 80's in upstate New York and in the Far East Council/Philippines. A lot has changed and I joined the forums possibly late last year or early this year to try to get up to speed. With the demise of the official BSA Program forums, I came back yesterday to see if activity had picked up here. Apparently my IP address was suspicious because after reading a few posts I received an email indicating I was permanently banned for posting spam. As this is my first post, I'm not really sure
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